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  1. Alrighty, I found a scrapped Rav4 and got the SCV and the MAF for cheap, and it was in fact the SCV which was at fault. The swap took me under 30 mins and now it runs smooth as ever, and has been for weeks.
  2. I finally had some time with the car. I only got to measure the resistance of the valves, the red was 6 ohm and the green was 4 ohm @ 7 degrees celsius. I completely forgot to check for continuity...
  3. Hi, I have a 2003 Rav4 D-4D and my problem started about 3 months ago when I noticed some slight hesitation at about 3000 RPM. I checked the EGR which was moving freely, I checked the turbo vacuum, cleaned the MAF with electronics spray and disconnected to make sure to get the CEL, changed the airfilter and not until some days later when I changed the fuel filter the car started running as normal. Now one week later I got the same issue, but this time the CEL came on and gave me a code 78 - Fuel Pump Control signal. I have read that high fuel pressure may be the cause. I'm on the verge of ordering some SCV and would appreciate some input if I'm on the right track. BTW Great little write up Rupert, will potentially follow it! Thanks in advance. -Fredrik