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  1. Am driving in the city nicosia Cyprus like a taxi driver. We make allot of test today and to the last live test we see when push the pedal low or high revs the response of throttle valvle was wrong. Example the pedal was 54% and throttle was 14% open.
  2. The kit clutch is replaced with original one but i do the mistake to do not change flywheel and i had damage to kit clutch i replaced again and i fix the flywheel and i have just i little vipration now but is ok from before. On the down hill the acceleration is fine this means if we have little more power and torque all will be ok. For that i need a guy who can remap the ecu to give me 25% or little more response to pedal and can play with the mixture of fuel and with valvematic and with angles.
  3. Hi what is engine anti stalling? and what you do to fix the problem? i can not change gear upto 2000rpm must be more revs
  4. Hi Go to the garage and tell them to reset the ecu to start learning from beginn. Maybe will be better. How many km on the clock you have? The best way to fix it is to remap the ecu to take little more torque and up out 10hp more. This will make the car better. If you find a person who can remap the ecu and give also to the gas pedal 25% or more just let me know because no one can do this in Cyprus because is very complicated this ecu for remap.
  5. The accelerator pedal replaced from prius and nothing changed. Yesterday for short time the car was fine after became the same. I have apoitmend on 22 to electronic garage to check all the things one by one.also my car when am on traffic lights the revs go up and come down for a seconds.
  6. all ready replace sparks and oil to 0w20 The problem exists I have apoitmend on 22 this month to the best electronic center
  7. Before replace the air filter to k&n the problem exists. My oil is 5w40 was my mistake to say 10w40 With air conditioner on the car is really donkey
  8. the car have oil liquy moly 10w40 have spark plugs ngk laser iridium and i had the original air filter and i replaced with original k&n when is idle i push the pedal and after long is responding
  9. toyota told me after the diagnostic test is all ok. but is not all ok just get my money
  10. Thank you My car is in toyota garage Tomorrow they check it i hope to find the problem The oil catalog show me oil 5w30 not 0w20
  11. When accelerated my car cut a little and i feel lose power
  12. ****SOLVED**** Most of mechanics they don't have un idea and just open there mouth and plapla. For this model never the rack make problems, you replace it just when you have accident. Any way the problem was the screws underside cross member and steering rack was rusty and when you try turn them right just stay were they was. The last mechanic correct turn the screws left spray them anti rust wynn's and tight them all. If you don't do this and try tight them they will not turn. After the mechanic finish it the car was fine Sorry for my English guys
  13. Guys i am a taxi driver and i spending my days to garage to find this problem whith out to find anything. If you found the issue can you tell me please?
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