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  1. Read in Swedish car magasines that bZ4X cant be speed charged at all below -20 C and serious lost in speed from 0 C and below edit... Ohhps duble checked the articles and there was a new article today ther Toyota answer that this speed charging loss is just on US models NOT for EU models
  2. Saw some tests/rewievs on Tucson PHEV at i-net and the Hyundai don´t have any heatpump so it has to warm the car from ICE which is a big disadvantage IMO.
  3. Does the Tucon PHEV warm the cabin/draw the AC from Battery/EV or does it use ICE for that ?
  4. Yes lockable glovebox in our. We are verry pleased with our Rav 4 PHEV but we realy would like if it had fully adjustable passenger seat and possibility to pre heat the seats too
  5. Yes I think all PHEV are AWD (at least here in Sweden) but Im sure You can get AWD PHEV in UK too
  6. Got electric folding mirrors but are not sure if the glovebox is lockable. Check ot tomorrow
  7. Did not intend to tease, just wanted to clarify that there´s more than US versions that got this features 😀
  8. Bought a top trim level, demo Rav4 PHEV, called "style premium" here in Sweden with panorama roof, ventilated front seats, driver seat with electric adjustable seat with memory, heated rear outher seats, heated stearing wheel, heated front windscreen, 360 camera , digital rear inner mirror and sound insulating/absorbing glass.
  9. MyT app says 79% time on EV and 61% distance on EV (hybrid result 94) Used fuel 2,9 L /100 km (Im living in Sweden)
  10. Thanks again. Now I understand. I´d just swiped on the staples, not on the symbol/icon 🙂
  11. In my phone app I can just see staples of drivetime
  12. In MyT app Hybrid Coach I can see " my hybrid resul" and " time on EV" on weekly. mounthly and yearly basis. In " time on EV" (clock symbol/icon) it says 79/100 weekly result ( 76/100 month and 78 year) does that mean we´ve been driven 78 % on pure EV ?
  13. In Sweden the Prius (and PHV) was discontinued as early as 2020
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