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  1. I think the cats on the Corolla are OK as they are positioned differently than the auris and prius making it more difficult to remove .
  2. Just updated mine. No difference at all.
  3. I agree with you Joe. As things progress the small circles on the left will turn red.👍
  4. Just in case. Double check the USB data cable.👍
  5. I agree with you Niels. Had an Auris and a CHR before this Corolla. I have found there was no improvement from the Auris to Corolla but the CHR was slightly better. In the Corolla I listen to Talk Sport and I always have the volume between 25 and 35.👍
  6. You are correct Chris. You cannot choose which map region to install. I could with my Auris, but with the Corolla it's all or nothing.😡
  7. Sorry Adam. My Corolla 2.0 hybrid excel 0-60 in 6 seconds. Very quick for a hybrid and still getting average of 60 mpg.👏👏
  8. Hi. 2021v1 downloaded again and reinstalled. Everything seems to be working correctly. 🤗
  9. I have a set of Chinese Christmas lights and they are brilliant.🤣🤣
  10. Good points raised Andrue. I have downloaded the update again on a different USB stick. I will try and install again tomorrow, head unit permitting. Thanks for your info.
  11. Hi. Very disappointed with the recent 2021v1 map update carried out using USB. Tried a destination today since the update and ended up with a frozen screen for the last three miles. The correct voice instructions carried on regardless as did the dash information. When I reached the destination had to switch the car off and back on to reset the display. It was fine until I updated the map. Will try another destination tomorrow. 😡
  12. Now updated to 2021v1. Tested it today and found some of the speed camera alerts did not sound until just going past the camera, a bit too late. Good job I am not a speedy person.😡🤣
  13. Hi Roy. Yes my 2019 chr excel displayed speed limit on the map and also on the dash. Apparently this is not available for both to be shown on the corolla. I must admit sometimes my chr would show two different speed limits.
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