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  1. Yesterday was the first day this year with more than 20C here at my place in Sweden, acually 24 C. Nice !!! Noticed that our Prius Plug In 2015 manage to be driven on pure/only EV, right from start, without ICE kickn in, if the outside temps 15 C or more and AC set on 20. Lovely to be able to drive some 10km and the car says 0.0 used petrol
  2. Waiting for Your Brittish summer weather to sweep/blow in ower Sweden. More outdoor hours and improved EV mode driving.
  3. Still very curious about this prodject. Would love to get ideas to be able to increase EV range for our Prius+ 2017 ( a car that suits our needs very well if it only could do some more pure ev driving)
  4. We got Citroen, Peugeot and Opel in Sweden to, but my local Toyota dealer got their Proace City Verso today (I havent seen it yet though). Only avaliable in 1.2 petrol though, at least for now Think that an all electric Proace City Verso should be a good and welcomed competitor to ( the only avaliable electric mini van in Sweden) Nissan e- NV200
  5. Agree. Price and mpg will be interseting. Seems more in the size of XC90 to me, though
  6. Saw pictures at a new generation Toyota Sienna minivan hybrid but I cant find out if it will be avaliable in Europe. Anyone who knows ? https://www.toyota.com/sienna/
  7. Thanks again. Of course I should have written "Have to use an 10 m ( 32.9 feet I think) extention cord though and thats probably" not "recomendable anyway."
  8. I was wrong about the 6A fuse. The green 6A fuses sat in the ”extra holders” which isn’t in use. My bad but I cant change topic title. As said abowe, I looked at the fuseboard scheme and … Group 1 are stowe and at 16 amp. group 2 are washing mashine and 10 amp. 4 is fridge and 5 are lights in the hall.7 is freezer and 8 is light in bedroom. 10 is fan and 11 is light in toilet .All 2-11 are rated for 10 amp fuse. The small note/label down left says – A1 MK 4X6 20 Amp Dont know what it means. I was thinking that I maybe could charge from the sockets in the bedroom (10A fuse), not regulary but sometimes when I will be in that apartment and when I got the charging in supervison and only for max 1,5 hour at the time. Have to use an 10 m ( 32.9 feet I think) extention cord though and thats probably recomendable anyway. Guess I'll have to talk to an electrician.
  9. Yes, it's the same in Sweden. But at Toyota Sweden ( an old pdf from 2013) You can read, as below " 6. Kan jag ladda bilen från ett eluttag med lägre amperetal (t.ex. 6A eller 8A)? Ja, men det tar lite längre tid. Med 6A tar det ca 2 timmar och 20 minuter att ladda fullt och med 8A tar det ca 1 timme och 45 minuter (att jämföra med 1,5 timme med 16A)." Translated... " 6. Can I charge the car from a lower amperage power outlet ( e.g 6A or 8A)? Yes, but it’ll take a little longer. With 6A, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to full charge and with 8A, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes ( compared to 1,5 hour with 16A)"
  10. I'll consult to an electrician
  11. This fuse boards was very common in Sweden , at least from 50-70 ties. Our must be one of the last installed. I thougt it was 1986 but it's moore likely 1983. Agree I'll talk to an electrician.
  12. I looked at the fuseboard scheme and Youre probably right. Group 1 are stowe and at 16 amp. group 2 are washing mashine and 10 amp. 4 is fridge and 5 are lights in the hall.7 is freezer and 8 ais light in bedroom. 10 is fan and 11 is light in toilet .All 2-11 are rated for 10 amp fuse. Agree I'll talk to an electrician.
  13. At this particular place there's an old sytstem built 1986 so I guess it's not recomendable to use for charging my PIP 2015 anyway. Some sockets / fuses are 10 Amp
  14. Thanks to both "flash22" and "johalareewi" for shareing Your knowledge. So... minimum 10 A circuit for chargeing Prius Plug In 2015 then
  15. Heard from a guy who owns a Kia Niro Plug In that you can select from Low (8A) Mid (10A) high (12A) both on Niros chargingcable and the cars menu. Does Prius Plug In 2015 ( Gen 1 ) offers ( is it possible to do) anything like that ?
  16. I'm living in Sweden and I mean if I can charge from a socket with 6A fuse
  17. Is there any way to adjust the charging cable and/or anywhere in the car to be able to charge from 6A socket ? I got this orginal schuko cable .
  18. Thanks. Found those topics in this subject
  19. Thank You for shareing. Will check that link
  20. Thanks to both TheProfessor and QuantumFireball. You just saved me some money. Thanks again
  21. (How often) Do You fill up our Priuses with 98 octane petrol / fuel ? Heard that it should be good for the engine. Is that right ? Is there any differenses to different Prius models, gen 1-4 , Plug In gen 1-2 or Prius + ? I got one Prius Plug In 2015 and one Prius + 2017 and I use to fill them up with 98 octane about every fifth fill up time, otherwise with 95 octane.
  22. The Prius Plug In Gen 2 (a little bit to low for my weak back, overweighted and untrained body) got me motivated to try to lose some (of mine) body weight , decrease my beer consumption and start regular (several times a week) exercise and long walks. Just started and have lost 1,5 kg ( 3.3 lb I think). Maybe this will favor /easen to enter /exit (exit is my main problem) the Prius Plug In Gen 2 which would suite my/our drive scedule for one and two person trips in a nice way. (even better than our Prius PHEV 2015 Gen 1, though it’s a nice car as well) Keep my fingers crossed.
  23. Me myself got an silver Prius Plug In 2015 (Gen1). Bought it 2019-06-26 and have driven it about 14500 km (9009.88 miles I think) with summer and winter tyres. Average about 3.8 l/100km ( 74.34 UK mpg I think ) so far and 19% EV only ,driving ratio. Not so very good results but I think it's because I drive some 60 km trip (about 37.28 miles I think) four times a week,(regularly) without charging and most of that distance are at highway speed 110 km/h ( 68.3 miles/h I think) since mid dec 2019.
  24. Yesterdays numbers/results Would be nice if You, Plug In Gen 1 owners have the possibility to share Your "EV only %" (as pictured)