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  1. Always fancied the 1 in Warrington, looks far more advanced than I'm capable of handling (my only experience was the Tockwith 1 which was basic as hell) but even if I spent half of my time facing the wrong way or in a wall, I'd still absolutely love it 1 thing to bear in mind is that Hou planned 1 at that place not long after the other 1 & had to cancel it because everyone pulled out
  2. Joined: 10-December 04 Profile Views: 1245* 4868 posts (3.22 per day) That's poor considering I've had a Toyota for less than half of the time I've been here and have no plans to get another for the forseeable future
  3. I used to use VPower diesel all the time in my Golf but the difference in MPG was marginal & I was paying extra so it worked out at about the same price per mile. I stopped using it because it was doing my head in only being able to use 1 pump at certain stations & also because I felt it was giving Shell the impression I was happy to pay more for my fuel which I most certainly am not so I just went back to normal shell diesel. In around 2 years of ownership I only ever filled up at Shell but I drove to London & back (around 500 miles in total) for an Everton game not long ago & filled my tank at a BP at a service station & since then a little problem I had (when my engine was cold & I got stuck at traffic lights for a short while, my engine would sort of vibrate in pulses) seems to have gone, whether it was the run that sorted it or the fuel I'm not sure, but I'm sticking with BP for a while now.
  4. The clues are n the signature & the fact that I'm a scouse football fan
  5. He should not be driving a car if he can't read the gauges on his dashboard. I know you're on a wind-up but just in case the above is true, tell him to get his vision fixed before he gets behind the wheel again & kills someone OK I appreciate where your coming from - you tried telling a 90 year old whos been driving for 70 years and drove throughout the WWII what to do?? Any case, he knows what fuel trigger to use - which seems more than folk half is age manage!! And what happened to LFC the day??? No, but he's clearly a danger on the road so if I knew him I'd do just that & Liverpool weren't good enough to beat an Everton team that was missing a lot of its best players - including most of our best attacking players - at home, again
  6. My point exactly Em. They're written in a clever way so that you read your 1 & think "Wow, they really know me" when in fact they just make you think that not matter what 1 is yours
  7. Looks good, congratulations both of you
  8. That happens with relationships all the time though. Do you honestly think if 1/both of you had been born at a slightly different time of year & had a different star sign, the relationship would have had a better chance of working out? Not having a go btw, just interested to know how much bearing you feel star signs have on life
  9. Discrimination against people that stupid is a good thing He should not be driving a car if he can't read the gauges on his dashboard. I know you're on a wind-up but just in case the above is true, tell him to get his vision fixed before he gets behind the wheel again & kills someone
  10. Don't know why you're expecting a flaming Ash, you're as entitled to your opinion as anyone else is whether everyone else thinks the same or nobody shares it. I've made my opinion quite clear but someone thinking something different doesn't bother me in the least. Just out of curiosity though, if you were single & started speaking to a lad who seemed to be really nice & that but then found out your star signs aren't compatible, would it affect how you viewed him/the relationship?
  11. Even idiots get 3 right ;) ooooooooowwwww :( im that special am not even on the scale!!! Sorry, tried to resist, couldn't
  12. That, along with the info for every other sign, hints at my personalilty a little bit. They're cleverly written so that if someone reads theirs they notice the bits that match their personality & think it's amazing when in fact each 1 is just vague enough to cover parts of every person's personality. I agree. I've got a mate who I've known for nearly all of my life & have always got on great with him. He was born on a similar date to when I was but his star sign is different & yet if you believe in horoscopes, they say I'm different to him but similar to someone else who was born in the 1920s who has lived a completely different life to me. I don't understand how people can read that & believe it. The planets have a huge impact on life, there's no doubting it & depending what theory you believe, some (myself included) would say they're the sole reason we're here in the 1st place. Changes to things in our solar system could end our existence & there's nothing we could do about most of them so I'm not saying the planets have no affect on our lives. What I am saying is I don't think anyone can look at the planets & then predict the future of every person based solely on what date in the calendar year they were born & I think anyone who believes it is living in fantasyland.
  13. No, it means people should only drive if their senses allow them to do it safely
  14. True, you need to be able to read a registration plate from 20 metres but you surely need to be able to read what speed you're doing & also what's immediately in front of your car too. Some people can't read things close up & so need to hold newspapers at arms length or wear reading glasses but they wont be the people who can't read "petrol" or "diesel" on a pump, people who can't read that will be people who just can't see very far & so they should be off the road until they can correct their vision so they can see further away I can't be bothered looking through the regulations but I'm assuming there's a regulation saying you need to be able to read your speedometer before you can drive because if you can't there could be millions of people driving around not having any idea what speed they're doing. That's dangerous so there must be something stopping them
  15. It's a load of utter crap. The idea is someone can look at the stars & planets & then tell you what is going to happen in your life based on the approximate date of the of year you were born? How can anybody hear that & think "Wow, that's really impressive, I'm going to follow that & see what's in store for me"? Some people read it just out of curiosity to see how right/wrong they are, which is fair enough, but there are people out there who let this vague nonsense control their lives & make decisions in their life based on it. The idea that your personality is dictated by what star sign you are & who you will/will not get on with based on theirs is equally **** stupid too
  16. I had a petrol for 2 years then bought a diesel & not once have I ever even pulled up closer to the petrol nozzle. If you're not paying enough attention to be aware what fuel the car you own uses, you're not alert enough to be on the road* so get the car out of the way & give your licence back Got a sneaking suspicion the 1st post might have been a tiny bit tongue-in-cheek with regards to braille *People driving a car they don't own for the 1st time should be let off ONCE providing they're otherwise mentally stable & have a clean licence
  17. I got 20 out of 20 right which according to this I'm a genius when in fact I've just seem this quiz about 2000 times
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