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  1. That higher speed on ev is an advantage over my Prius + 70 km/h (43.5 miles/h I think) Thank You for intressting info.
  2. Do You check Your mpg at car computer or at fuelpump ? Do You have FWD or AWD ?
  3. Thanks. I think that’s pretty good mpg for such a big and strong car as RAV 4. Do You know if ts about the same for both FWD and AWD? I got an Prius+ 2017 which I’ve driven (quite gently) for about 15 months now (all seasons and with whinter tyres) and I'm averaging 5.2 L/ 100 km (about 54.32mpg I think) when I checked regulary at fuelpump and according to my Fuelio app. (car computer says even a bit better). The speed at battery/ EV is about the same as our Prius + 2017 and our Prius 2015 gen 1 PHEV which both can be driven in about 70 km/h (43.5 miles/h I think) in HV mode and the EV icon lightened, on flat roads and gentle accelartion ,in good weather 😊
  4. So... what real mpg do You 2019 Rav 4 owners got so far? How fast can 2019 Rav 4 be driven on HV / EV (battery) ?
  5. As Said above. ... thoug thé gen2 was a verry Nice car in many ways it was a bit to low för me to enter/exit comfortably ( cause me some problem with ny back) l,ve decided to not Trade in ny gen1 so...I Will keep my Prius phev and plus family för some time
  6. Know there's 3 seat in the rear on 2019 and the seat heatherbuttons are closer to the driver but is there any other differences? Guess the seat and allower hight is the same.
  7. Is there any difference in max load weight between gen 1 and gen 2. I believe my gen 1 is allowed to load max 327 kg ( about 720 lb 15.6 oz I think)
  8. Anyone who knows about dimensions /measurements for RAV 4 PHEV trunk space, boot floor to ceiling
  9. Tested that used White pearl Prius Plug In 2017 (Gen 2) last Wednesday through Thursday morning and drove for about 4 hours in total. Did a lot of enter- exit -enter to really test.The car was great in many ways ( heat pump and more than twice as long range on pure electricity. in 6/7 plus degrees and you can run it on pure electricity at 120 km / h , mine goes only at about 85 km / h , quite a lot of equipment to but ... Sadly enough I actually had (a little) pain in my back on Thursday morning so I don't actually think I dare to take a chance on swapping/ trading our Prius 2015 PHEV gen 1. Our gen 1 is 20mm higher and has a little higher mounted chairs and it actually does quite a lot.
  10. Now I've tested an used White Pearl Metallic 2017 Prius PHEV , at evening, in the dark, and I couldnt detect anything going on other than standard dipped beam below 37mph. Have'nt checked the climate prep option yet, though. Like the car, so I think I will trade in my Gen 1 for this White Pearl Metallic 2017 Prius PHEV Gen 2. Will deside tomorrow
  11. I think the manual talks about this at page 712 if I aint got it all wrong. 712 9-2. Customization PRIUS PHV_OM_OM47A89E_(EE) ■ Automatic light control system (P. 341) ■ AHS (Adaptive High-beam System) (P. 345) *: Only high beam will be turned on or off. Function Default setting Customized setting Light sensor sensitivity Level 0 Level -2 to 2 – O O Time elapsed before headlights turn off (follow me home system) 30 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds – – O 120 seconds 1 2 3 Function Default setting Customized setting Adaptive High-beam System On Off* — — O Clearance between a vehicle ahead and the shaded high beams Standard Narrow — — O Wide Vehicle speed at which the brightness and illuminated area adjustment of the high beams changes mode Approximately 120 km/h (75 mph) or more Approximately 100 km/h (63 mph) or more — — O Approximately 80 km/h (50 mph) or more Intensity adjustment of the high beams when driving around a curve (illuminates the area in the direction vehicle is turning more brightly) On Off — — O Projection distance adjustment of the low beams according to the distance to a preceding vehicle On Off — — O
  12. I will borrow an White Pearl Metallic 2017 Prius PHEV for a test tomorrow 20120-03-11 - 03-12 from my local dealer. Will try to find out Your questions then. I think I remember that You said You bought Your PHEV used. Is it maybe possible that the former owner could have had the AHS system shut down by Toyota (as showed in manual page 712)