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  1. Could not test drive that used prius plug in 2018 at my local Toyota today cause the 12V battery was totaly empty 😞
  2. Thanks! The temperature has been -15 to -10 at nights and -7 to -5 at days for more than a week now and it seems to be like that at least for 10 more nights/days . I 'll try to test a used 2018 gen2 at my local dealer this wednesday (tested a 2017 gen 2 last april) but... the problem is that, that car (used one at my local dealer) is parked indoors so it wont be that cold from start. I'll ask my dealer if they can park the car outside for some hours before I testdrive.
  3. Now we have had about -15 to -5 C degrees for more than one week, here at my place in Sweden (and it seems to be that cold for at least ten days more) and my gen 1 Plug In won't drive barely anything on socket charged, pure electric EV mode, the first 10 km. Was'nt that coold for so long peroid last year so I did'nt noticed Can gen 2 be driven on pure EV direct from start even at those low temeratures ?
  4. Thanks again. Do You remember the outside temperature and the weather conditions that day?
  5. Is there any "android auto" in 2020 model?
  6. Thanks a lot! That’s what I call ”mixed driving” 😊 Helpfull. Do You remember the outside temperature and the weather conditions that day? Did You use a lot of AC and at which temperature?
  7. Thanks a lot to both "johalareewi" and "Ten Ninety". Very informative and usefull, to me. I'm still thinking back and forward, and back, and forward again 🙂 about swaping/ trade in my gen 1 for an gen 2
  8. Thanks again. Did You measured the miles from the cars "clock" or with GPS or something else?
  9. Thanks again. Yes I think the traction battery in Prius Plug In gen 2 capacity are 8.8 kWh ( the gen 1 are 4.4 kWh I think)
  10. Thanks to both "johalareewi" and "RichSH" . I’ve seen tests that says that, for example Hyundai IONOQ electric consumes about 14 kWh/100km ( Think it’s about 4.4384 mi/kWh ) average mixed driving. Maybe it’s difficult to meassure Plug In’s like that ? but... I think something like this... i If You charge the Prius gen 2 Plug In, full by cable from a socket/charge station and then drive, without ICE kicking in, untill the charged EV mode is empty, then You possibly could meassure consumed/used kWh
  11. Don't know if You say like this in English but I hope You'll understand What's the kWh consumption for Prius plug In Gen 2 in EV/pure electric mode?
  12. Is there any 360 camera in Your 2020? (if so... what do You think about it) I'm about to testdrive (and maybe swap/trade in our Prius Plug In 2015 gen1) one 2018 Executive (highest trim in Sweden) and one 2020 Executive with the "new extras" as You mentioned abowe. We realy don't need five seats/full backseat but we do like the front seat heater controls between cup holder and phone charger and entertainment console updated, buttons instead of touchscreen menus and possibly the 360 camera but... I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money. but... (again) then It's a newer ca
  13. Now I've tested 2017 with fabric covered seats and 2019 with leather covered seats and there should'nt be any other difference than the covering material, acording to the salesman but I thought that the leather seats feelt a bit softer, but that would probably just be a feeling then. Do You think the leather feels "cold" in the winter ? Do You have the darker or lighter leather seats?
  14. Hopefully I'm going to test both an 2020 Prius Plug In (five seater)with "leather" seats and an 2018 Prius Plug In with fabric seats to see if there's any big difference, this week/wednesday. Would like (to be able to) to "move on to gen2" (mostley cause of longer pure EV range) too
  15. Don't seems like the pure electric C-HR has sold so much that expected, in China https://electricvehicleweb.in/toyota-c-hr-electric-first-photos/ Is there any official reason why the pure electric version of C-HR aint available in Europe ?
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