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  1. As I've said on FB I'll do my best to get there to cheer you on & I'm trying to use you having a go as some inspiriation for me to get into running properly as I always said I would. Good luck with the training, hope it goes well for you both. 1 thing I have learned from the minimal training I've done is to forget about where the end is because it can make you feel you can't reach it & think you might as well give up. As you're running, when you get knackered just focus on something a short distance ahead (the next lampost, that green Micra etc) & keep putting 1 foot in front of the other & eventually you'll get there.
  2. Made up for you, never been to any other Zoos but Chester is always a good day out, hope the weather holds out
  3. Haven't you got 3 numbers & a letter together then a space & your 2 initials?
  4. The police have been clamping down for ages now. I had badges, different font, wording, the lot on my old plate. I had it on the Yaris for well over a year & had no problems even when I was driving directly in front of police cars for miles but when I got the Golf just over 2 years ago they'd started clamping down on it so instead of getting another set made up I got some legit ones to avoid the hassle I thought the way you had yours was always technically illegal anyway
  5. The police know if the car which the reg plate that is on your car is registered to is taxed, insured & MOT'd If someone duplicates the plate of a similar car that is completely legit, the plate recognition technology wont help. Certainly makes it easier to spot most cars on the road when they shouldn't be though
  6. !Removed! hell Ash, it never rains but it pours Don't know what to say apart from try to be strong, you're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for but don't be afraid to show some weakness once in a while. If there's anything I can do & I mean anything, give me a shout Still thinking of you
  7. PML at Mr Motivator's real name
  8. I watched the 1st couple & enjoyed them as it was a fresh new idea & while I've never sat there of a night watching the live broadcasts of people asleep ("Look, he just moved his arm!") or voted, I used to watch the highlights on a regular basis. Now I feel the whole reality thing has been done to death & feel bored just thinking about any of the shows. I look forward to when another new thing comes along & pushes it out of the limelight but for now they're here to stay because while people still watch & spend a fortune on phone votes, they wont replace them with anything else I don't mind them being on because I know what's going to happen so can just put another channel on but it annoys me when good things are sacrificed to find airtime for them (they've binned double Scrubs off E4 for CBB & a another very average show)
  9. I'd rather cut my own balls off with a rusty blade than buy 1 copy of that "paper" Hope that helps
  10. Dear Lord, what a hideous piece of work
  11. So basically, they can take crush cars at random providing they've been modified? What a crap idea As you've rightly said, some people drive similar cars without actually racing them on public roads. That's giving the police power to crush their car whenever they feel like & so is open to abuse. All it would need is a miserable officer in a really bad mood to pull a young lad for a pedantic reason, the lad not being happy & saying a few words & then getting his car crushed despite being a perfectly safe driver. Terrible idea, hope it doesn't happen
  12. I haven't made any specific resolutions but I have a huge amount I want to sort in my life over the next year including: My job - We're hoping to get a huge contract thing which will probably change the company forever My college stuff - either get focussed on doing the work required along with working full time or give it up because I'm doing none of the work so something's got to change My house - Been trying to buy a house on a long term buy-to-let basis but it's been dragging on & on, just want to sort it so I can judge my finances better My car - Needs a massive dent taking out, a couple of minor things replacing, a couple of small mods & a good clean to look presentable, might get a wheel refurbished which I scratched while making the dent My eyes - Just need to book an appointment & then pick a pair of giggs I don't hate the way I look in I'm also hoping to get the balls to get an Everton tattoo as well, got a place in mind where I want it now but I still think I'm too much of a craphouse to walk into a tattoo parlour & sit there while he does it though & I'm going to think more seriously about flying the nest too So no resolutions but still hoping it will be a big year for me
  13. Whoops, nearly missed this Happy Birthday
  14. Not sure if this is too late but I'm going to post it just in case it's not If she liked it it's not OTT. There are no rules about what is & is not acceptable at a funeral, it's all about the person who's life you're celebrating. My mate was killed when he was younger than I am now & as his coffin was taken away they played The Proclaimers - 500 Miles, it made us all smile amongst the grief because he was the sort of person who the words applied to. Is that an appropriate song for a funeral? Clearly it was because everyone who knew him felt it was. My dad wants Disco Inferno & there's no doubt in my mind he's going to get it because that's what he wants. Is a song with the main words "Burn baby burn" appropriate for a cremation? Yes, because it's what he wants & it's going to be his life we're celebrating so we'll be doing it his way. If you know she loved the song there's no way it will be considered over the top so don't let it concern you. Parts of the day will be difficult enough without that eatting away at you. Be strong & know that even with all the sadness, there will be memories that make you laugh & smile through the day. Parts of my grandma's funeral left me with my worst ever memories that haunt me to this day but as difficult as it was to deal with at the time, the odd laugh helped me get through it & I'm glad I was able to do what I did for her. Take care Ash, thinking of you
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  16. I'll probably just go to the local for a few, New Years Eve is always built up to be a great night & then never lives up to it
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