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  1. Keep me up to date with this, I have nothing planned for the 10th May apart from being really hungover so if something fun is on the cards I might tag along. My car is a mess but it's a VW so nobody will care anyway

  2. Around this time last year, Everton had a game in Florence & so a load of people went over to watch the match, plenty hiring cars/minibuses etc to get around. A lad on another forum has been done for a traffic violation which he had no idea about, here is some of what he said on the 8th Sep:

    drive to florence...fine

    locating hotel...nightmare, took 2 hours to find by circling the area 5 times


    now..after finally arriving home i thought, thank **** thats over..

    ..i was very wrong...

    today i received 5 letters from the municipal police of florence.

    i had incurred 5 traffic violations apparently when circling looking for the hotel...apparently, the main ****** road in the old town is only open to PSV's, police and locals...since my hire car wasnt local, i have been charged 95 euros for each ****** time i drove up that ***** road.

    475 ****** euro's....the times off each 'offence' on the letters were, 14:32, 14:46, 15:05, 15:31 and 15:47....surely using an ounce of common sense, looking at this you would know that i was ******* LOST

    Yesterday he posted this:

    I ignored them and 5 more turned up today, I've got 60 days to appeal/pay before they issue a court order and demand the cash

    Now, it sounds like the lad genuinely can't afford to pay this, what are his options? If he writes to them pointing out the times of the offences & explaining his circumstances do you think they might cancel 4 of them & class them all as the 1 incident? With him being abroad will they just give up after a while & let it go like the UK do with foreign lorry drivers etc?

    I'm not on the blag here, sounds like he was genuinely lost & had no idea he was committing any offences, just need some advice please.

    Ta all

  3. not everyone can afford a BMW or is pompous enough to drive one :P

    If you like the look of it dude then go for it if you know you can do a decent job on it :)

    Can't beat a good generalisation, eh?

    I agree with Charlie, I think it'll look awful & cannot for the life of me see why anyone would consider getting it done. It's not my car though, if you like it get it. You'll never find anything that everyone likes so worry about what you like, not anyone else

  4. Have you signed up to facebook with the account recently? That leads to all kinds of crap being sent. Put yourself down as "single" & you get loads of emails from dating websites etc, it just uses info on your profile to choose what you might be interested in.

    I've had my hotmail account since I 1st started using the internet & didn't used to get much spam but I've gone a bit lax over the years & used it to sign up to sites I'd have used other email addresses for in the past. I haven't noticed more getting through though, the filter keeps pretty much all of them out of my inbox

  5. I've heard that many times from Chelsea fans, Scolari does seem to have 1 way of doing things & doesn't want/know how to change it. 1 of Moyes' problems in the past (even at times earlier in this season) has been his inability to make the right substitutions at the right time but that seems to have changed recently. He does seem excellent at adapting to changing circumstances & keeping the results coming, the way we've been able to cope with our 4 strikers being injured - 3 of which are long-term ones & our best out of the 4 - has been fantastic.

    I agree about Zola, he does seem to be a gentleman & I think he'll be loyal to somebody who has put a lot of faith in him but you're right, if Chelsea did throw a load of money at West Ham, it could be in their best interests for him to leave & so if he could go with the blessing of everyone at the club he may well do.

    Apparently you're trying to get Avram Grant (who should never have been sacked in my opinion) back until the end of the season while you try to get Hiddink to leave Russia before the World Cup. If he wasn't interested they could take a chance on Zola but while he knows the club a lot better than most, you need more than that to manage a club like Chelsea. He could have what it takes to be an excellent manager but I think he'd be better getting experience elsewhere before taking over. You never know with anything in football but if he's good enough the chance should come again in the future & when it does he'll have learned more about how to handle the job.

    As for Wise, if he's responsible for the debacle that was Newcastle's transfer dealings during the recent window, he should never be put in a position of power again. It was embarrassing, who the hell sells 1 of their most important players for £6m to a stupidly rich club who's desperate to sign him, then a couple of days later throws in a bid of £8m for a player who's out of favour at the same club? Anybody with any sense at all would say "Look, we know you want Given but he's 1 of our best players so unless you give us Johnson he's not going anywhere". It was so stupid it was funny & if it was Wise's doing (I'm not sure if it was but I know he's involved in transfers there) it will probably be a long time before he's given a position of power again.

