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  1. Hi just got this back from the garage "Sorry car is not Diesel Manual advert wrong ???" talk about squashing ones hopes of good mpg
  2. so i found one im quite interested in its a 03 estima diesel manual with very low mileage less than 25k, it has a 2.4 engine, only trouble is its a fair distance from me. is anyone familiar with this one? cambelt or chain on the engine stuff to watch out for? mileage seems really low Cheers J
  3. Hi been looking at a load of MPVs, some imports, anyone shed some light on this for me will use the vehicle for trips to the continent. The Toyota Previa Estima D4D looks like a good bet especially for fuel economy (I want reliability and goodish mpg as possible), Toyota Alphard, Nissan Elgrand Honda Stepwagon Elysion Odyessey? what do you think
  4. Hi all, My Corolla Verso D4D wont start it sounds like it is getting a semi turn of the starter if you know what i mean which just disengages after a short time and doesnt fire up. I have i checked the battery and its around 12.11volts any ideas that could save me swapping out bits adhoc please help Cheers Jeff
  5. Hi all Anyone know if there are two coolant drain plugs on the 2litre D-4D engine(2004), as it says in the haynes about the rear of the engine block drain plug would be great if anyone knows as it would save me a lot of hunting about when i get her up on the ramps in a bit Many thanks Jeff
  6. Many thanks for all the replies i have just ordered the Haynes as my recently purchased 54 plate Verso is rapidly closing in on 100,000, so i probably need to do a coolant change. The gear shift is not completely satisfying so may look into doing the gearbox oil as well
  7. Does anyone know if the Haynes Corolla Manual covers the Verso 2005 2 litre D-4-D? If not can someone please point me in the direction of a manual(workshop) that covers this car, or even some how to guides would be helpful just need to know how to Change oil, coolant, Brakes, Gearbox oil with all the torque settings please. ive had a look about but came up blank lol many thanks
  8. Hi all Just took my Verso 2004 to have its tracking done(it had been tracked previously with the steering not centered) when i left the garage on a series of largish close together roundabouts the traction control light flickered on and the car would hardly go round the second roundabout??? it was juddering like crazy so i pulled over and phoned the garage then limped back there with no sign of the i looked like a right Mugg! The mechanic who took it out and said he could not find anything wrong apart from the door light flickered on a few times so i joined him for a thorough test drive ...again no sign of the fault Anyone with any idea what was going on ??? have experienced something similar? I am really worried as i only just purchased the car, & traveled some 90miles home(mostly on A roads) with no issues. Plus i am planning some seriously long distance trips, in the Verso, to France, Spain and Portugal