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  1. Hi. A battery that is to be used on a start/stop system will be marked with either AGM or EFB. If there are no markings then it will be a standard battery which will work ok for a time, but will not last as long as the correct types.
  2. The stop/start batteries are AGM or efb. These batteries are manufactured to take the strain of stop starting and allowing for an over discharged state. A standard battery will work but will not last very long. EFB enhanced flooded battery. AGM absorbent glass mat.
  3. Bob110023


    Hi. Has anyone experienced any insurance premium increase due to the cat converter thefts even if no claims have been made.
  4. Had mine fitted on Friday 14th at Toyota £250. Came with stickers for the car window which states catloc fitted and on a registered data base.
  5. Sorry Joe but there will be a queue for the throat bit.
  6. They had their toilets stolen, so nothing to go on.🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
  7. Very easy to bring in a new law. Only the dealerships or recognised outlets are allowed to recycle or dispose of cats. This would incorporate providing the car registration.
  8. Only specific registered people should be allowed to recycle cats at specialist centres which carry a certificate. I worked with industrial batteries for many years and this was the only way to stop any tom dick or harry from scrapping batteries anywhere they liked. Also Toyota should work on a tilt alarm that can be fitted to the existing alarm system so when a car is jacked up the alarm will sound. There are already tilts available perhaps one of these would suffice. Having my catloc fitted on Friday this week after waiting 5 months.
  9. Hi Kelly. I have been waiting 4 months for my catloc to be fitted at my local dealership. I think they are worth having as I spoke to my insurance company and they advised that having a catloc fitted indicates that you as the owner has taken steps to try and protect the part from being stolen.
  10. Hi everyone. The Catloc situation is still no better. I ordered mine back in September 2019 at my local Toyota dealership. My car has been booked in for fitting three times and each time the appointment has been cancelled the day before by Toyota advising me that the part has not arrived. They have now decided that they will phone me when the part arrives. Will not be holding my breath.☹️ Anyone else still waiting.😡
  11. Your right there Lee. Mine was ordered 6 weeks ago, still waiting.😨
  12. Hi. If the car is less than two years old go back to the dealer.
  13. My car makes me a bacon sandwich on my way to work.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. Sounds like the battery. How old is it.?