  6. Don't think Zola would take the job right now, he seems pretty committed to West Ham & I don't think he's got enough experience to manage a club like Chelsea. If he does a decent job at West Ham he'll get the chance in the future & will maybe take it in 3 or 4 managers time when he'll have a lot more experience of management & be in a better position to handle it. That said, football is extremely fickle & somebody can easily go from the saviour of 1 club to the fall guy at another in a matter of months. If Chelsea did offer Zola the job now he might take it in case things go sour for a while at West Ham & he's thrown on the scrapheap, never getting the opportunity again.

    We'll have to see but I feel both Chelsea & Portsmouth have let their fans down, if you as a board appoint somebody as a manager & then sack him 6 months later you've failed by appointing somebody you don't have enough confidence in to stick by if things don't go well immediately.

  7. Employers arent allowed to discriminate like that Kev... once you are in and proving yourself its very difficult to fire someone (there are lots of processes that you have to go through before you can even think about firing someone)... which I'm sure you know.

    Would someone's perception of the person change? Possibly... if they are a decent employer and youve been doing well for them and struck a good accord then I doubt it tho.

    Its more of a 'first impressions' thing really.. at least in my opinion. Someone may not like facial hair, or earrings / jewellery... ok these are less permanent.. but can sometimes give you an indication, stereotypical or otherwise of a person (scruffy looks = scruffy person / work? earrings = chavvy? of course this obviously doesnt categorise people properly but its a similar train of thought I guess).

    I think its a good decision you made to wait... get the design on paper, make sure you are happy with it... you can even buy temp tattoo paper to print on and pop it in your printer and pop a temporary tattoo on to see if you like it. I waited best part of a year I think before I got mine... and my design changed a little in that time... now Im happy and I know Im not gonna regret it.

    As far as parents are concerned, well I didnt tell mine at all, but then I dont live at home and havent for a while so Im not there with them all the time, and my tattoo is easily hidden. I think its great that you are including your Dad in it tho, as it shows you care about his opinion and his advice and can them make a good judgement from that.

    True enough JJ, people aren't allowed to sack somebody for a little tattoo but for the 1st year if somebody wants rid of you it's fairly easy, whether they're truthful with the reason for doing so or not.

    The design itself isn't causing me too much grief, I just want the year in the way it is on the club Badge. I'm mindful of them changing it because some lad has "Everton" in a way that was used on club merchandise years ago (see the pic below) & looks crap now & it had crossed my mind that the same thing would happen if they ever changed the way they used print the year, but I can't see that happening & even if it does I don't think I'd ever be bothered by it.


    as an employer i would never employ anyone with a visible tattoo let alone a football tattoo as stereotypically (not saying that you or anyone else who has a football tattoo) seen by the older generation as a sign of hooliganism.

    I would like a tattoo on the back of my wrist but knowing that potential employees MIGHT frown upon such things has always stopped me from going ahead with it. I don't think it's right to cast someone aside for a job just because they have a tattoo on show, (it would not stop that person from doing their job) but some people are ignorant, small minded and can't see past there own nose, (in Milly's case I am referring to the older generation).

    Kev, it would seem you have thought of every angle regarding this tattoo, You are your own person, and live your own life, don't let other people live it for you by them telling you what you should and shouldn't do. Take their advice and act on it in the way YOU want.

    If you can't see it hindering your job and future jobs then great stuff......I know and understand how passionate you are about your club and getting this tattoo done, I say go and get it done, you will love it and have no regrets about it.

    A genuine question hun....what more is there for you to think about?

    You're right Ash. When I posted this I was quite stressed about whether to get it quick before I bottled it or give it time. I've made the decision to wait now & so I feel a lot more comfortable about things, I'm thinking about it now & then rather than constantly & I'm happy that in a month or 2, if I still want it I'll listen to my heart & get it done.

  8. I admire your honesty.

    Hypothetical situation: You employ somebody who's highly qualified for a position, he comes in & seems to be fitting in well, handling the work you're giving him & appearing to be getting on with the other staff. 1 day you notice a mark just creeping into view on his neck & it turns out to be a small tattoo of the year his football club was formed. Do you bin him?

    Not having a go or anything, just interested to hear what you'd do. What industry are you in Milly?

  9. Thanks for the replies all, I really needed some well thoughtout responses from people outside my immediate circle of friends & family & there are plenty here so ta for that.

    The design has never really been an issue, 1878 is personal to Evertonians but not "in the face" of others & I really don't think anyone would ever be offended by it. My main query was whether I was right, if I judged it wrong & it did make many people want to knock me out, maybe I'd regret it at some point. At the minute it's not something that worries me 1 little bit, my primary goal in life is to annoy as many kopites as I can anyway, but that might not always be the case & in 30 years it could still be causing me grief & so I might be fed up of it then.

