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  1. Bob110023

    Carista unit.

    Thank you Mark for your assistance.
  2. Bob110023

    Carista unit.

    Hi Everyone. Has anybody got any info on what customisation might be achieved on my Auris Hybrid Business Edition 2016 when using a Carista unit. Thank you.
  3. May I ask why you would want to disable a safety device, as once the belt is engaged the warning sound stops.
  4. Bob110023

    Full Traction Battery - still charging?

    Hi. As we all know a battery is also a power storage device. Even when fully charged and not doing anything there will be natural drainage from the battery. When fully charged the Toyota system might show that it is still charging the hybrid system. This of course is correct but the input would be greatly reduced to a trickle charge until a larger input is required.cheers
  5. Bob110023

    Battery charge when car not in use

    Hi Keith. I think you are right. A fully charged battery should be showing 12.80 volts. If it has been left for a while, say a couple of weeks it should not drop below 12.64 volts. Any readings below this would cause a on going problem especially during any cold weather if and when it arrives. Get your dealer to carry out a voltage resistance drop test, if they cannot do it there are lots of battery sales companies that carry out a free check. Cheers.
  6. Bob110023

    New Toyota dash cam

    Hi. I to purchased a nextbase from eBay brand new complete with a hard wire fitting kit. I fitted myself into the fuse box behind the glove box and concealed the wiring behind the doortrim rubber. It was a really easy straight forward job taking approx 15 to 20 minutes. Total cost £59.99.
  7. Bob110023

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    Hi Steve. Would it be possible to borrow your dog.🤣🤣🤣😂
  8. Bob110023

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    You are right Dave. I am soooooo embarrassed that I now actually put my head out of the drivers window and shout beep beep.🤣
  9. Give the dealership three strikes to repair. If these symptoms persist I would be inclined to return the car as not fit for purpose.
  10. Bob110023

    Moving from Wax to Sealent and servicing

    Hi. I think that you will find that they just pressure wash the outside and vac the interior.
  11. Bob110023

    Auris Dash Cam Wiring

    I think you will find your fuses behind the glove box. Very easy to get at.
  12. Bob110023

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    Some cars still use a pressure regulating valve on the rear brakes. This allows for different weight scenarios in the back of the car. If this is fitted you need to have at least two adults sat in the back when bleeding the rear brakes, this opens up the valve more. Worth a check. Good luck mate
  13. Bob110023

    Hybrid in Neutral

    If I am in a long queue of traffic I will put the car into N then apply the handbrake. If the traffic is stop start I will just keep my foot on the footbrake.
  14. Bob110023

    Starting problem with aruis

    Have you màde sure your battery connections on the car are secure.??
  15. Bob110023

    Droning noise above 60mph

    Hi. If it is a wheel bearing you will get a deeper louder noise when cornering.