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  1. Thanks so much Pete...that looks another great idea. I'm not buying the Prius until Aug/Sept but doing my research in advance
  2. Thanks Anthony. The cable is not my main concern. The updates and how good the satnav is, in use is. My TomTom is very good, easy to update and as long as can mount it, probably is the best option.
  3. Great. I would prefer an expensive TomTom compared to an expensive built in GPS which is expensive to update unless anyone can convince me otherwise. Many thanks for the mount advise. I presume the mount can also be removed easily when leaving the car?
  4. The Brodit mounts look very good. But how easy is it to fit? The baseplate looks like it sticks on?
  5. Hello I'm hoping to buy a Prius later this year. A built in Sat Nav is an extra £700, compared to a portable TomTom stand alone GPS, that's a great deal of money. If you had a choice now, would you pay for a Sat Nav by Toyota or use a TomTom (not sure where it could be placed on the dashboard?) ? I'm interested in everyone's view which is better and why (I know it could be just a personal choice) Thanks Steven