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  1. Possibly, I’ll double check the connection and wires as I think it sits near the starter motor and I replaced it last week and seems to be when this problem started. Maybe I’ve knocked something
  2. Watching the live data of timing advance while driving along, if I keep my foot to the floor sometimes it jumps around from 7-33degrees of timing. There’s not a constant increase or decrease, but it may just be how it is. It’s just something I noticed.
  3. About 3000 miles ago, I’m going to try cleaning the earth strap as it got covered in coolant when it overheated(blocked radiator) I’ve recently put some injector cleaner thought it but going to try some v power next. Yea I checked the spark plugs the other day and they do look extremely white which could indicate a lean burn, however I thought if it was ignition related it would do it all the time and not intermittently like you said. Thankyou for replying!
  4. Well that’s not good to hear 😂. Yea I serviced it about 300 miles ago(Trd oil filter,plugs) however I did not replace the fuel filter as I was told it’s not a servicble item as it is in the tank. No eml light on, it was on recently for a po125 but I found a pin pulled out on the lambda sensor so I repaired that and it hasn’t been on scince. I’m a HGV mechanic myself so I don’t mind investing time in it just not too much money. A couple of days ago I ran some injector cleaner through it but I’ll try some v power aswell now. Sometimes it’ll perform problem free and has all the power and other times it’ll bog down. It’s done it scince I replaced the starter motor last week, but I’ve checked I’ve disturbed no wires and the sensors. Yea there lovley cars and quite surprising! I’ve owned it a year and a half now and only replaced radiator stater motor and clutch. (150000 miles) thankyou for replying!
  5. Hi guys Ive got a problem with my Yaris t sport 2001, there is an intermittent lack of power that happens anywhere in the rev range and at all speeds, if I keep my foot in the same place it’ll suddenly come alive and gooo. Sometimes the car is flawless and pulls well and sometimes it acts like this. I’ve checked all the love data of the o2 sensors and maf etc... however the timing advance seems to jump around quite a lot, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or wether there’s common issues with the vvti system. Thanks in advance