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  1. Yes that makes sense for the sake of pulling a few covers off! If its and engine out the bottom job then I might pass it over to someone who has the right gear to do it safely. I will report back the final solution and the pitfalls if it all works out and the engine ends up facing the right way lol
  2. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone on here has any experience changing engines on a 2004 Previa fitted with a 2.0d4d engine? To cut a very long story short the engine has been consuming a lot of oil and I wish to change it with a unit that I sourced from a Rav4 d4d. Have fitted a new timing belt and water pump, cleaned the sump etc and ready to pull the new engine out. However I'm trying to diy it so wondering does the engine come out the top with the scuttle panel removed or is best done by dropping the subframe although without a 2 post ramp this could be too much hassle. Any advice appreciated. P.s Should I have replaced the timing belt tensioner spring when I did the belt and idle pulleys? It worked ok but not sure if these have a service life as well. Car has 160k.
  3. Hi, I just joined the forum to try and bleed some information from you all about a problematic Previa. My other car is a 93 HDJ80 4.2 manual. Hopefully I may be able to contribute as well as pinch info :-)