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  1. Do you know which brand of replacement clutch was used? Having similar issues with my car which is approaching 70,000 miles so perhaps a new clutch is due.
  2. My driver side window regulator needs replaced. The motor is still working so I’m just wondering can I fit a new regulator to the current motor? I’ve sourced a regulator which has comfort function and anti-pinch. It is a bit cheaper than the Toyota part which only comes with a new motor. Thanks.
  3. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Bit of an update. I’ve realised that I can minimise the vibration quite bit if I ease off the throttle while going through the 2000rpm range. This makes driving a lot smoother. It’s only really going up hills that is sometimes an issue. I think I’ll wait to replace the clutch until it’s absolutely necessary. Would it be ok to hold off on a clutch replacement or is the vibration causing unnecessary wear on engine parts etc?
  4. Thank you. I’ll see if I can remove the other one and measure it. Failing that, I might just buy a bag of various fasteners and see if one fits!
  5. Thanks for that. I’ll keep searching for the clip required.
  6. Forgive my ignorance but could anyone tell me what the little ‘splash guard’ infront of the rear wheel is called? I’ve noticed one of mine is loose due to a missing plastic ‘pin’ that attaches it to the sill. I’ve no idea what the ‘pin’ looks like as I don’t even know what the part is called. Thanks in advance.
  7. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Thank you. I’ll maybe ring around and call into a dealer to ask about that option. I gather it’s ok to keep driving with the vibration? It’s more an annoyance than anything else and it really does only happen going through the 2000rpm range.
  8. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Thanks for all the helpful advice. Looks like I may be best to go with a main dealer, although the cost compared with an independent is very off putting. I could also just put up the vibration at 2000rpm until the clutch finally gives up!!
  9. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Thanks for all your help. Appreciate it!
  10. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Thank you. Very helpful. I was looking at Luk clutches for the IQ and noticed that there seem to be two kit options, one is around £100 more expensive. I think I’ve worked out that one comes with a clutch slave cylinder and one without. Would it be necessary to replace the CSC also?
  11. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Thanks for the quick reply! The car had main dealer service until 50,000 miles. The last two services were by independents, so I don’t mind going the independent route Does the whole clutch need replacing to fix the 2000rpm vibration ‘issue’ or is it just certain components? Also, is the consensus that although a bit irritating the vibration isn’t causing any other damage and could be left until the clutch actually needs replacing? thanks again.
  12. MrTea2100

    New Clutch

    Hi, New member here and looking for some advice please. I recently bought an ‘11 IQ 1.0 and have noticed the vibration issue at 2000rpm. From researching here I believe this can be fixed by replacing the clutch. My question is, does anyone know exactly why the current clutch causes this issue? Also would I have to go to a main dealer for a replacement or would a local clutch specialist have access to the Toyota parts for the job? The car has around 70,000 miles so a replacement clutch is maybe on the cards anyway. Thank you.
  13. Hi all, First time Toyota owner here. Recently bought an ‘11 IQ 1.0. Lovely little car despite the little vibration at 2000rpm which I hope to get sorted.