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  1. I used WD40 which removed years of film on the lenses. Toothpaste acts like a fine cutting compound so I used some Tesco colour restorer which I had in the shed and is similar. It did a great job!
  2. DeTomato

    HandBrake Woes ...

    If one wheel is not locking off with the handbrake, have you checked that it's operating correctly when the brake pedal is applied? If so, it does sound like an adjustment on the cable or perhaps a retaining clip is missing or a bracket doesn't have the cable in it? Check this:
  3. DeTomato

    HandBrake Woes ...

    So when I had a rear brake problem, a rear caliper piston had seized. Winding it in and out and cleaning with brake cleaner freed it up. If the handbrake is on, the cable takes up the brakes, but there's no symptom of a piston stopping or getting stuck because the other brake is compensating. Does this help a bit?
  4. DeTomato

    headlight adjuster not working

    I was getting no response from the headlight adjuster; car has been standing a long time so I suspected it has corroded or resistance has built up. The headlight adjuster wheel 0 - 5 was free moving but not seeming to do anything. I took out the dash unit with headlight adjuster out and disconnected it. I disassembled the headlight adjuster unit by popping the back cover 4 tabs off and pushing the wheel inward. With this I could see the internal electrics. It needed a clean up. Removed all the resistance and sprayed lots of switch cleaner into it while moving the wheel back and forth. Reconnected it up and hey-presto the headlight adjuster works again. The headlight beam is moving up and down now. Don't be afraid to take these electric switches apart I've found. Such Corolla switch parts are really easy to work on because they come out easily and there's usually only a few bits inside which can be cleaned up and easily re-fitted.
  5. DeTomato

    Wet Floor Driver side

    Seen a problem once where a car was jacked up on the floor pan and when my mate went over a speed hump and smacked the floor pan. This left a crack on the front panel floor seam weld which was difficult to detect. However, my mate told me that lots of coats of Hammerite fixed the seam up for him.
  6. DeTomato

    Supercharger intake gasket/idling issue

    If you have a diagnostics, does it show any codes? Otherwise, try cleaning the PCV. See prior posts on this. Also, check for any hose leak on this, and also after the MAF hose to butterfly engine side.
  7. DeTomato

    Typical Corolla Power issues

    Definitely use contact cleaner on the MAF. Which otherwise seems to suggest its getting re-blocked in the fuel line filter system?
  8. DeTomato

    Ac Recharge (maybe) 2002 vvti Corolla

    That's a good thought alan333. I believe that valve is just behind the engine top black cover. I'll check it out. Cheers.
  9. DeTomato

    Ac Recharge (maybe) 2002 vvti Corolla

    Sounds familiar. I had a Ford once and the air-con was said to have depleted. When they went to recharge it a new condenser was required. So, sounds like a condenser failing is a common fault, but a rather costly one overall. I know my air-con is working because the compressor clutch clicks with the cooling fan/s starting as you've mentioned And to that point I took the whole climate control unit out from the dash today, removed the back plate and flipped out the circuit boards to get to the switches, particularly the "up" blower switch which would not work and where only the down blower direction was working. Auto worked, but manually it was only working downwards. So now I have all the air pushed out full with the "up" blower on because it's now fixed, but it's still not getting cool in the cabin which makes me think there is a.c. depletion. What makes me laugh is a dealer was trying to advise me to have a complete new a.c. unit and made no attempt to fix anything, not even on a second attempt of looking at it, rather the consumer society idiocracy kicked in and they said just replace the whole lot So I've fixed it myself But my wife will kill me if I refill the a.c. and then have to get a new condenser on top. I'll have to plan this carefully and strategically
  10. DeTomato

    Ac Recharge (maybe) 2002 vvti Corolla

    What I meant was what oldcodger mentioned where the condenser may show a leak with a.c. refill. So not having done this before, question is whether a condenser leak is something the refill agent will fix, or if not then whether its wasted money because a new condenser will be needed which then requires another a.c. refill. Anyone now how this process may work to save money hopefully with a repair on the spot of refill?
  11. DeTomato

    D4D diesel power loss

    Put some Diesel injector cleaner in it. This fixes up all any blocked injectors real quick.
  12. DeTomato

    Ac Recharge (maybe) 2002 vvti Corolla

    I suspect a lot of people will have A/C AirCon problems this week. It's doesn't help when an interior is black. I have my A/C on COLD to get it cool enough in the car in this hot weather. I'm concerned like many of my Toyota friends that a gas recharge will blow an A/C condenser, A/C pipework or the A/C cooler unit completely. So if anyone has any experience for how to get the A/C recharged without blowing it then this would help a lot of us out with older models. Thanks.
  13. DeTomato

    Typical Corolla Power issues

    Usually the MAF is faulty if the idle fluctuates. It the MAF wiring looks ok, it probably still works ok. Easy way to try is to see if it runs without it connected, which it probably won't. Recommend also try giving the MAF sensor a clean with a cotton bud and some contact cleaner spray, but don't over do it.
  14. DeTomato

    Corolla Compressor Error Code P0171

    So the code relates to the O2 sensor detecting a lean condition (too much oxygen in the exhaust). This can be due to a number of vacuum pipe conditions, but most commonly is an air leak in an air hose, a loose air hose or PCV hose connection loose. Sometimes the PCV can stick open causing this condition too but this can be removed and cleaned. Using Fuel Injector cleaner may help if an injector is getting clogged up which can present this code also. And as you mention, it could be a hole in the exhaust manifold to the first O2 sensor. Enough to check out, but I'd look at the hose connections first.
  15. DeTomato

    2zzge engine compression ratio and RON

    So I put some Super Unleaded in the tank and it ran a lot smoother. And for the first time ever, I've had the VVTL-i Lifters actuate at 6000 Revs. That was a relief because I'd never pushed it that far before and it was good to know the lifters came into action and worked as expected. Now onto the next job