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  1. Nobody? must change my brand of aftershave. What is the most effective way of contacting Toyota direct to get an answer. Thanks
  2. I have the same problem here........ anyone at all???
  3. Thanks for the information - very good food for thought
  4. Hi, I read up how to install a dash cam and also road angel and did this by the usual means - piggy back from the fuse box under the passenger glovebox and wire accordingly No problem, it works. The only issue is that the cigar lighter power supply from which it is taken then goes dead. Using the piggyback I have dash cam power but no power supply power, and without it, the power supply works again. I've done this exercise in several cars and never come across this problem - and yes, I did put a fuse in both parts of the piggy back. I must be doing something really stupid but cannot figure out what. Any suggestions (even impolite ones) will be gratefully received. Thanks
  5. Hi, everyone, well, took a big step on Saturday and sold the Jag XF. Superb car but some expen$ive i$$ues looming so decided to trade down a bit. Having spent 6 weeks driving around NZ in a Camry hybrid and more recently a week in an Auris decided to get an Auris estate. Happy with the choice once I get used to the lack of power - 135 vs 270! Good solid car; I like it. My other vehicle is a Le Voyageur motorhome on a V6 sprinter chassis.