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  1. Now there's an GEN 3 PHEV 2014 executive for sale at Toyota som 80 km from here. Will try to test it on sathurday. Do you know if Gen 3 PHEV got the same seat heater control and if it's located as far away as in my Prius+ 2016/17? (thats my main complain in Prius +) I've tried to easen the "hard to handle" seat heater control/button as link below and it works fairly good but I realy would like to be able to move and change the control/button if possible
  2. Tried this on our Prius+ , since the front seat heather button is hard to see and operate from driver seat . (as in Toyota Yaris, where the seat heat button is placed underneath the hand brake and hard to see from drivers site) Attatched an self adhesive halfround pearl (one of those scrapbook ish) to each heath control button. Perhaps need some superglue for more permanent use. Works fine imo. Easier to find/feel and operate.
  3. That Corolla TS Trek seems nice in my eyes. Specially like that's 20 mm higher
  4. Do You think it would be possible to order an new 2019 RAV4 with both UK and EU driver seats , in driver and front passenger position, to improve adjustable possibilities for passenger (ie driver) seat ?
  5. Agree! I can't understand why there isn't hight adjustable passanger seats, either
  6. I'm thinking about to remove the third row rear seats (we never use them) in our 2016/17 Prius+ to get even more space for our daughters wheelchair. Is there any tecnical drawings showing how to do that? Anyone here who knows how to do this ?
  7. Thanks a lot, again. Will try to test an Gen 3 PHEV as soon as possible
  8. I'm still thinking about this matter , to swap our Auris TS HSD for an, even more fuel efficent Toyota HSD/PHEV and preferably one that's easier to enter/exit front seats (than our Auris). I havent had the opportunity to test an Prius Gen 3 yet, Since there isn't any Gen 3 nearby, but... I've read that Prius plug in gen 3 is 20 mm higher than Prius gen 4 and 30 mm higher than our Auris (though I think that theres more things that effect comfortable enter/exit than just measurable hight) and I dont know if there is enough differens (Auris/Prius gen3) to justify a swap. But... Your oppinion is that gen 3 has slightly better enter/exit comfort than gen4 ,as far as I can understad. Furthermore the Prius Gen 3 looks quite similar in design ( steering wheel, parking brake, instrumentpanel etc) as our Prius+ ,which could be nice and "feel home" when we switch betwen cars. On the other side our Auris TS has more rear headroom and boot storage than both gen 3 and 4 Prius, I think. But we will priority enter/exit comfort as well as less fuel comsumption Do You know if the boot space is the same in Prius gen 3 and 4?
  9. Another alternative could be to have a Prius + (still reasonable fuel efficent for it's zise even when it,s heavy loaded) for longer and confortable trips ,and good space and then a Prius gen3 Plug In for shorter trips. (I'm thinkin of this myself. to sitch my Auris to an Prius Plug gen 3 In. Quite similar in design as Prius + , too)
  10. Made a short test drive with new RAV4 2019 (my lokal dealers demo car) yesterday. Nice car! Drove about 18km (11 miles I think) mostly highway at 120km/h (74.56 mph I think) speed and the car computer showed 8.0 l (35.5 britt,mpg I think) my Prius+ computer says 7.6 l ( about britt. 37 mpg) when I drive the same distance and at same speed
  11. Forgott to say that we are rarely more than 3 pers. and an manual wheelchair, a small dog and some bags (total wight of about 250 kg) in our cars. Heavy weight is always bad/ not optimal, for HSD fuel consumption , as "Catlover" said abowe. as well as short trips and cold starts (as for any car, though)
  12. We've driven our Prius+ 2016/17 for some 5000 km (about 3106 miles I think) now (in the winter, bought it 7th dec.) and when i've checket brim to brim it has consumed 5.1 l (about 54.5 britt. mpg I think) mixed driving . Think it's really god for 1.8 7seat 136 hp. Our Auris TS HSD 2014 ( same powertrain but a little lighter in weight) comsumes 4.9 (about 57.5 mpg) on year basis and thats god to. Both Prius+ and Auris TS (Touring Sports/combi/ Estate will easily load your 4X10 cab and amp head but the Auris is smaller,lower and deeper in the booth so i think Prius+ is easier to load . I think even Prius gen 4 ( consumes a bit lesser fuel than Auris and Prius +) will load your music equipment, though its smaller than Prius+ and Auris TS. Both Prius gen 4 and Auris is a lot lower to entrance/acces than Prius+, Though
  13. If You liked the 2012 Prius+ (as I can se you did 🙂 ) You'll probably like the 2015 facelift even more. It's a bit quieter, a bit smoother and got a little bit upgraded powertrain (to reach euro 6 level) (and at least in "sunny" sweden there is still an Skyweiv roof option) some 2015 - facelift Prius+ info. https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-prius-engineered-for-better-driving-experience https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-prius-plus-review https://www.carwow.co.uk/toyota/prius-plus
  14. Tomorrow, at friday 8 feb. the new RAV4 HSD 2019 will reach (at least/last 🙂 the Swedish) Toyota Dealers. Hopfully we'll soon get real fuel consumption info.
  15. It says that the fuse will go/burn if You use Cupe' (cabin/interior) heater/fan (2000w) (maybe it means that the power outlet can can be charged max 2000W ? ) The sign also says that the timer could be set to diliver electricity for 3 hours in a row (I suppose you can reset the timer for 3 more hours emediatly)