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  1. Hi. If the car is less than two years old go back to the dealer.
  2. My car makes me a bacon sandwich on my way to work.不不不不不不不
  3. Sounds like the battery. How old is it.?
  4. Hi Kevin. Was it April 1st when the AA man visited. 不不
  5. Hi. I had the same issue updating mine about a year ago. I was advised to use a usb stick no bigger than 16Gb. Regards Bob
  6. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Sending best wishes to family and friends.x
  7. Hi John. The touch and go system will not recognise the WhatsApp. Regards Bob.
  8. Could it be the damper on the gauge.
  9. Hi. I think on gentle braking it is all regen until the speed gets to under 5 mph then the brake pads etc take over.
  10. Bob110023


    Better to wait and see what happens with Brexit.不不不不
  11. Sorry guy's but I don't understand why people would buy a lead acid battery from Amazon. I work for a battery stockists looking after any warranty returns and a Yuasa battery would be supplied with a full 5 year warranty. The customer would bring the battery in and it would be tested and a decision made with reference to the warranty replacement etc. If you have a problem sending a battery back to Amazon what an awful inconvenience.
  12. Hi Ian. I piggy backed from the heated seat connection in the fuse box. Got the kit from eBay but Halfords also does the kit. Very easy to do then the cable can be dressed behind the door rubber, concealed behind the window pillar and also along the Top of the windscreen. It took me approximately 20 minutes.
  13. Hi Keith. The Ctec is a very good charger. Just press the button to select AGM when starting charge.