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  1. Fantastic post that mate, haven't been around here much lately so I've only just seen it but thanks very much for the praise, means a lot coming from someone with no link to the club.

    Hope you win the league next year because it will mean the *****s from the other side of Stanley Park don't

  2. Thanks all, up until the equaliser I had an amazing day. Stayed at my mates on the Friday night, was boozing from 4 in the morning & got on the coach which my mates had decorated with banners & balloons. I got 2 tops, a card signed by everyone & also a personalised bottle of Heineken which my mates got when they went on the tour of the factory in Amsterdam, they really made an effort for me & I was (& still am) really, really impressed. If we'd have won it would have been the best day of my life by an absolute mile. As it was, my main memories are of a day that 'could have been'

  3. Like the song says Kev.................

    We're S**t - and we know we are . Still, should be 6 easy points for you next season if they survive the drop !

    Might see you in the cup sometimes ! :D

    You'd think so, but we very rarely turn up against them.

    I'm not going to lie, I dislike Boro, I hate Hull but I absolutely despise Newcastle, they're my 2nd most hated team & those going down, us winning the FA Cup & the *****e winning ubik all... deary me, it'd be as good a season any I'm old enough to remember

  4. Same here :angry: Someone has been messing about :ban:

    It's amazing what folks will do when bored :wacko:

    Yep, some post millions of crap jokes, others bump up old polls, we all have our ways of keeping ourselves occupied

    Aha ! So you are the culprit :boxing::laughing:

    Sniff, Guilty on the jokes front :giljotiini::hang:

    It's more than that though, word association, 3 word story...

    As I said, we all have our ways, some people choose to post in threads like that, some choose to bump up old polls, who are we to judge which is best?

  5. Someone's bumped this to the top by voting but while it's here I'm having my say. It's probably already been said but I can't be bothered reading all of the replies.

    Anyway, definately a cake as it starts off soft & goes hard as it goes stale as opposed to a biscuit which starts off hard & goes soft as it goes stale. There was actually a huge case as with them being classed as cakes they pay less tax than if they were classed as biscuits & HMRC were complaining but it was proven it court that they were cakes

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