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  1. Hi! Today i got a set of 4 new tires to my Toyota Avensis 2012 executive with 17" original Toyota rims. Wanted to buy a set of vredestein with 225/45/17 and after i ordered it one of the mechanic said to the guy behind the store that they didnt fit my wheel. So i ended up with buying another Brand with 225/50/17 instead. Now i want to ask why could not this tire fit to the original Toyota rims? The old tires was 215/55/17 Cant understand they could not get a 45 profile tire to fit? They ment that it would track and be very bad to drive, and the tire was too small for the rim. For me it sound very strange since i am used to have cars with that profile, but never have i owned a Toyota Original rim before i got this avensis. Tomorrow morning i can upload a pics of the rims if that help. Would be happy for some answers.
  2. Thanks for the information. Then im happy to own a facelift, but like you said it could only be a very low number with that issue from 2005-2010, not every single car. What about the gear oil on the automatic? I know earlier mercedes and bmw said they never should change the oil on the gearbox, but after a while the changed it so you needed to change oil after all, so i dont trust that you never should change oil on the automatic gear. What do you think about that? Could it be less metal gear inside this gearbox since it is stepless? That could be the only explenation for never change the oil, in my opinion every oil gets dirty and could need to be replaced.
  3. Yes thats good to hear. 1 litre over 10000km dont sounds bad at all. I will check the oil from time to another, and if it use not more then that i know its ok 🙂
  4. Thank you 🙂 How long do you run before the oil change? The manual says that the car can use 1 litre oil pr 1000km. But thats a lot. If the oil level pin is 1.5 litre then it have maby used 1.1 litre oil the last 14000km if the owner havent filled any oil since last service. Is that normal use of oil? I thought it maby not used oil at all. But i guess its maby normal also 🙂
  5. We got the car now and its amazing. Still wonder if you guys fill oil on it between the services. It remain maby 25% oil on the oil meter pin. Everyone here say you should never change oil on the automatic gearbox. Is that realy true?
  6. Now we finaly found a good example of a 2012 executive 1.8 petrol with automatic runned 105000km. It's ready mid next week and they take a oil service on it. I have two questions about this car. It have runned 14000km on the same oil. And i would say it was maby 25-30% remain on the oil level pin. Is that normal oil use on this motor? Should we change the oil on the automatic gear?
  7. I was wrong you cant get automatic and 2.0 diesel. We are definitly buying a petrol 1.8 with automatic. It's many here with rust already because of the winter salt. I have looked at least 5 now and someone have more rust on the back door then others, but everyone have littlebit even a 2013 Model i took a look at. Its ok Just going to fix it home and when it get worse after some years i send it to respray. The rest of the body have been rust free.
  8. Hello again. The diesel 2.0 have automatic gear, so if this engine is solid without any piston gasket issues im consider to buy it if i dont find rust. The petrol car had little rust yes, i was little surpriced when i found it. Here we have salt, and winter last for around 6 month. I have heard about vw passat could also have litte rust after 6 years, Just slightly but a start. They cant have been washed often during the winter. Im very happy for advice. Then i must consider to leave the petrol car because it had little rust. The dealer offer to send it away for repaint the back door, but im sceptic anyway and im affraid it Will show up more rust on other body parts... The only one left to check out tomorrow is that 2.0 diesel with 44000km for sale on a Toyota store. It's a 2012 Model with automatic and d-4-d 2.0 126hp. If i could kust know if that engine is solid enough to not be conserned about oil use, then i would not care so mutch about it is a diesel, since it also have automatic. Offcourse i want the petrol most but as long as i dont get a problem engine it have nothing to say for me what type of engine it have. What i want is a Nice car that have been treated good, with automatic and no engine issues before it get many years older. 🙂
  9. I see, Thanks for the info. Then a 2.0 diesel could be a good engine too. I know the particle filter and the turbo is extra parts. Found one that only had runned 44000km.it stand between d-4d 44000km or a petrol 1.8 71000km. We looked at the petrol avensis today 2012 Model. It had little rust on the back door/baggage hatch. Is that normal to find some rust at all on a 2012? Also a very very little rust stripe in one of the rear fender, this was very small. But the back door rust was maby 8cm long on the inside and slightly visible on the outside.. Im. Very unsure if i want to buy it because of the rust.. We had bought this car if it wasnt for that i found little rust.. We are going to sleep on it for the night What we do. Anyone here with Toyota rust experience?
  10. Yes i see. To little engine for a big car. Lets forget the 1.6 petrol. I also found a 2012 diesel d-4d 2.0L 124hp avensis. Did some procent have issues with the d-4d diesel engine too? I want the petrol 1.8 with automatic gear, but it not many to choose from in my location (Norway)
  11. Thanks alot for the advice. I looked at one avensis 2009 today, it had all services but from 75000km until 113000km it missed a service, and it have runned 37000km on the same oil. That does not sounds good. Great news that the 1.8L gasoline engine is a solid motor. What about 1.6 gasoline? And the diesel issues, can that be a issue with every diesel motor on avensis 09-14 models or is it a model that have the same quality as the gasoline motor? Very happy for the help people, i dont know anything about this. And it's many engines to choose. The door *issue* was on this car too. Little crack noise. But thats ok for me 🙂 All i want is a Toyota with a quality motor 🙂 and that it looks good without to mutch scratches.
  12. Hi. We consider to buy our first Toyota. Around 2010, automatic and 147hp gasoline engine. Is it any weakness with the engine? I have heard about they could use mutch oil, but that was maby only on the older modell up to 2008? We can consider a diesel also. Any other things that i should know when i take a look at used Toyota from around 2010? Thanks for help.
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