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  1. HSDish

    Toyota news at Detroit?

    Thanks A bit to hot to me though 🙂
  2. Toyota UK says 49.5-51.3 mpg fuel economy for new 2019 RAV4 (new WLTP ) https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/rav4/ do You think that would be realistic compared to Prius+ (new WLTP) https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/prius-plus/ 47-48.7 mpg I've driven my (new) Prius + 2016/17 for 2000km (about 1242 miles ? ) now ( from dec 7 to jan 14 mixed driving in cold weather . -3 to +6 degrees) and when I check fuel consumption brim to brim it says 55'6 mpg
  3. Is there any supposed Toyota news at Detroint car show 2019 ?
  4. Is there any lumbar suport in "sport seats" in Yaris HSD (highest eqipped model) 2016 ? Are "sport seats" harder or softer, thinner or thicker/more up bolstered than standard Yaris HSD ? What else can differ from standard seats?
  5. HSDish

    Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs Gen 4 ?

    Thanks a lot for Your helpfull info. I've got a lot of thinking, feeling and test to do 🙂 Unfortunately it seems necessary to compromice when it comes to choose car
  6. HSDish

    Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs Gen 4 ?

    Did/do You experience any differences in access/availability and comfort , when entering the front seat(s) in Gen 3 and Gen 4? (I believe that Gen 3 is a bit higher than Gen 4) I got some problem with my back/spine and I think our Auris TS HSD 2014 is a little bit to low , which has been much more apparent since we bought our Prius +.
  7. HSDish

    Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs Gen 4 ?

    Thanks a lot for charing Your experiences. Exactly what I was hoping for. Think I have to re think this again. I know a man here who drives his Gen 3 PHEV on 115 mpg average mixed, on year/all seasons basis, driving ( and here is below zero degres and snow some days in the whinter) Still think that ceeping our Auris is the most economocal alternative (guess I'll have to drive a , at lesat Gen 3, for about ten years before it equals the difference in prise) but still, it would be verry nice to manage driving all those short trip on EV only and I think a PHEV (or even ordinary Gen 4 ) will bring in more money than the Auris if I want to sell later on
  8. HSDish

    Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs Gen 4 ?

    You probably got an serious point there 🙂
  9. HSDish

    Replacement seats for Yaris HSD ?

    Thanks a lot!
  10. HSDish

    Replacement seats for Yaris HSD ?

    Are You serious ? Would it be possible even if I'll find some GT86 seats?
  11. HSDish

    Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs Gen 4 ?

    That car (our one/two pers, transporter) is expected to be driven (approximately) 5 km trips, about eight times a week, in small city traffic and some 80 km trips ( each way) of which 50 km at highway speed, about two times a week, all trips without recharging. We've thought about - Prius PHEV Gen 3 / Prius PHEV Gen 4 / ordinary Prius Gen 4 or maybe the new Corolla 2019 Hatchback or even Yaris HSD if there is any replacement front seats with lumbar support, avaliable to them. Youre advises are highly valued
  12. We bought an Prius + 2016/17 some weeksa ago and we are pleased with it's comfort and space, suitable for family and wheelchair transports, but it seems like it will consume about the same as our second car (Auris TS HSD 2014) so we're now thinkin about to swap our Auris TS HSD for a less fuelconsumptioned car for shorter trips and for one/two person transports. We have looed at Prius Plug In Gen 3 which seems to be fairly close to the Prius+ in style but consume less fuel. so... What's Your opinion/advise Toyota Pros and cons of Prius PHEV Gen 3 vs PHEV Gen 4 vs ordinary /non PHEV Gen 4 ?
  13. Is there any replacement seats for Yaris HSD ? Preferably with lumbar support
  14. HSDish

    Prius 2016 gen 4 VS Prius+ 2016 ?

    Did my first fuel up, brim to brim at our new (new to us "2016/17) Prius+ and my "Fuelino" app says 58.24 UK mpg mixed driving wich is about the same fuel consumption sa our Auris TS HSD 2014
  15. HSDish

    Prius 2016 gen 4 VS Prius+ 2016 ?

    Thanks again. I gues our (new to us) Prius+ will consume a bit more fuel than our Auris TS HSD 2014 cause of its bigger size and weight.