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  1. DeTomato

    Corolla tsport induction kit recommendations

    K&N kits have always been expensive but worthwhile because the filter is washable. There are also Pipercross but no experience of these. See here also:
  2. DeTomato

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    I was advised using a pin to clean the cylinder rod strut entry point and then put some silicon spray on the metal rod slider and wipe it off immediately (without any going into the strut cylinder) then this fixes them. Mine are ceasing up - but I don't think they are gas struts. So I may give it a try. Nothing to loose.
  3. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    yes, checked the obd2 info and no codes. But I'll have a look at the data logger to see if there are any blips are seen when I rev the engine and see what codes come up then - good idea I should have thought of that.
  4. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    So I squeezed a few hot water hoses and looked on the internet to find the best way to expel air in the coolant it to park it facing up an incline and let the engine warm up with the radiator cap off. The air will then rise to the top and bubble out. Nothing seemed to come out... so not this. Meanwhile noticed the idle position blips up before it comes to settle down at 870 Revs to idle. Revving it up stationary and letting the Revs fall, the idle hovers temporarily at about 1400 Revs before dropping further to settle at 870 Revs. And at about 1400 Revs the Revs glitch when slowing down and a slight temporarily rise when engaging the clutch and changing gear. Wondering if the Throttle Position Sensor has worn out at around 1400 Revs so it can't immediately settle and throwing out a false reading. Also, when putting the headlights on, the Revs go up to 960 Revs from 870 Revs on stationary idle - is this normal for a Corolla? Something weird is happening - no air leaks I can tell and no codes indicated. Any ideas to help please?
  5. DeTomato

    Sudden drop in MPG

    Some supermarket petrol can wax up the fuel injectors. Put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner into 1/2 a tank of fuel. Run it for a few days and see if the problem persists then top up with clean fuel. Could also be a leaking fuel injector if it's running badly also? How long ago were the Spark Plugs replaced? If worn and the gap is to much then it will also cause excessive fuel consumption.
  6. DeTomato

    Corolla E11 steering shaft rattle

    Rattle coming up the steering column from the ball joints or worn rubbers at the track rod ends perhaps?
  7. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    So I checked over the possibilities of what the cause could be. Today I put some new clips on the Air Hose from the Air Filter box to the Throttle Body. It ran a little better. I then checked the slow running at 87 degC. Interesting I noted the radiator fan doesn't appear to come on at all, and it's not really all that cold today. Apparently this happens with VVTL-I engines if there is air in the system which then makes the Rev's do odd things when its trapped at the idle control valve area which has a water flow in it. I had flushed the Heater Matrix a while back. So question is, how do I get trapped air out of the system? What's the best way to do this? Any ideas?
  8. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    Yes, good point. There's no dash lights coming on, no engine check light, and nothing showing on the OBDII Diagnostics. Really weird... will have another look tomorrow. It's too cold tonight!
  9. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    I hadn't disconnected the battery... that was only to advise on the other post Yesterday it appeared the Revs were lower than normal to 500-600 Revs on engine warm up but the auto-choke was fine beforehand, as if the severe cold was setting the warming engine to run the Revs lower when the auto-choke was no longer needed. Until I blipped the throttle, it then came back up to 850 Revs. This happened a few times until I got the engine warmed up to 80 degC. But since I've been out this evening and the Revs are seeming to be act strange. When I am coming to a junction and engaging the clutch, the Revs temporarily go up 500-1000 Revs before then setting down immediately to the usual 850 Revs for idle. But it doesn't do it all the time! This is weird... I wonder if there is an air leak somewhere?!?! Any other ideas?
  10. DeTomato

    Radio Code Question

    Why does the Radio hold the initial Radio stations from when first tuned? I see the Radio looses all the stations when disconnected from the power, but it does appear to revert to some stations which seem to be imprinted on the Radio memory which is really weird because some work, and some don't. I would have expected all the stations to be missing?
  11. DeTomato

    Brake disc/pad lifespan.

    This is likely to be the pads sticking on the caliper seating runners. If there is little or no grease (usually copper grease) or it has dried up or gone solid with the cold, the pads don't slide and stick on in one place. The best way to deal with this is to unbolt the caliper seating, take the pads out and clean up with a bristle brush. Then add copper grease or red grease to the pad sliding edges and the caliper seating runners and put the pads back in again.
  12. DeTomato

    Headlights or my eyes?

    Those sort of brighter bulbs can run very hot. With Corolla Plastic lenses, this can create a fading of the plastic shine inside the headlight plastic clear lenses which makes the light appear dimmer.
  13. DeTomato

    Cold Slow running

    So yesterday it was -5 degC. I took the car to work as usual, but time when I sat at a junction with the engine warming to roughly 40 degC on the thermostat (half way to normal 80 degC midway so the auto-choke was not engaging any longer), the engine was struggling or hunting for fuel or air on idle, dropping to about 500-600 Revs until I pumped the throttle where it went back up again to normal. Not seen this before. Any ideas?
  14. DeTomato

    Clutch Warranty

    Cripes, my wife's Volvo has done 110,000 miles and it's still good! Bit worrying Toyota clutches wear so quickly in comparison. My Corolla has done 60,000 miles and it sat unused for 6 years but even with that the clutch is still good (touch wood).
  15. That manual doesn't cover 1.8 VVTLi engines. Obviously to complicated for Haynes technicians to work out.