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  1. Got official info. for RAV 4 PHEV in Sweden today. Pre orderable from now and delivery in sept./oct . Prices start at 499 999 sek (about 40 620 GBP i think) but then Youll get an climate bonus with 38 000 sek (about 3 087GBP i think) in Sweden soo... Youll end up paying about 462 000 sek (about 37 556 GBP) for lowes trim model, in Sweden
  2. Thanks a lot for Your informative info.
  3. Saw in an Swedish car mag. ”Auoto Motor Sport” that Toyota has about 60 car models (if you count Proace verso and some other smaller people transporters) in Japan but in Sweden (and Europé I think) there’s only about 13 models availiable. What or Who decides /determines which models that will be availiable in Europé? Is there any way to affect those decicions ?
  4. Really looking forward to see this RAV 4 PHEV IRL Any more news Let's just hope there wont be as loong delivery times as for RAV 4 2019
  5. Thanks to You all for participation ! I was a bit worried when I charged at public charger and the blue charging light on the charging post still shone though my car was fully charged. The charging indicator/symbol at my car was shut off though.
  6. My Prius PHEV 2015 is fully charged in about 1.5 hour but... can to loong charging time ( if the cable is connected to the charging point longer than 1.5 h) damage battery in Prius PHEV 2015 ?
  7. Can't find out if The new RAV 4 PHEV (2020) will heat the engine and cabin from Battery ( as Prius PHEV 2016)or from petrol (as Prius PHEV 2012-15) Anyone who knows?
  8. I'm quite sure that the current (2019) RAV 4 AWD cost from about 27 GBP (lowest trim level) to 31 GBP (highest trim level) i Sweden
  9. Heard from my local Toyota dealer here in Sweden that the RAV4 PHEV will be avaliable in autumn 2020 in Sweden and price start at 420.000 SEK (about 33.7 GBP i think)
  10. Saw and sat in both the 1,8 and 2,0 new C-HR at my local Toyota dealer today. No driving trip though, Nice cars! 2,0 had a bit smaller, not so deep boot
  11. Looks nice, aspecially with the tilt and turn seats. Is there any lumbar support available?
  12. We have the same Prius + model as You, I think (2016/17) but I never use crusie control at that low speed , so I dont realy know but I think You can set/choose among ”Short” ”Mid” ”Loong” distance to the viecle in front of You . Maby You have to set ”short” to manage low speed crusie controll. A bit OT but … may I ask what mpg you got from Your car, mixed driving, all seasons?
  13. I’m about to rent an extra, small apartment and there’s an outside power point , but I can’t come closer than 8m with our car. This https://shop.evchargersdirect.co.uk/collections/cables/products/home-charging-cable-16amp-schuko-eu-to-type-1-portable-charger-evse-10-meters-nissan-mitsubishi-ford-kia-citreon-opel-peugeot-toyota-honda Looks perfekt to me but, as You say, a bit costly Do I realy dare to use an extension lead ? (think the manual discourages that)
  14. My original schuko charging calbe is totaly about 5M (about 196.85 ” I think) long. Is it possible/wise/recomendable to replace that cable with one that’s , at least 8M ( 314.96”) long or does it affect charging ability or increase the risk of getting to hot / fiering?