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  1. DeTomato

    Recurrent Engine Warning light+VSC+TRC Off

    Check these links. There are Part 1 - 4 videos also, but you've done some of these. But check youtube because it may help you out as below.
  2. DeTomato

    Squeaky Clutch

    Take a look at the inner back plate at the bulk head inside the car. If there is a bolt(s) loosening on this plate behind the pedals it will cause the clutch pedal to be out of alignment to create a squeak as the plunger goes back and forth. Have seen this one and some locktite on the thread before tightening up the bolt resolved it.
  3. DeTomato

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Yes, I took it back to the dealer... I reckon they switched off the Alarm on the ECU (which a Toyota technician can do with their Toyota software tool) to prevent it going off. The Service guy said they'd need £152 to diagnose a fault because it was more likely to be a faulty wire or connection, or it could be anything - "great", I said sarcastically. Toyota Customer services since said it was down to the dealer to resolve, but I'd have to pay to get it checked. If it was found the fault was something the dealer had caused then I would be refunded the £152 by the dealer. Hmmm, that to me is like giving tax money to the Taxman and expecting to get some back! I'm going to carry on doing my own checks to see what I can make of it before I commit to anything with the dealer again.
  4. DeTomato

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Most often it is a fuse which takes a heavy load from the aircon motor. If the fuse has been in there a long time, it can build up a resistance on the fuse prongs going into the terminal connection which then means there is insufficient power to drive the aircon. Replace the fuse and see if it then works.
  5. DeTomato

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Yes, correct Frostyballs. There is not even any internal sensors on my VVTL-I, but there is supposed to be an alarm fitted as standard to this model along with the mobiliser. I know there was an alarm that worked prior to the airbag recall because I used to set it and there would be a beep as the lights flashed but it's no longer working after this. You can check if there is an alarm if you take the bottom cover off on the UK drivers side look under the steering column for a bolted on red & white small box unit about deep x 7.0 cm long and 6.0 cm wide with wires. This I am advised is the alarm unit, or else the Toyota dealer doesn't know their stuff.
  6. DeTomato

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    I tested it by winding down the driver's door window, locking with the remote and leaving for 2 minutes and then reaching inside to open the door from the inside. If the alarm doesn't go off, they've messed it up.
  7. DeTomato

    Air Con ice cold and no heat!

    Yep, it is an interesting problem when air and sludge collects in the heater matrix. Flushing the heater matrix removes the sludge, but it introduces air also as it tries to syphon back as the flush pipes are removed. Connecting all up again and persisting with coolant top ups with drives to 80 deg C appears to displace the air in the system gradually. There's no gurgles from the dash or heater matrix today . The coolant drops in the reservoir about an inch which is a good sign the air is moving out - its not leaking anywhere - I checked that out each time too
  8. DeTomato

    T Sport BHP?

    Thanks Parts-King. But, I just received the following from Toyota Customer Service after a re-query: "I can confirm that your vehicle is the 190 bhp variant" It appears the VVTL-I to 2004 pre-facelift is 190 BHP. Thereafter it is 192 BHP (unless you have the Compressor which is oodles more) Honestly not worried about the 2 BHP difference if it gets to 197.13 bhp at 7800 rpm as Toyota stated Now I can order the correct parts for my 190 BHP variant.
  9. DeTomato

    T Sport BHP?

    So I provided VIN and Reg to Toyota who advised the following: - power output of this engine is 147 kw @7800 rpm. This equates to 197.13 bhp. What? So its greater than the original manufacturers specifications of 190 BHP or 192 BHP for the VVTL-I variants? Now I am really confused
  10. DeTomato

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Check your alarm is still working. Mine has had problems with the Air-Bag change. Whilst it was there, I had a report on mine too. Apparently I had a "nail a the front passenger tyre which is repairable". So I took it to my local garage and there was NO NAIL found. However it was found there was a valve leak which was duly replaced. How a Toyota Dealership can give a write up like this with a Nail supposedly being present when there wasn't is beyond my comprehension!?!?! Maybe their mechanic had too many beers the night before.
  11. DeTomato

    Air Con ice cold and no heat!

    So, I've had to top up the radiator a few times since. It appears the air introduced into the system is gradually being displaced. The cabin heating is remaining good!
  12. DeTomato

    Driveshaft advice?

    Mannol is supposed to be good Oil. If you change it, make sure you put in the correct amount of oil when cold to the hole level and on a flat surface else you'll have problems engaging gears!
  13. DeTomato

    Recurrent Engine Warning light+VSC+TRC Off

    This error doesn't stop you driving it, but it is a concern when you first see it. I had it a last week when I started the engine quickly to drive off before the fuel pump had primed; I think the ECU gets confused by driving off too quickly before its completed all its checks. This happened on my prior car also - they generally all use the same basic ECU base software. Also, it can be a simple check of the fuel cap - just make sure it is completely done up and clicked on securely. If the cap is not secure it can provide this error because there is insufficient pressure in the tank. Also if the cap is dirty, clean it in petrol with a toothbrush and try doing it up again securely to see if it fixes it. I kid you not, this does work! If you're using supermarket fuel you'll likely see it more often because this waxes up the injectors, and if you try and drive off too quickly with starting from cold, the ECU senses there is insufficient fuel pressure to the engine and triggers this error too. What helped my Corolla was putting in some fuel injector cleaner occasionally along with doing the above too.
  14. DeTomato

    Rear Seat Belt Buckles on one bolt plate

    Thanks for the feedback olddriver. That being the case, I've unbolted the seat beat plate and checked dimensions and fitting etc. The plate is the same whether it is up or down. But, the arrow must have been written on the plate to indicate a direction to prevent the belt cross over problem I guess? So refitting the plate with the arrow pointing upwards instead, the specific centre buckle is presented better on the seat and the passenger side rear then presents better also without having the centre belt being pulled over. So I've bolted it up that way. Job done.
  15. This is an odd question perhaps, but I can't find any info on this. On the rear passenger side there are two seat belt buckles to one plate with a single bolt to the bodywork. Pulling up the passenger rear seat reveals this. The plate (with the bolt through) has a black arrow on top of it. Does it point down or up? These belt buckles look awkward presently and it confuses my rear passengers. The centre buckle appears to be facing towards the passenger rear side (the right buckle in the last photo) - is this correct? Both belts therefore overlap each other for presentation above the seat (in the first photo) where the centre buckle is then there for the passenger side. Are they supposed to cross over each other? I'm not sure if the bolt plate is actually upside down?!?!? Can anyone verify for me please?