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  1. Checked connections under the seat and put some electrical contact cleaner on them. No problem with these. Disconnected the battery for 30 mins - no change. The SRS Airbag remains on. Does the SRS Airbag light need a more deep level ODBII reset? This is not as easy as I thought. Any suggestions on this welcome.
  3. This morning it was very damp and I left the car out all night. When I went to start it up, the SRS Airbag light on the Dashboard stayed on. I checked by switching off and on, even drove to work and it stayed on, and this evening the SRS Airbag light remained. This SRS Airbag light is not flashing, it just remains on permanently without going out until the ignition key is removed. I has the Airbag recall done about 4 months back, and then the secondary Airbag "recall on the recall" done too. I'm tempted not to mess with this Airbag system too much in case anything goes off. Has anyone else had this problem with an older 01-07 Corolla SRS Airbag light staying on permanently? Is it related to a Service requirement perhaps? Any ideas or suggestions please?
  4. Possible software update required. This is a common problem on other Cars where this resolves it.
  5. Anyone have the part number for Mintex front pads. I have a 2003 1.8 VVTLI 190HP pre-facelift and I think they are a different size to the 2004 192HP models.
  6. Wow. You may have trouble claiming under Section 35 because they tend to argue that if the pothole was there you will have been able to drive around it , whatever the circumstances. I've had this outcome in 2009 on a former car when the pothole blew two tyres! Council said no claim. You can try it, but it is a difficult claim to make with witnesses. The only other way I've seen these wheel rims straightened is with a specialist who can do this.
  7. I've found the ride is better with the 205 tyres, and it gives slightly more height for those horrible speed bumps that take the bottom of your car out. I was surprised these slightly bigger tyres give more mpg, but happy with the beneficial effect with petrol getting expensive again. Also, because the odometer speed reads slightly higher by about 4 mph against the CD/Radio mph measure, then this has an added benefit for not speeding!
  8. Thanks Gerg. That makes sense. It does appear to have a plastic diaphragm above to the right just out of the photo if looking at it. There is definitely a different engine note at certain Revs, like a throaty burbling before acceleration above 3000-4000 Revs. When flooring it, there is a sustained whistle sound (like a Turbo) up to 6000 Revs where the Lifters then kick in which I suspected was air being sucked in from the blocking of this flap and the small drain holes in the AirBox. I can't see any air leaks in any hoses to cause this whistle otherwise. The engine appears to run ok. But does have what I can only describe as a throttle "Balance" check or slight falter at 1400 Revs when decelerating, as though it was doing some feedback loop check prior to dropping down to idle at 875 Revs. This is where I thought this Airbox flap may be "sticking" or causing this, but checking it again there seems to be no problem with it as far as I can tell, though it does seem to need a clean I can see now! The Throttle Position Sensor is new because the old one just wore out about 6 months ago and the ohms were all over the place, so I wouldn't expect this to be the cause. Struggling to see if this is a REAL problem, or if it's actually running as it should before coming to idle at 875 Revs from the "check" at 1400 Revs - could it be the de-pressurisation from the PCV valve which I know is working well (I cleaned this not long ago so it's not oiled up now). There are no fault codes so I was suspecting this "check" slight falter at 1400 Revs is normal, unless anyone can advise me otherwise. Thanks again all.
  9. Hi Gerg, so I have managed to get a photo of this rear flap on the Airbox where the top part in the photo swings (or levers) up and down on a spring internal to this unit mechanism. It goes into the base of the back in the Airbox and inside the airbox it pivots to open and close the flap also. It looks very dirty outside on this unit but inside it is really clean. So question remains, what is this flap for and when is it actuated on a 1.8 VVTL-I 2003 model, and what activates it? Some sort of air vacuum perhaps? What does it do and what is it for? Thanks.
  10. Interesting. Good stats above. Thanks for the info. Here's some more info for what I have recorded. The 195 tyres were 32 PSI as Standard. However, with fitting and testing for a week, the 205 tyres had edge slight wear at 32 PSI so I set to 35 PSI and this issue has now gone completely. The road grip is better on the 205 tyres and the contact patch should only be slightly higher. The mph reading is under-reading on the CD/Radio as you mention - when the Odometer speedo shows 70 mph steady on the motorway, the CD/Radio is reading 66 mph steady so a 4mph measured difference with the 205 tyres on. The mpg is averaging approx. 40 mpg with the 205 tyres on with a daily 25 mile run each way (reset each day to re-calibrate it) using motorway and small roads combined the same every day. This is against the 36 mpg with the 195 tyres that did the same daily run - same make and type of tyres too. This is where I made the 10% mpg saving (or 9% to be more precise). And if the Revs/mile is down with scaled up 205 tyres at 811, rather than 195 tyres at 825 Revs/mile, it sort makes sense in my non-maths brain that maybe this means more mpg with the 205 tyres? Or is this just wishful thinking?
  11. So here's a conundrum. The standard tyre size for the ZZE123R I have is 195/55-R16. I have put larger 205/55-R16 tyres on. The Radio/CD MPG now shows much better mpg! Is this because the slightly bigger 205 tyres rotate fractionally and slightly less on the road overall than the standard smaller 195 tyres? And if so, how is the mpg measured from the gauge on the Radio/CD so that these larger tyres give better mpg by at least 10%?
  12. I was interested to see a flap at the rear of the AirBox on my 1.8 Corolla 2003 VVTLi. It appears to open and close with ease when the engine is cold, but when the engine is hot is remains closed. Is there some reason for this flap on the AirBox? What is it for and what does it do? Would my flap on the airbox be sticking closed, or is it operated with some heat sensitive operating mechanism?
  13. It sounds like the tracking has been put out. Sometimes the track control arm gets bent slightly.
  14. DeTomato


    I have a Corolla VVTL-I 1.8 2003. It has the standard Toyota CD Radio in it. I haven't got a manual for it. Can anyone advise please how to use PTY on the FM Radio so I can get the NEWS or SPORTS channels pop up automatically etc? It doesn't seem to work whatever I try so guess there must be some procedure or combination of buttons on it. Thanks!
  15. Not sure if this suggestion of mine will help, but I found putting injector cleaner in a quarter tank of petrol and running until hot helped. But also found the pre-inlet plastic hose to the Airbox (not the engine side rubber hose) was loose due to foam seal deterioration. Replaced the foam so the intake was tight and it ran much smoother because air flow was delivered more consistently over the MAF without the leak.