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  1. _dct_

    Tyre size change

    Hi Brian, Just wonder if you did change your tyres to 225/60r18 in the end? If so did it improve ride comfort a lot? Thanks, W.
  2. Hello wiser ones, Does anyone know what the normal operating temp for a Hybrid should be? I have the Hybrid Assistant app connected to a OBD2 bluetooth adapter and the coolant temp reading never goes past 82-83 °C even after a long motorway journey with very little EV drive. Is this normal?
  3. _dct_

    Hybrid Recall

    Anyone knows if the Rav4 Hybrid is affected? Mine is certainly built in Japan.
  4. _dct_

    2018 Icon Tech MPG

    Mine has been doing 40+ mpg driving normally near/at speed limit. It did take a while to loosen up though, I would say after a few hundred miles you will start noticing it.