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  1. Alternator was tested and the results were it was acting as it should.
  2. Resting voltage should be 12.6v and the car battery was exactly 12.63v for 6 months until the cold weather. Engine running it should be 13.8 - 14.4v
  3. Took the car to the garage. The battery was testing faulty but the alternator was perfectly fine. They noticed that 'maybe' the clamp was bolted too tight and caused a couple of dents and that caused the leak. I have gone ahead to buy a cigarette lighter voltage meter. From China expecting it to be delivered in the next 12 months...
  4. The company I bought the battery from is straight out saying it has been overcharged and blowing me off completely.. So much for a 4 year warranty. I have tested volts and even at 2000 rpm the volts do not increase. I contacted alternator company and they are willing to send a replacement if the garage believe it to be faulty. However I don't believe so. The battery had two plastic pieces I needed to remove from new when installing. That is it. Ill try and get the car to garage on Friday and post back with updates. As for yaris locking. I find my boot not shutting fully causes remote locking not to work.
  5. Thanks for your replies. There is white residue all inside the engine bay next to the battery, as shown in the picture. That is very strange isn't it?
  6. I did the search before posting onto here. It states it is usually found around the terminals but my terminals are clean. The residue that is to the side of the battery on the engine bay looks nothing like the images I found online. I chose the most expensive and what I believed to be the best battery for my car, a bosch s4. It is only 8 months old. Surely it can't be damaged? I don't see any cracks or swelling.
  7. I have a piece of cheese yaris 2002 that is falling apart all the time. However, I replaced the battery and alternator in March 2018. I often checked the voltage and it was always 12.62v engine off and 13.2/13.3v engine on. A few months ago when the cold set in, it wouldn't start. Just wouldn't quite tick over. Eventually got it to start. I checked the voltage and it was sitting at 12.45v and now it seems when I check it after 6-18 hours not in use it sits at 12.4 - 12.5v never 12.6v. I took the car to a mechanic about a mixture of things and they checked the alternator, battery and starting motor and said it was all fine. However, I am now seeing ******* residue in the car engine bay directly next to the car battery, and also on the battery metal hold down clamp (none on then terminals or wiring) What do you guys think this is? Also, the cars exhaust sounds like a boy racer. And the fuel economy is terrible, like 23mpg city driving.
  8. Just an update. I have left it the 24 hours and tested it by pouring water over the whole back, and it stayed dry. I even took it through a car wash and it is still dry so the light was the culprit. Thank you for your advice, Chris
  9. I was tempted to test it a few hours later but decided it was best for it to be left for 24 hours. I will give another update if it is successfully fixed or not. Thanks again!
  10. Right, So I have removed the light and immediately met soggy mud. The gasket was soggy too, and was not fixed all around to the light. So I have it a clean, dry, sealed the unstuck parts and applied sealant on the whole of the top that will connect with the car. How long until I can try the water test? Regards Chris
  11. Right, So today is raining really bad an i believe i have found the culprit. The rear left light is damp/condensation behind the plastic cover. I believe rain is coming through the plastic gaps and into my boot. I am going to remove the light at some point today or tomorrow, whenever the weather improves, and hopefully the gasket is in place/good condition so i can just buy sealant and seal the bugger. Any advice on which sealant to buy and where from? Also, if the gasket is missing, there are no replacements online, how do i make one ? Thank you all for your replies.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I was assuming it would be multiple possibilities. I will first jump in the boot and have someone pour water over the car and try to locate the source. I will use kitchen roll to squeeze in the light too. I don't have a sunroof, but the aerial is near the windscreen. Any idea on how to remove the plastic trimming, especially on the left hand side? is it usually just screws or is it a bunch of clips too? I appreciate your reply and i will let you know the outcome of the water bottle test. Speak soon, Chris.
  13. Hi there, I bought a toyota yaris 2002 automatic 1.3 vvti months ago. There has been water leak in the boot. So i removed the carpet and emptied the spare wheel well and pulled the rubber grommets to allow the water to release and put them back. It clearly has been going on for some time as the car jack and tools are all rusted. I washed the carpet, dried it, and cleaned the boot throughout, but the leak returned so now the boot has no carpet until i fix the leak. However, the water is continuous and seems to be more on the left side of the boot. The rear left footwell carpet is now soaked. Potentially making it's way from the boot? I have no carpet in the boot now, and after poor weather the boot is wet on the left side of the boot. I have checked the rear lights by removing the plastic cover but all seem dry. I really don't know what to do, I also don't know what to do with the rear left footwell when the leak is found, how does it get dry? I have already had to replace the alternator, battery, wipers and tyres and really don't want to be spending much more in this disaster of a £1700 purchase for my first car. I really hope to hear from you soon. Chris.