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  1. Coco10

    Bluetooth issue

    all of these options are set to max
  2. Coco10

    Bluetooth issue

    yes i have tried to do that...i only get a screen that accepts a 4 digit code...i set that to 2200 but with not much success
  3. Hello all, i am facing a problem with voice distortion during calls while having connected my S7 edge to Yaris 2017 over bluetooth. People on the other end say that they ca barely hear my voice. Could you please help? Thanks
  4. Hi all, i am trying to display album art for the songs i've saved in my USB, but with no luck. I have downloaded album art throuh mp3tag but still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Coco10

    Mirrorlink issue

    Surprise! i just succeeded! -Uninstalled CarMode -Uninstalled CarModeRemote -MirrorLink1.1 v1.1.26 application from Galaxy Apps -Installed LG MirrorDrive v1.2.1.1 ...and voila!! Full mirroring of phone to my Touch 2
  6. Hello everyone, i own a Yaris 2017 with a Touch 2 system. I am trying to run apps like LG Mirrordrive or Rockscout from my S7 edge but with no much success. More specifically, whenever i open LG Mirrordrive a screen shows up saying that the application is working only on LG devices, i click OK, my phone's screen shows up for 1 second and then i get a message that i can only use the app when the car is stopped, even though i am parked and the hand brake is up!!! Regarding RockScout, i open the app and then when i select for example Youtube, a message is displayed that there are no sources to be displayed. I have followed the instructions in this video in order to connect my phone. My head unit's software version is HE3934 and device id: 13TXDAEU-CA04 Can somebody help me please? Thanks