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  1. Rationalized all this and see the Airbag Recalls x2 (latest Sensor replacement) was a primary cause. So it's Christmas and I decided to treat myself to a new car, and it's not a Toyota. Traded in and moving on. Had enough. Thanks for all the friendly helpful advice from everyone on the forum.
  2. Yep, this airbag problem is a real pain. And thanks for the fuse info; that was where I looked first... forgot to mention that. Both 15 amp fuses where ok. I suspect the worse where a logic board relay has blown or the headlight relay is not working correctly now. Needs further investigation to eliminate the latter from this new problem. Anyway, back to the Airbag problem, I am going to try one of those Toyota 2.7 Ohm Resistor thingies (because I suspect that is what the Ohm is from my readings) to eliminate the actual passenger seat Airbag being the real problem, but not sure if this put
  3. Toyota do a visual check AFTER any work is carried out. This was booked as a "While you wait" check so should have taken only a few hours but I went to work because I had a lift and needed to be there - Toyota then took all morning on it... I had a call from Toyota late morning on the day. They said they had checked again and it was the Passenger Airbag as before. I asked for the codes, which is specifically what it went in for. They hadn't got them! So it had to go back to the workshop again. All the cars have to be driven to and from the workshop about 1/2 mile, and that
  4. Codes were read by Toyota. They said "new passenger airbag is £600" - same old chant. When I got the car back though, they said their visual checks advised there was a passenger side headlight bulb out - it wasn't out when I drove the car there in the morning because it was dark and both headlights worked! So what the hell, it was a bulb... I could change that. So I spent hours this morning changing out the passenger side headlight bulb because I couldn't remove the front top cover and had to work backwards, and the bulb sprung retainer popped out so had to find this and refit it - r
  5. Sounds like an earth problem or a connection to the ECU not connected properly.
  6. So I got codes for the SRS Airbag problem: BO108 B1100 I've not been able to do a reset though. Question is whether there is anyway of clearing these codes by crossing over pins on the OBDII connector or the like? Anyone know please?
  7. Have seen this once before on another T-Sport, but its the relay design that cause the problem where condensation accumulates inside. The relay can have the cover popped off to reveal the electronics of the relay inside and if these components are grey and tarnished then there is likely too much resistance for it to work properly. Getting some contact cleaner spray and lightly brushing the electrics and board may allow it to work again.
  8. What threw me with this is the rubber cap over the bulb. When I ventured in to look today I popped the small bulb out and it's a clear underneath the green cap, most likely because this bulb is an original before coloured glass bulbs were used. I got a coloured bulb from my friendly motor spares, put it in and it's operating again - we have light! Thanks all. Unfortunately the SRS Airbag light is still on... another thread and a real headache this one.
  9. So I rechecked all the ECU connections and wiring under the front seats to compare again. Jiggled cables to see if there were any loose connections too under the seats, but the same result that the ohms for the airbag to it and from the ECU connections are the same on both sides. Reconnected the battery and SRS light comes straight back on at key position two. I think the Dealer was guessing re no code given but I may know some guys that may be able to diagnose whether the passenger airbag is the root cause or not. I'll see what they say this week.
  10. Thank you for checking 🙂 I just read somewhere earlier on some obscure Japanese link that a Corolla Ashtray bulb may be a PC74 or T5, but even that was someone guessing. So still not sure yet. So I need to take the bulb out (if I can) as you mention when I look further at all the other SRS Airbag connections tomorrow. Gives me an incentive to hopefully get this bulb sorted out too whilst I am hunting bad Airbag connections 😉
  11. Although I am not a smoker, because the Ashtray is clean from new, I use my Ashtray to store a few useful bits and pieces. However, the small bulb behind the ashtray now appears to have blown. It appears to be very small with no real info on the bulb Watts or Amps. It is also covered with like a green rubber coat for illumination effect. I've checked everywhere to try and find out what this bulb is, and cannot even find it on the Toyota epc parts data. Is this a E12 standard known bulb? Can anyone advise the part number or bulb type and wattage please? Thanks.
  12. Agree with the above. Putting the lights on increases engine load by at least 10%. If you have any air leaks in the engine hoses though, the engine will run poorly when a load is put onto it because the engine will pull air in from the leaks more easily. Check for loose air hoses etc. I recently had a leak on the Denso from a poorly connected air pipe and could only hear this when it was revving high, so make sure all the air hose connections are good in the engine bay.
  13. Once thing to check also. All this info should be in the car manual if you have one. Else you can systematically go through all fuses in the cabin fuse box to find the blown one if you're unsure which one it is. But put each fuse back in the correct place in turn. Whilst doing this, is it a good idea to remove the resistance "film" on each fuse because this allows the current to flow better and things like bulbs will start to appear slightly more bright.
  14. Thank you for all your support. It's really appreciated. This is a frustrating problem and I am annoyed I might have to effectively scrap my low mileage car because a SRS Airbag light that will cause an MOT failure. I just can't afford another car to be very honest. But I want this to work because of my family also and for now we are using my wife's car only as the "Taxi". I checked again this morning and the Airbag light stayed on when the Battery was reconnected; I had it disconnected it overnight because I read somewhere this is a good way to get all the Codes lost and the Airbag one g
  15. Hi Thanks for that constructive advice oldcodger. Much Appreciated. Yes, this is frustrating - I can usually fix or resolve most issues, but this one has manifested itself after the Toyota Airbag recall. I didn't get any Airbag codes from the Toyota Dealer and my invoice print out shows all they did was "Checked the Airbags"! However, I was shown the engineers report when I went back to complain after the SRS Airbag light was on when first turning the key at the Dealer when picking up the car, where they allege the Airbag light was off after their "work". The Engineers Report showed no co
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