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  1. Hello !, Where can I get some good white headlight bulbs from for my 2015 Yaris Hybrid.
  2. Thank you for your advice Mike J. I have a Yaris Hybrid that is still under the manufacturers warranty. It was serviced recently and my Toyota dealer told me that they had never come across the problem before and they experienced it ! . the service engineer just shrugged his shoulders and told me to bring it back if it happens again !.
  3. When I start my Yaris Hybrid occasionally after putting it into either reverse or forward it fails to move, the ready light is on and R or D is indicated. I then have to switch it off and go through the procedure again. My Toyota dealer has experienced this, shrugged his shoulders and told me there is nothing to worry about, Has anybody else experienced this ? Also how accurate is the MPG read out ?. It does not seem to to be the same as my own calculations. I really do like this car, it is a pleasure to drive and comfortable on short or long journeys . Thank you. Pat.
  4. My name is Patrick Slinn, I live in Poynton Cheshire. I own a 2015 Yaris Hybrid