    I've decided to listen to the advice & leave it for a month or 2 & see if I still want it then. The only real doubt I've got was put in my head by my dad's reaction. My gut instinct (which I always listen to) says to just get it done, I feel I'll be happy with this for the rest of my days but something inside me says to listen to my dad for once in my life so that's what I'm going to do. He reckons I'll regret it within a month if I get it now, I don't but if I leave it for now, if nothing else he might accept that I really do want this, be happy I'm getting it & then there'll never be a deathbed feeling of guilt caused by ignoring the 1 thing he feels really strong about. It'd probably play on my mind even if I loved everything about the tattoo.

    It is always possible to get caught in the heat of the moment & while I don't think I have done in this situation, this is going to be with me til my dying day so if I live for another 40 years, giving myself a month or 2 to change my mind wont make much difference.

    I haven't got a hairy back/neck so I'm not worried about hair growing up through the scab but for the 1st time in my life I've got head hair that reaches there, would that be a problem or could I just keep throwing a plaster on it until it healed? I think it'll take mine a lot longer to heal than most people, cuts always take forever to heal properly on me, I've still got marks on my knuckles from boxing & I haven't been since before christmas but I can live with that if it looks good in the long run.

    I can't see it ever being a problem to any future employer. It should be covered by a shirt collar most of the time, it's more likely to be seen when I'm dressed casually in a t-shirt etc & I'll just stick a plaster over it for any job interviews, it's not going to be a big gang tattoo so if somebody doesn't want to employ me because I've got a small Everton tattoo they can keep their job because I'd hate working for them anyway.

    Thanks for the replies once again

  10. I went Karting on Saturday for the first time in a while, the pain has just gone away! :lol: 75 Laps :eek:

    Also my 18st+ weight made it a bit hard to compete when the winner weighs less than half what i do, still i gave him a right good kicking in the car park :lol: ;)

    Spare a thought for the skinny *****s amongst us though, the seats are designed to accomodate people with much bigger frames & so we fly around the seat as well as the track. I got a blister in a horrible place the last time, wasn't a nice experience I can tell you

  11. I know there have been a couple of threads about this subject but the last 1 was about tattoos on girls so I'm creating a new 1.

    I've wanted some Everton tattoos ever since I was a kid, but hating needles as much as I do has always lead me to think of them as "Something to get if I ever have the balls". Well, I was speaking to a mate of mine a couple of weeks ago who has a small 1 on her inner wrist & she said she went to the tattoo place with a view to booking it for the next week & the tattooist said he could just do it there & then & she was absolutely petrified, had to have a drink with loads of sugar but got it done, loves it & now wants another.

    That's given me a bit of confidence that I can get 1 so I'm thinking of getting a small, basic one in the hope that it leads me to get a bigger, more detailed 1 at a later date. She's going on Saturday morning I'm thinking of going with her & getting 1878 (the year Everton were formed) on the back of my neck, just above the bone but as low as I can get it. I want it there because my neck should stay roughly the same size for the rest of my life so shouldn't stretch the design as I get fat in years to come & it shouldn't get in the way of any other tattoos I do decide on more.

    The main potential problem is the fact that it would be on show a lot of the time. My dad is worried that coupled with my inability to not speak to Liverpool fans without insulting them, it's going to lead to some angry kopite trying to punch my head in. That's not something that's worrying me because most people wont get the Everton reference but he's really not happy about the idea & so first of all I'd like some thoughts about that.

    As I've said, I've always wanted Everton tattoos but this is the 1st time I've thought about it seriously & another question is whether I get it now while I feel I have the balls to & when a mate is getting 1 who I can go with or do I leave it for a month or 2, see if my view changes about what to get etc & risk missing out on something I want because I'm worried about the process involved in getting it?

    Finally, if I do get 1 on the back of my neck, how would that affect my day-to-day life as it heals? I've read that it can take up to a month, depending on how quickly you heal & I'm possibly the worlds slowest healer so it'll probably take about 4 years to &#33;Removed&#33; heal. In the meantime is it likely to affect my movement? Will I have to be careful to only move my neck slowly in case I wreck the scab? Will I be able to shower/get dry as normal? Some of my hair reaches part of my neck that should be tattooed, will that be a problem? Anything else to think about that I haven't mentioned?

    Sorry about the essay but it's a big thing & I've thought about little else recently so I just need some views

    Ta all

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