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  1. Hi. I think on gentle braking it is all regen until the speed gets to under 5 mph then the brake pads etc take over.
  2. Bob110023


    Better to wait and see what happens with Brexit.😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Sorry guy's but I don't understand why people would buy a lead acid battery from Amazon. I work for a battery stockists looking after any warranty returns and a Yuasa battery would be supplied with a full 5 year warranty. The customer would bring the battery in and it would be tested and a decision made with reference to the warranty replacement etc. If you have a problem sending a battery back to Amazon what an awful inconvenience.
  4. Hi Ian. I piggy backed from the heated seat connection in the fuse box. Got the kit from eBay but Halfords also does the kit. Very easy to do then the cable can be dressed behind the door rubber, concealed behind the window pillar and also along the Top of the windscreen. It took me approximately 20 minutes.
  5. Hi Keith. The Ctec is a very good charger. Just press the button to select AGM when starting charge.
  6. The difference is the AGM battery is a glass mat which in theory allows the battery a larger depth of discharge but in doing this it requires a different charging profile than a standard lead acid flat plate.
  7. AGM is usually used for stop start technology.
  8. I think it's to do with the emf. Some people call it electro motive force or electro magnetic force. These force's are given off with every electric motor at some stage. Take the old electric milkfloat, if the speed was excessive going down over a hill the emf given off would actually be enough to stop the milkfloat very abruptly by ripping out it's propshaft.🤤
  9. Hi guy's. For any sort of damage to occur to the battery it would either have to be submerged so the Top connectors would short out. If not submerged the water was enough to splash across the Top connectors or maýbe the connecting hybrid electrical loom connector got contaminated. If serviced by main dealer I think this would have been picked up at some point. If there was constant water in the boot surely it would have caused constant condensation in the cabin. Personally I would go with frostballs suggestion try for a goodwill contribution. Good luck Tom.
  10. Hi Emlyn. Possible speed warning.
  11. Hi Jon. Had the same problem with my Auris. When the car had its first mot this month I mentioned about the steering and the dealership carried out the adjustment free of charge. It was only a minor adjustment. Cheers.
  12. Thank you Mark for your assistance.
  13. Hi Everyone. Has anybody got any info on what customisation might be achieved on my Auris Hybrid Business Edition 2016 when using a Carista unit. Thank you.
  14. May I ask why you would want to disable a safety device, as once the belt is engaged the warning sound stops.