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  1. Day

    Aygo Audio Speakers Upgrade (Again :) )

    Hi all Has anyone fitted 6x9 in there aygo? I have made a new parcel shelf in my 2008 3 dorr aygo, and have a sony head unit, I just wondered where the speaker wires go into the head unit?? Sorry not good at all with fitting, I did do the head set and front speakers, but everything was there for them! If anyone can help would really appreciate it guys!! Thanks
  2. Day

    Underseat Sub - Fitted

    Are they easy to fit? I have an aygo 2008 just wondered where to run the cables.
  3. Day

    Underseat Sub - Fitted

    Hi big_boz Yeah I have just bought a in-phase usw-8 under seat sub and wondered we here I run the wires for it?? Are they easy to do? I did for one in my smart car I had but that was all right there to fit even the battery was under passages floor.
  4. Day

    6x9's In Rear

    I have put 4" 3way in the dash 150watt, changed door speakers to 150watt component speakers, and next is an under seat active sub, i have an aygo 2008 could i put rear shelf speakers in? Are the wires there for them? Oh also changed head unit to a sony.
  5. Hi does anyone know if I can fit rear speakers to my aygo? If the wiring is there already? I have changed the system and front speakers, now I want to fit rear speakers and a under seat sub, the front were very easy but I'm just wondering if the wire's are there for the rear?