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  1. I was at my local Toyotadealer this morning and they replaced the batteries for free .They said it might been bad batteries from their shelf and apologised. Their helpful serviceman even checked the set up for keyless in the car and it looked good. Works fine so far.
  2. Thanks to both flash22 and Catlover. My local Toyota dealer are at lunch now but I'll try to contact then in about half an hour. I thought there maybe could be something wron with the key "receiver" in the car
  3. I had the batteries changed by my local Toyota dealer so I took for granted that it was proper batteries
  4. I changed key battery (at Toyota) i both our keys to our Prius PHV 2018 last week but today I get a "low key battery" warning with both key and none of the keys works properly. Any ideas of whats wrong ?
  5. Coul'd this be the total PHV cable charge I’ve done since reset (trip A)former owners data, in my Prius 2018 gen 2 PHV ?
  6. That's a pity. Think it would be nice to be able to see the total cable charged driving in procent / % as in gen 1
  7. Is there any way to see how much total PHV cable charge I’ve done over time in my Prius 2018 gen 2 PHV ? Like this (see link below) but for Prius PHV gen 2 2018 Total PHEV charge in Prius 2015 gen 1 PHEV ? - Prius Club - Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum
  8. Anyone knows how to delete former owners EV and fuel consumption in Prius PHV 2018 ? I'v tried to go in to "car" icon/map on infotainment screen and press "clear" but the former owners EV /cable charged/fuel consumption seems to remain.
  9. Interesting. I'll check this out.
  10. Me too. Just traded in our Prius 2015 plug In gen 1 for an Prius 2018 plug in gen 2. Mainly cause of the longer EV range in gen 2 but there seems to be several other "upgrades" too.
  11. Last whinter I changed to GoodYear ultragrip Ice 2 195/65/15 XL , on our Plug In 2015 (gen 1 PHV similar to gen 3 standared Prius. Best tyres I,ve ever had
  12. Could not test drive that used prius plug in 2018 at my local Toyota today cause the 12V battery was totaly empty 😞
  13. Thanks! The temperature has been -15 to -10 at nights and -7 to -5 at days for more than a week now and it seems to be like that at least for 10 more nights/days . I 'll try to test a used 2018 gen2 at my local dealer this wednesday (tested a 2017 gen 2 last april) but... the problem is that, that car (used one at my local dealer) is parked indoors so it wont be that cold from start. I'll ask my dealer if they can park the car outside for some hours before I testdrive.
  14. Now we have had about -15 to -5 C degrees for more than one week, here at my place in Sweden (and it seems to be that cold for at least ten days more) and my gen 1 Plug In won't drive barely anything on socket charged, pure electric EV mode, the first 10 km. Was'nt that coold for so long peroid last year so I did'nt noticed Can gen 2 be driven on pure EV direct from start even at those low temeratures ?
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