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  1. I have an Exide 12V battery which has been excellent at starting over Winter and is sealed maintenance free. These are also relatively good value compared to other makes.
  2. DeTomato

    MOT Pass

    After a fair amount of effort sorting out my car after it had been sitting for 6 years, my Corolla VVTL-I 2003 passed it's MOT with no advisories for another year of proper motoring 😆
  3. So I managed to fix my alarm! The last 75 point check the Toyota dealer did, they must have reset the bonnet height. I altered the rubber stops and the bonnet switch operates correctly again underneath the bonnet so the alarm sets correctly. You can tell it is working because it goes off obviously, but it also makes the dash alarm indicator light stay on for 15 seconds whilst it sets properly and then starts dimly flashing.
  4. There is a recall on airbags. Get it replaced for free.
  5. DeTomato

    Hard Clutch

    Is it a hydraulic clutch? If so, the fluid may need replacing. Also, check the cable for wear from pedal to bulkhead and at the engine end through the cable shroud. Also check inside the foot well to see if the pedal plate is loose or unbolted and do it up if so.
  6. New UK MOT rules state brake fluid should be transparent and new looking. If it's old and dark yellow to brown it will fail now.
  7. If it's all the time, it could be the brake dust cover shield rubbing on the disk. If it makes a squeal at lower speed it may be a brake pad binding on the disk or a seized brake caliper. The latter is more problematic, but you can resolve if you remove the pads and file the pad runner edges in the caliper and the file a thin line off the edge of the pads where they fit in. Then put a very thin line of red grease on the edges of the pads and refit to allow them to move and not cease again. But hey, it's brakes and these do need to work right, so may be best to take it to a garage to fix it anyway IMHO. I don't take chances with Brakes. Hope this helps.
  8. DeTomato

    MOT Spare

    Yes, it does appear to be a bit of a lottery. A mate of mine was advised he didn't have a spare wheel in his car (not a space saver one) but he never had one with his car in the first place and couldn't find one secondhand or afford to buy one. But it's not a requirement and it became an advisory on the MOT where he took it. Sure its good to have one even if the roadside services can change it over or a driver can do, but it still seems dumb when it's being highlighted when it's not a legal requirement any longer. Some MOT testers seem to do things by habit still I guess.
  9. DeTomato

    MOT Spare

    For a UK MOT, the Gov says the following: 2.12 Tyres and wheels … Spare wheels and tyres are not inspected. So why do MOT Station garage's still check the tread on a Spare wheel if present? And, if you take the spare wheel they state it is not present and it could not be checked? Can you therefore still remove a spare wheel or space saver to pass?
  10. A few things come to mind initially: 1. Brake disc cover rubbing on a front disc 2. Air in take loose or air filter not fitted in properly 3. Turbo wining (it has one) - does it disappear if you go above 5000 Revs or get worse?
  11. Disconnect the battery for 5 mins and see if they come back when reconnected. If so, the fault is there still. Resetting the codes may only be temporary, but getting a specific code thereafter will help diagnose the actual problem.
  12. I still reckon the best security is disabling the ignition yourself with a hidden kill switch. Used to work for me. Otherwise, the good old steering lock is still a good deterrent and I still use one. Thieves think twice if its going to take a lot of effort, but when all they need is to find the right "signal" it's a geeky challenge to make it interesting and profitable for the criminals. The problem with modern cars is they do not build in secure private and public key encryption to make each car to fob unique. But guess that's expensive, unless they used public key tokens which they won't want to do anyway because car manufacturers wouldn't want to trust them.
  13. NTricky to stop a fuel leak because petrol is a brilliant solvent. You may need a SS-300 spec silicone sealant to properly seal it If the marine stuff is then you'll be ok. Hope that helps.
  14. The aerial itself needs to have a tightly wound core of a sufficient wire length of at least 55cm to improve the signal capture and enhance it enough. Unfortunately you can't see the internal winds inside the plastic covering and cheap aerials made these days are poor quality with few winds - that's why they are cheap as I'm sure you know. A shark's fin is a fair option if it has a built-in amplifier in the wiring.
  15. There's been controversy over space saver spare wheels in cars for years now. It is ultimately a cost saving for the manufacturer and is only supposed to be used to get you to a tyre repair shop. However driving with a space saver at 50 mph on a motorway is thought to be more dangerous due to the slower speed being maintained and greater chance of being rear ended. It depends on what level of risk a driver with family etc wants to accept to get a puncture on a wheel fixed.