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  1. Thanks! Do You know if Goodyear Sound Comfort https://www.goodyear.eu/en_gb/consumer/why-goodyear/soundcomfort-technology.html?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks is even quieter than Gooyear Efficent grip performance?
  2. Any more news about this "possible" PHEV RAV4?
  3. Anyone who has tested Goodyear Sound Comfort 16" - 17" -18" Tyres ? Is there any noticeable/distinct difference in sound comfort compared to other " non Goodyear Sound Comfort " (as for ex Gooyear Efficent grip performance 205/55/r16) tyres in the same size ? https://www.goodyear.eu/en_gb/consumer/why-goodyear/soundcomfort-technology.html
  4. In Sweden You'll still get Goverment grant with 36.667 sek (about 3.1407 Br pound I think) if You buy an new Prius PHEV. You'll even get an Goverment grant with about 50% of the purchasing and professional installing price/costs on approved HomeCharging station
  5. Thank You for charing Your experience. Just bought an Prius PHEV 2015 as "second"/ one and two pers. transporter (got an Prius+ 2016/17 for family and wheelchair transports). So at the moment our C-HR plans are paused.
  6. In our family we need two cars , Prius+ 2016/17 and Prius PHEV 2015 at the moment, and we use our Prius PHEV as one or two pers. transporter and mostley shorter trips in town and nearby ( so its quite cost effective for us) and our Prius+ as family/wheelchair transporter mostley for longer trips
  7. I live in Sweden and here it's still quite common with free chargers. In our small city (about 35.000 people in town) here is at least 20 free charging points (and guaranteed "clean current" ) in an 5 km(about 3 miles I think) range/area/radius.
  8. https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/prius-plugin/?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks That linked page says ”An increased EV range up to 39 miles” (I think thats about 63 km) As I understand , previous Prius PHEV gen 2 2017-19 has an EV range up to 31 miles (about 50km I think) And Prius PHEV gen 1 2012-16 got an EV range up to 13 miles (about 21km) So… does this new (or facelifted) Prius PHEV got a stronger battery than the previous Prius PHEV or has I misunderstood/got this wrong Is there any more known news beside 5 seat and moved (thanks) seat heather buttons ?
  9. Think some of You got Your RAV4 2019 by now. Congratulations !!! Is there any experiences about "real" fuel consumtion yet? Please let us know
  10. https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/toyota-pulls-forward-electrification-plan-eyes-solid-state-battery-next-year
  11. https://newatlas.com/toyota-prius-solar-roof/60461/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/hybrid-electric/a28322554/toyota-is-testing-a-new-solar-powered-prius/ https://insideevs.com/news/358458/toyota-tests-prius-phv-solar-charging/
  12. Your Toyota dealer/garage can delete that constant beep to just one. They have fixed/done that on my (former/previous car) Auris TS HSD 2014 and on my Prius+ 2016/17 and Ill ask them to fix it on my Prius PHEV 2015
  13. Thanks again ! This (new to me) info. Increase my oppotrunities to charge at public chargingstations from (as I thought only 1phase was possible) 3 to more than 50 sockets in our small town, wherof 12 I regulary wisit each week. In our biggest region town and in the area where my son lives my oppotrunities to charge at public chargingstations increase from 0/none to ten/10 sockets.
  14. Tested to charge from an public 3 Phase 32A 22kw station and it seemed to woork out well 🙂 Charged for an hour and got 19.2km (about 11.1637 miles I think) EV range. What will probably happen if the charger is to strong/much? How do I notice ? Is it likely that the cable or the hybrid battery, will be to hot/warm? Couldent detect any of these when i tested to charge from an 3 Phase 32A 22kw public chargestation
  15. Tanks a lot. You made my day. I Will test right now.