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    06 D-CAT T180 DPF fail

    Hello all, I had my Christmas ruined by the RAV4 breaking down in the middle of nowhere in Germany last week 😞 It finally ended up in a garage and they are telling me it needs a new DPF. I have beeakdown repair cover up to £500 but they want 2000EUR to do the job. Right now it’s stranded out there as we eventually got a hire car and returned back to the Netherlands. It seems there’s a lot to go wrong with this system, and replacing the DPF might be a last resort rather than a first step. Can anyone help/point me to a guide on what to check and try first? Basically I hope we find a cheaper solution that fits within the £500 cover I have! I need to relay all the instructions back to the German garage as well, so I will ask for the specific fault code. Is there anything else I should as for? Just to note - the EGR was cleaned out last October, but I’ve put a few 1000s of on it since then. Thanks! I really hope to get this sorted with some help here as I really can’t afford such a repair bill!

    Rav 4 2.2d4d 134bhp dpf?

    I have an 06 2.2 dcat. The dpf just failed at a cost of 2000Eur. I was very happy with the 56 petrol version but wouldn’t recommend the Diesel engine.

    Audio system cable - Steering wheel controls + Mic

    Connects2 have told me they don't support the phone buttons, however this one does say it supports it:

    Audio system cable - Steering wheel controls + Mic

    So now I have the new radio working using the following: Unfortunately the phone controls on the right hand of the steering don't work. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Mark

    Aftermarket Media/Sa-tNav system RAV4 T180

    Hi, What's your budget? Do you want on-screen sat nav, or will you use sat nav on your phone and just want the audio? I have the Pioneer MVH-AV280. It's not expensive but doesn't have sat nav. This year's version is now called 290BT:

    Audio system cable - Steering wheel controls + Mic

    Looks like I also need the ISO to Pioneer head unit cable...

    Parts swap - Centre divider trim

    Hello, I'm looking for the L shaped trims that go either side of the centre divider / gear stick console like the ones attached. Unfortunately I've bought some replacements from Germany and they are for the left hand drive model. There's a little cut out for the hand brake which means they don't fit properly. Happy to buy/sell/swap with anyone, they're in very good condition, jus t a tiny mark on the driver's side version. I've also got the much more worn right hand drive versions if anyone wants them. Thanks!

    Audio system cable - Steering wheel controls + Mic

    Hello, thanks for the helpful reply 🙂 Looks like the ebay one is CTSY001.2 and a universal version of CTPIONEERLEAD as well (with a couple of extra flying leads I guess for different head units). The antenna adapter - those are for the radio antenna which fits the Pioneer out of the box, the other one I mentioned was the GPS, but my Pioneer unit doesn't have sat nav so it's not needed. I've seen a post about a mod to change over the integrated mic in the ceiling panel to use another one - I'm actually hoping it's not necessary and I can reuse it, but need to figure out how all this is wired. So for I've not heard of anyone being able to do this - but if anyone has a wiring diagram or tech specs for the relevant bits I'd be keen to have a look. Thanks

    Audio system cable - Steering wheel controls + Mic

    Update: I've bought this: but my thinking is I'd have to splice cables to use the integrated mic? For reference, here's what the connectors look like. I'm guessing the square grey one (not in picture as it fell back inside) is the GPS antenna.
  10. Hello all, I've searched around but haven't found and answers yet, so I wonder if anyone is able to help here? I've got a 06 RAV4 with the Sat Nav unit in it. I wanted to change it to a Pinoeer system but can't find the right cables. I would like an adapter that connects the steering wheel controls and also something to hook up the integrated microphone for the hands free kit, so I don't have to run a wire for another one. I have seen several options online, but non that mention the mic. I wonder if anyone else has done this, and how? Thankyou!