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  1. Looks nice, aspecially with the tilt and turn seats. Is there any lumbar support available?
  2. We have the same Prius + model as You, I think (2016/17) but I never use crusie control at that low speed , so I dont realy know but I think You can set/choose among ”Short” ”Mid” ”Loong” distance to the viecle in front of You . Maby You have to set ”short” to manage low speed crusie controll. A bit OT but … may I ask what mpg you got from Your car, mixed driving, all seasons?
  3. I’m about to rent an extra, small apartment and there’s an outside power point , but I can’t come closer than 8m with our car. This https://shop.evchargersdirect.co.uk/collections/cables/products/home-charging-cable-16amp-schuko-eu-to-type-1-portable-charger-evse-10-meters-nissan-mitsubishi-ford-kia-citreon-opel-peugeot-toyota-honda Looks perfekt to me but, as You say, a bit costly Do I realy dare to use an extension lead ? (think the manual discourages that)
  4. My original schuko charging calbe is totaly about 5M (about 196.85 ” I think) long. Is it possible/wise/recomendable to replace that cable with one that’s , at least 8M ( 314.96”) long or does it affect charging ability or increase the risk of getting to hot / fiering?
  5. Heard about PHEV RAV4 and EV CH-R but we can't expect them in the show then? Nothing new about Proace verso city ?
  6. Is there any roumours/info. about new Toyota models/upgrades that will be shown at The Tokyo Motor Show oct 2019?
  7. Thanks! Yes I'm pretty sure that the PHEV has got an aftermarket lacquer treatment (Ditec). Looks like it has a more shiny, clearer and thicker top coat.
  8. HSDish

    Charging PHV

    According to the information that I've got, at least Prius PHEV gen 1 (as our 2015) can be re charged as often as You want, frequently, without flatten out and without battery damage. Not sure about the new 2019 though. Looking forward to more answers from more experienced PHEV owners.
  9. Mine looked like this. Before the reset. We have driven the car for 6616 km at this pic. the rest is the former owners driving. I did a reset today.
  10. OK. Then there is no reason to buy another touch up set I suppose. I'll try the Prius+ set
  11. Think I made a mistake yesterday. Searched our colourcodes from modelnumbers on i net and got just 17F code on bothj cars but... when I looked in our cars doors today I found these (pics) Longer and different code on both cars. Is it possible to get specific touch up set for this code ?
  12. Thanks again! I did reset our Ev driving ratio today. (the former owner hasn,t reset when we bought the car ) Looking forvard to measure our Ev driving in kWh
  13. Thanks! Checked the colourcodes and both the Prius PHEV and The Prius+ got IF7 as code
  14. Thanks! That's about 4.8 - 6.4 km I think
  15. Thanks again! Now I found it Do You kow how many kwh I could expect my Prius PHEV 2015 will consume to drive, say 6.3 miles (10km I think) with my car? I realize there will be difference in summer - winter