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  1. Hi (please move if it the wrong section) I've got a 2002 Metrocab thats fitted with a 2,446 cc Toyota 2L-T turbo diesel I4 & auto box that I understand is the same as fitted to a Hilux ? I'm looking for any cheap (yeah ok free would be better) tuning tips to increase the bhp from 88 ? We are doing a banger rally to Barcelona in the summer and theres a heck of a lot of hills between Kent & Spain ! Its going to be a 1 way trip for the ex London Cab as a local Spanish scrappy takes them before we all head down the bar. Hence the reason for free tuning tips ect. Oh and its being transformed into Thunderbird 4 and all for Charity Mate lol Cheers Steve
  2. Hi All Just signed but only a part of a Toyota, so hope I'm not straight on the naughty chair lol. I've picked up an ex London Metrocab Taxi to use on a banger run in the summer, it has a Toyota 2,446 cc Toyota 2L-T turbo diesel I4 , that I understand was also fitted to the Hilux ? I want to make it faster (cheaply lol) I'll post a question in the right section. Steve