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  1. It would be interesting to know how toyota test a battery. Where I work we use a hand held tester, if it passes we always recommend to the customer that we recharge and carry out a further test on our grx-3000 discharge tester or the alpha-bat pro tester. While we are carrying out the test over a couple of days we would loan the customer a battery to keep him on the road. We have had occasions where the hand held has passed a battery but a proper discharge test has failed the battery.
  2. I have just purchased the toyota extended warranty as my 5yrs ends this month on the 19th. I think it's a good deal just for piece of mind. All servicing and repairs have been carried out by the same main dealer. One never knows whats around the corner. Just look at the pandemic. All you can do is try and cover your options. Good luck.
  3. Do you have front parking sensors.
  4. Hi David. I have replaced a battery in the past with no issues.
  5. It looks like the internal battery plates have sulfated which inhibits them from holding top of charge. You can charge it as much as you like but the battery will not improve.
  6. Hi David. I would disconnect the battery from the car during recharge, once fully charged leave it disconnected for 24 hours if you can. Recheck the voltage and the standing voltage should be at least 12.50 volts or more.
  7. Hi. 12.80 volts is a fully charged battery. These voltages can drop to 12.50 to 12.65 which we call the standing voltage. On a Hybrid vehicle the volts only need to be around 12.00 volts as its main job is to fire up the computer so there is no excessive load.
  8. Pointless changing the tyres until required. It would take years to get back the £350 you paid out. My Auris in winter does on average 45 to 55 mpg. In the summer it is much better 55 to 65/70.
  9. Hi. Wired mine into the heated seat live at the fuse box which is behind the glove box. Easy to remove and used a piggy back connection.
  10. Have you tried deleting the pairing on the car and phone and then try a new pairing. Sometimes when the phone is updated it can interfere with any original pairing. Worth a try.
  11. Hi Trev. I think you will find them under the rear seat both sides. The back seat will lift up but be careful of the clips.
  12. Toyota should pay for the repair. What if they incorrectly fitted replacement brake disc and pads causing damage is that also your fault and chargeable. Stand your ground you have left your vehicle in good faith as they are the experts.
  13. I actually keep mine in a Faraday pouch. I have stood next to the car and pressed the unlock button to check the signal, nothing happens. Take the fob out of the bag and presto its magic. Definitely get the added protection.
  14. I keep a Halford Advanced Lithium jump starter under the front drivers seat. This will self charge through a USB connection every six months and is very small. It also has a led torch. Never had to use it yet but it's there if I need it.
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