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  1. Hi all Rav4 has engine light on, serviced every 15k, any ideas?
  2. Hi all, I keep getting letters about the Airbag recall (think the sensor can short out leading to airbag deployment), Is it worth having this changed? Does it require much labour: where is the offending part? car mileage is 140k Cheers J
  3. from the pic id say 2004-2009 slightly more bulbous front end thanks
  4. Hi all, so i have just returned from the motor factors with a bulb (there was a choice of two showing on their system orange/red band or yellow?) i have taken the one with an orange band. I pulled the blown bulb out and this has a white band and different painted tip and even though it looks roughly the same it wont fit(tab at around 12 o clock is in a slightly different position) i compared it to the other nearside (battery side)and this has a orange band and unpainted tip.....so now completely unsure. any one able to shed anyone able to shed any light on this as i did not want to force anything? Cheers J
  5. Hi All, I have a Brake Issue after changing the front pads on my 2004 corolla verso D4D...i swapped the pads out the way i have always done, in fact it was a bit easier than most as on a focus a few times the pistons were corroded from being protruding out over a few years and were a bugger to get back in. I removed the caliper bolts took out old pads, removed Master reservoir lid (placed a rag around) & wound the piston back with a G-Clamp and fitted the new pads. After this i pumped the brake a few times and went it rock solid so all good. A while later when i started the car to move her i noticed the brakes had gone spongy pumped them and still the pedal keeps going to the floor... has pushing the fluid back damaged some seals or something? Or has air found its way in? Thanks in advance J
  6. just went out and tried it again everything is now working fine....fingers crossed its not one of these intermittent faults that gives one a right headache!
  7. It was fine all day yesterday and when i drove car onto ramps....my thoughts are it has to be something to do with the oil change, anyone any ideas? you mention activate it manually not sure how this is done?
  8. ok thanks for all the advice....i did everything by the book so to speak but car has now developed a fault; first as i started the car to check for any oil leaks i had a parking warning come up, this did not clear after running car up to temp turning it off and replacing cover then dropping it off the ramps. Now the parking brake has stopped working altogether? Was fine all day yesterday on the 3.5 hour journey with loads of junctions
  9. ok many thanks so i am going to order my bits today, shall i go for 0w20 over 5w30? just worried that car has 90k miles on it and 0w20 is very thin...i usually try and always get Millers oils. What is the capacity of the engine 4.25l im guessing?
  10. Great many thanks for all the replies is this the right filter tool "Laser Tools Oil Filter Wrench - 65mm x 14 Flutes - 5160 £12.51" from tms on ebay? what are the torque settings for the filter and the sump plug?
  11. Hi Anyone own a Valvematic Avensis, I'm thinking of buying a 2010 for around 3k, do they have a belt or a chain? If its a belt when do they need changing? the one I'm interested in is at around 90,000 miles anything special i should look for when i check it over? what about servicing on these, I usually do an oil and filter swap every 5000-6000 miles any special oils recommended for these? many thanks in advance
  12. Hi just got this back from the garage "Sorry car is not Diesel Manual advert wrong ???" talk about squashing ones hopes of good mpg
  13. so i found one im quite interested in its a 03 estima diesel manual with very low mileage less than 25k, it has a 2.4 engine, only trouble is its a fair distance from me. is anyone familiar with this one? cambelt or chain on the engine stuff to watch out for? mileage seems really low Cheers J
  14. Hi been looking at a load of MPVs, some imports, anyone shed some light on this for me will use the vehicle for trips to the continent. The Toyota Previa Estima D4D looks like a good bet especially for fuel economy (I want reliability and goodish mpg as possible), Toyota Alphard, Nissan Elgrand Honda Stepwagon Elysion Odyessey? what do you think
  15. Hi all, My Corolla Verso D4D wont start it sounds like it is getting a semi turn of the starter if you know what i mean which just disengages after a short time and doesnt fire up. I have i checked the battery and its around 12.11volts any ideas that could save me swapping out bits adhoc please help Cheers Jeff
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