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  1. Wheels are on now , used long nose locking pliers to insert into holes in piston, & push in( with force) while turning Clockwise. The cube did not fit. There are a few combinations it , but just not for this Yaris - unfortunately .
  2. The cube adapter just popped in the letterbox , so I will make some plans
  3. I bought Brembo ones , so I hope they are decent enough.
  4. what TFP mean ? When I was listening to the cost of parts I was half switched off as I wasn't going near their place the price was getting well over 400 . Now that I remember it included wheel balance & engine flush so take that off say 450 & what was left was what they were asking for brakes. Anyway I bought a full set for £80. If I choose cheaper the full set is less than £30 :
  5. Well, it just had service & they advise needing replaced cos of bad grooving on rotor. So I assume they would have said it was warranty, rather than quote around £400 It had not occurred to me till you've mentioned it though.
  6. hi I'm replacing rotor & pads on rear brakes. 2014 older style hybrid The pistons are screw in kind, I've had a tentative look to see I found that I can manage to turn them with nose pliers ( I'm awaiting a cube adapter), but they don't seem to retract to a noticeable degree any tips I would be grateful for. Do they turn clockwise or anticlockwise ?
  7. Well I never knew that.. If I reverse normally I hear the engine, but when reversing with EV button pressed, the engine cuts out. So I guess it is just quieter when reversing with EV , which is nice
  8. I use it for reversing sounds like a milkcart then