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  1. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    I did check all the other bits in the doors etc, and they are good. And the alarm has worked in the past... The Security LED is flashing for immobiliser working, but it does not stay lit for 5 seconds when locking with the remote key fob. This seems to indicate that both the keys are not programmed to the alarm? The horn does work, but it's not sounding with an alarm intrusion as I've tested today. Where is the alarm unit connected - perhaps disconnected? Is there a process to get just the alarm working again?
  2. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    Result is, I can remotely set but there is no alarm. So I checked from inside the car and locked it with the remote. I can then open it from inside and the alarm does not go off, and this is the same through an open windows also. So I tried the second key and it is exactly the same. Neither key seems to be setting the alarm. Also, the Security light on the dash does not remain on for 5 seconds when locking with either remote fob - I recall it used to do this now, but it doesn't anymore... Net result is the alarm is not working when the doors etc are locked from both remote key fobs. How this has happened I've no idea. Is there a key re-learn or alarm reset process?
  3. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    Thanks Kenny. I will give what you suggest a try right now... I'll check the 5 second solid red on setting with the Remote key fob as you've suggested. Also, I found this link but it doesn't seem to indicate if the Corolla alarm is standard on the T-Sport or an extra option.
  4. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    Ah many thanks Mike, that's interesting - yikes... so if I want to check whether there is a standard Alarm unit installed or not, where would I look to find the Alarm box unit? Is it behind the dash or in the boot somewhere?
  5. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    I locked the car with the remote and allowed time for the alarm to set (like 5 mins or so). Then I unlocked with the key as advised. The security light does flash, and the indicator lights do all the flashing too. But there is no alarm sound. The Alarm did not go off. So is there something that should be connected up in the car somewhere? Anyone know where to look? Does the alarm have an internal battery that fails perhaps? Is there a relay for the alarm somewhere? -> Need some help now identifying where to look because there's no Haynes manual or any other manual with these T-Sport models. Thanks.
  6. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try now. I did the tyre kicking already 😁
  7. DeTomato

    Alarm working?

    How do I test the standard Corolla car alarm and immobilizer is actually working on a 2003 Corolla petrol 1.8 VVTL-I ? It's a question I've not been able to answer... There are no manuals for my model. The alarm has never gone off so I don't know if it is actually working! There is a flashing Security Dashboard light in the centre (as pictured) which works when the car central locked with the remote. There is a passive sensor (mode) which should be on etc, but if the car is locked remotely I can't test by opening a door, boot or the bonnet etc. See the problem? What do I need to do to hear the alarm is actually working?
  8. DeTomato

    Bumper Repairs

    Hi furtula, What paint make did you get, Hycote, Halfrauds, or other? Toyota colour paints are a problem to match with the original paint because it tends to fade. The darker the paint, the better the match after 10 years or more. My paint appears to have had a color name rebrand by Toyota a number of times. Using the paint code is the best way to get what it should be (or as near as possible).
  9. DeTomato

    Fluttery power and warning light

    Have tried a reset on the MAF? With engine not running, try pulling out the MAF connector, leave it for 5 mins and then reconnect it. Then go to the ignition and switch if to the second position - do not start it. Then turn it off. Then switch it to the second position again, wait 5 seconds and restart the engine. Drive it up the road for 15 mins to see if the Revs stabilise. Also, the two codes you have indicate the FRP (Fuel Rail Pressure) sensor may be faulty or the vacuum hose to the sensor is split or leaking.
  10. DeTomato

    Fluttery power and warning light

    What did you clean the MAF sensor with?
  11. DeTomato

    Air intake problem Corolla E12 1.8 VVTL-i 2002

    Have you checked with a diagnostic code reader to see it is definitely this part that's failed? You can disconnect and it will stall the engine and reconnecting again will show it is working. If its faulty though you'll get a code to indicate it. Best check before replacing any parts. Otherwise, you can clean the sensor inside with switch cleaner to see if that works because too much build up on the sensor will create a greater resistance reading and the ECU will adjust the mixture badly.
  12. DeTomato

    Hot Idle Revs

    After searching for a while I just found a reference on the Internet for my 2ZZGE engine being hot (normal) Idle Revs at: - Manual Transmission: 800 ± 50 rpm - Automatic Transmission: 750 ± 50 rpm There is obviously a difference between whether an engine is Auto or manual. Also, before setting Idle speed it recommends running an engine for 2500 rpm for 90 seconds when at normal running temperature before reading and/or re-adjusting and repeating to ensure it is within the range required.
  13. DeTomato

    Corolla 1.6vvti 54plate engine whine ??

    Maybe the alternator bearing. Happened once to me when it had worn.
  14. It could be the mass air flow sensor on the Air Filter box. If this is not working correctly, the Revs will be all over the place because it will give false air to fuel mixture readings to the ECU. Get the OBDII on it to see what the codes are before buying else it could be expensive to fix up. And use this to negotiate the price.
  15. DeTomato

    diagnose engine corolla 1994 automatic

    It can mean the protocol stored in the diagnostic reader is not the same as what the engine needs to communicate the codes.