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  1. Does switching the AC on and off have any bearing on the noise?
  2. Vanguard is petrol only with either 2.4 AZ or 3.5 GR engine. According to this, some 2AZ engines before 2007 are affected with an issue where head bolt threads going out can lead to head gasket failure. If yours indeed has a 2AZ engine it might be worth checking with a Toyota dealer to see if your engine is among this batch as it can be a borderline model? Presumably a sniff test was done to determine it is head gasket? If so you will likely need to take the head off to find out the actual cause and if it is the problem above then recommended fix is threaded holes to be rebored and a new gasket.
  3. 9320 miles are 15000km so the app writer must have been lazy in researching actual service intervals for the UK.
  4. This looks like Toyota's own attempt at moose test with the Rav4 [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbVpZate_Qg[/media]
  5. I believe this is the same as lightly applying the brake pedal to trigger regenerative braking. Under the right conditions the engine completely cuts off and inertia is turned into electricity slowing the car down. One thing I'm not quite sure about is whether the brake lights would come on at this point, otherwise it behaves rather similarly to engine braking on non-hybrid cars.
  6. To get rid of the annoying popup you can block this URL with your favourite ad blocker: www.toyotaownersclub.com/applications/easypopup/*
  7. Why do people just keep feeding this troll?
  8. Hi Brian, Just wonder if you did change your tyres to 225/60r18 in the end? If so did it improve ride comfort a lot? Thanks, W.
  9. Hello wiser ones, Does anyone know what the normal operating temp for a Hybrid should be? I have the Hybrid Assistant app connected to a OBD2 bluetooth adapter and the coolant temp reading never goes past 82-83 °C even after a long motorway journey with very little EV drive. Is this normal?
  10. Anyone knows if the Rav4 Hybrid is affected? Mine is certainly built in Japan.
  11. Mine has been doing 40+ mpg driving normally near/at speed limit. It did take a while to loosen up though, I would say after a few hundred miles you will start noticing it.