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  1. Heard from two, independent from each other, Toyotadealers here in Sweden, that if I ordered a new RAV 4 last week, here in Sweden, I'll probably get it in March 2020
  2. In Sweden You'll get an Trim level upgrade bonus worth 18.000 sek, 1.4679 GBP , if you buy a new Corolla before last june this year. Maybe there's something like that in UK too ? My experience is that if you got a good relation to a Toyotadealer swaping/trade in feels more safe and I was completely in to (when I heard about the new Corolla this autum 2018) swap/trade in my Autis TS HSD 2014 to a new Corolla but... I've got some back/spine/ lumbar and right side hip problem and since we bought our Prius + 2016/17 in dec 2018 I've been aware of how much easier the Prius+ is to enter/exit cause its higher than the Auris (and new Corolla is even lower) . My main problem is lumbar disc though so comfortable seat with good lumbar support is most crusial to me, and I think the new Corolla fulfills that (have only been sitting in Corolla and not driven yet)
  3. Thanks. I'll look outfor /beware of that
  4. Sounds worrying. Seems like all C-HR HSD 2017/18 executive (highest trim level in Sweden) got Michelin Primacy 3 tyres here in Sweden ,too. Im thinking about to (possibly) trade in our Auris TS HSD 2014 for an C-HR HSD cause Ive got some back/spinal/lumbar problems and our Auris is a bit to low for comfortable enter/exit (really like the Auris othervise)
  5. Thanks to All! Thought of some protective cover as pictured above, but i did not know it exist. Will check that. Even thougth abot some sort of screene that maybe could be attached in the seam betwen engine power button and Radio/cd on/of
  6. Just want to clarify that I mean the Power button for start/stop the engine
  7. My daughter have som dasabilities ,though so she needs to be able to controll the Radio/CD to be calm and its not easy to exlplain the risk with hiting the powerbutton
  8. Thanks! Do you think I dare to test or could it damage the car?
  9. Always drive our Prius+ and Auris TS in normal mode and hardly never use crusie control (other than on stright ways with, at lest, two lanes and vrey little traffic) usualy with AC on 23 celsius and no "auto" and two bars on the fan. Think this gets me good control ower my driving
  10. The power button in our Prius+ sits close to the media on/of button and sometimes when my daughter sit in the passenger seat she pushes the radio/Cd button on and of so… Is it dangerous (what happens) if she hits/press the powebutton whilst the motor and car is running /driving for ex in motorway ?
  11. I'm in Sweden and I know that we have at least 10 years but I'm unsertain about 15
  12. Think there should be some bar/rod/boom betwen the metal brackets in the pic (taken from my computer) I asked the seller about more info about this but not got any answer yet
  13. Thanks again for Your very valuable opinion !!!
  14. Thanks! Prius PHEV gen1/3 is not so easy to find around my area. This one is an 2012 Prius PHEV with 134000 km about 83263.73976 miles on the clock. Do I dare to buy a Prius PHEV at that age and milage ? Sold by a non Toyota, but actoriced/serious Nissan/Citroen dealer Ill try to check it this afternoon
  15. What colour is it on the ceiling on your ordered excel RAV 4