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  1. Congratulations & welcome 2 the club, I'm sure u'll have years of trouble-free driving
  2. U'll never c mine parked with the lights on coz it squeels @ me as soon as I open the door, its not the nicest noise but all warnin sounds shud b like that, sumthin that u subconsiously wanna avoid hearin so u learn quicker
  3. U get my vote, ne chance of sortin a name 4 mine? If u cant b ubikd I dont mind, my name's Kev(in), my car's blue, wud quite like sumthin of Japanese origin like Toyota if it sounds good, adds a bit of character. Like I said tho, if u dont wanna its entirely up2 u.
  4. I have it in my favourites myself, I have a Yaris so I wanna discuss that more than anythin else, Toyota have such a wide range of cars covering all different types of peoples wants & needs so the most relevant 2 me is the Yaris forum. I only usually go on the general forum if I'm after sum general toyota info or if I'm bored & I've looked @ all the messages in the Yaris forum.
  5. Just had a look then, on my boot its got "yaris" on the right, under the window & under "yaris" it has "SE", then on the sides its got "GS" just in front of my wing mirrors with another "SE" @ the front of my doors, right @ the bottom. In my logbook it just says "Toyota Yaris GS", ne ideas wtf it is?
  6. I've never understood y ppl like Mini's, I personally have always thought they were hideous, then my m8s mum got 1, enough said. I got a yaris coz when I was decidin which 1 2 get I thought of a little checklist that I wanted wotever car I got 2 pass, the yaris flew thru them all, heres my little list: Reliable - The Yaris is made by Toyota Safe - 4* in the Euro NCap tests Small Engine (cheaper insurance) - Got a 1.0 Good on petrol - costs me about 10p/mile Theres another 1 2 but I cant think of it at the min
  7. Basically, my car's got a silver SE badge thing on the boot & then 1 on each side sumwhere, its not even in the logbook, reckon the last owner just bought the badges & stuck them on themselves? I'll try & sort sum pics out but havent been able 2 get my digital camera 2 work since I got it
  8. Marvellous, always wondered wot the differences were, never knew I had the equivalent 2 a T3, ne idea wot the SE stands 4?
  9. where bouts can you get them from? :bookworm: ← Look @ the 1st post, theres a link on it 2 1 on eBay
  10. Just put it on in my dinner hour,gr8 advice, thats exactly how I did it, nice 1, didnt do the best job with it 2 b honest, not the smoothest & its slightly 2 1 side so I might have 2 buy another 1. I put it on, got sum1 from the office 2 put the break on................. nothin, the light doesnt work, doubt it has since I bought it, just my luck that!!
  11. Nothin like a bit of shameless promotion 4 ur website, eh? Only messin, nice car, shame about the corsa in sum of the pics tho :P
  12. If you are really lucky and bought it from a proper Toyota dealer, they will order you one free of charge! They did for chriscanavan and myself anyway, because it should by rights come with a manual... And don't stand for the old classic "Its a Used Car, what do you expect" line! ← I'm not really lucky, bought it from an auction, looks like the last owner part-exed it 4 a ford coz they put it thru its MOT right b4 the auction, how much am I lookin @ 2 buy 1? Is it useful?
  13. Marvellous, thats just the kind of thing I was lookin 4, nice 1. Committed the cardinal sin of not gettin ne service history when I bought the car (my 1 regret about buyin it), can u buy handbooks from Mr T or will I have 2 go thru my life (well, till I get another car) not knowin how 2 change a bulb?
  14. Oh, sorry, thought u'd read my name wrong or sumthin Thats wot I was thinkin, & I cant imagine it bein a major distractment, just letters on a light
  15. Hope u mean the person who's sellin it, come on, how many female Kev's do u kno? It doesnt stick on the glass, it sticks on the actual light & I'm wonderin how 2 get 2 it 2 stick it on coz its attached close 2 the window & theres a plastic cover thing stoppin me from touchin it I'll try that, just scared of applyin 2 much pressure in case sumthin breaks or I need 2 re-glue it & I havent got no glue
  16. I hope so, cant c y it wudnt b legal, I've got 3 other break lights, its not as if sum1 cudnt tell if I was breaking
  17. I recently bought 1 of these & tried 2 fit it but I havent got a clue how to, how is the light attached 2 the window? Is there a few screws or clips or is it glued or sumthin? I dont wanna just pull the light in case sumthin snaps, any ideas ne1?
  18. Only going in2 2nd, doesnt like droppin from 3rd 2 2nd if I'm goin over 5mph so I either slow down a bit more or stay in 3rd, goin in2 2nd from 1st is ok from memory, mayb not as smooth but ok, I'll test it out on my way home 2nite if I remember.
  19. Try confused.com, they search thru loads 4 u & give u a list then u can accept the cheapest 1 on the site, Norwich Union Direct were the cheapest 4 me.
  20. Congratulations, was that ur 1st test?
  21. Nah, 2 b honest with u I'm gonna get a new 1, we're not talkin that much money so I'll just get it new. Just wonderin whether 2 get it from Toyota or off ebay, I think I'll get it from Toyota coz they shud give me a good 1.
  22. I kno there isnt but if I wanted a purple car I'd have gone 4 a purple 1, I just love the colour blue. My m8s only try 2 take the mickey coz when I 1st bought it I mentioned it 2 1 of them & they kno it annoys me, but they havent even got a car between them so thats y I said "try 2". Wots the difference between the 1's on ebay & wot I'd get from Toyota?
  23. Thats a hell of a welcome, only posted last nite, wasnt expectin that, nice 1!!! In the log book they really pushed the boat out & give it the highly creative name of "blue", it looks similar 2 Carlo Blue but not exactly the same, if I'm bein totally honest it has a tiny, I repeat tiny, hint of purple in sum lights (bought it @ an auction & it looked a bit different), which my m8s try 2 take the mick about now. Anyway, I'm wafflin, definately gonna get it done, when I phoned Toyota the price they gave me was similar 2 wot it was goin on eBay 4 so I'll get it from Toyota & fit it myself, I'm gonna have 2 brave the weather & have a look how the other 1's fitted. Thanks again 4 all the replies
  24. Got my car a few months ago, still in the very early stages of personalisin it, its a darkish blue, I'd call it royal blue & its got a black plastic grill. I'm thinkin about gettin a chrome 1 on it but I'm worried it mite make it look a bit worse, with it mayb stickin out a bit much, ne1 had this done? Wot about fittin it? I phoned Toyota & the fella said itd take about half an hr so itd cost £20, think this is reasonable or wud it b easy 2 fit myself or shall I take it 2 a garage?
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