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  1. Very simple trick but works on any older model with power folding mirrors (like my facelifted 2010).
  2. 115000 kms in 10 years isn't much. That's one of the causes.
  3. My 2010 Auris was recalled a few months back, it took them about an hour to replace the airbag at the dealer's.
  4. The link Frostyballs posted says "There is a 7.5% reduction in fuel consumption between G-rated and A-rated tyres", so with all the other factors in play it'll be a while until you see a systematic difference (if ever?) between a B/C tyre and an A tyre. When I went from my winter tyres to the GoodYears the fuel consumption clearly went down though (from about 5.2l/ 100km to 4.7l/100km).
  5. I went to Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyres (205/55 R16) but didn't really notice any substantial difference in MPG (previous tyres were Goodyears also).
  6. I have the same. Your shifting indicator will tell you to shift down (arrow down). It's normal. I've found that I can't drive the 1.4 D4D like I would the larger diesel engines - it simply doesn't have the low-end 'oomph' and I have to shift a little more often.
  7. Thanks. That was something I was afraid of but didn't really want to think about. In petrol engines there's a trick to check for petrol in the oil (hold the dipstick in a lighter if I recall correctly), are there any such checks for diesel? By the way, the car only does 95% very long (400+ miles) motorway runs, so the DPF has plenty of opportunities to regenerate...
  8. Hi all, On my 2010 D4D the "oil maint." light message keeps popping up after driving for 15 minutes or so. Car was recently serviced, oil level is good but and no amount of resetting the oil maintenance warning will get rid of the warning. It is not there when I start the engine cold, so my suspicion is that it might be an oil level that's too high? So I'm wondering - apart from the service intervals, which other circumstances trigger the "OIL MAINT" warning light? thanks in advance Robin
  9. I'm going to second this. If it's a lot of short rides then it's not too strange there's increased oil consumption. I've never had to top up my 2010 1.4D in between services and I only do very long motorway rides (5w30 oil).
  10. Just clearing the error doesn't sound like a very good fault-finding procedure to me. I would try someone specialised in Toyota or a Toyota dealership (although the latter will just shrug and tell you to replace the DPF). Another option is to remove the DPF entirely. This might get you into trouble depending on where you live (I'm guessing the Netherlands or Belgium).
  11. I had the same issue recently, but it resolved itself "automagically" after a while. Oil level is neither too high nor too low. Maybe just a glitch?
  12. My first thought would be the brakes, given the sound and the behavour you've described.
  13. Does the sound persist with the steering wheel in full lock or does it pass while you're turning the wheel? Creaking or groaning even when you're not turning the wheel might indicate problems with the power steering hydraulic pump.
  14. That's quite a shift from a C6 (one of my dream cars - I had a BX, Xantia and Visa before my Auris). I'm not sure a ticking noise is normal in any engine, but I don't know this particular engine.
  15. Sounds very much like it's running on 3 cylinders. Could be an injector that's about to go south or a pre-heating plug that's behaving badly.