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  1. Break it Problem solved, you're welcome
  2. Working til 12:30 then buying all of my cards & presents in the afternoon
  3. Great, that's going to save me some time & effort, glad you did that
  4. Tomorrow I've got a morning of work followed by an afternoon of shopping in which I literally have to buy all of my presents & cards. I hate shopping with a passion anyway, when it's busy it makes me want to get violent I get a decent break from work for once yet I've got to spend most of it doing mundane college work, most of it for key skills because my GCSEs are over 5 years old so they're not recognised anymore, underlining that the current education system teaches people to pass exams rather than to get a good overall knowledge of a subject. If I was decent at maths in 2001 I'm decent at maths in 2008 Yesterday I got a parking ticket despite being in a position that had literally no affect on anyones life I think I'm mildly depressed Merry Christmas? Eff off
  5. Have you got the full size 1 without the red circle & that?
  6. Nice design, nice area to have it but how big are you thinking of making it? I'm not a fan of massive tattoos on women, even if it is quite a feminine design (really dislike huge manly designs on women) so if you wanted my opinion I'd say to keep it small
  7. Gutted for you all, I really am Take care & if you need anyone to speak to I'm always here Thinking of you
  8. They're the actions of a company in severe financial trouble Tell them to sod off & put their own money up. As Les said, so many companies are going bang so why should the government give a load of money to a company that's recently been bought by extremely wealthy foreign people? I was in a cab last night & the driver was only doing it because his dad's electrician company went bust not long ago. There are loads in the same situation, why should this company get a load of money from the government when the owners have clearly got loads of money to cover it?
  9. Seems like a blag to me, the Indians only just took over didn't they? I don't think there's a chance they could have miscalculated their finances so much that they're already in massive trouble unless they get a big handout from the government. If they have that's their fault so they should just have to accept their terrible error of judgement & put up the money to cover it but I just think they're looking at GM asking for payouts & trying to get some extra cash while they can
  10. Yeah, I'm from the City so of course I'm blue ;) Yeah, Moyes is a good manager & knows how to use what he's got to have some success, he has his weaknesses which has lead some to question whether he's good enough for Everton but like it or not he's just signed a 5 year contract so he's here for the long term whether we like it or not. As for the game, unless we get some forwards fit we could be playing 4-6-0 so that might help. Seriously though, I'd resent Everton just trying to stop the other team from playing if we were at home. I've seen teams do it against us at their ground & I cringe at how bad it must feel to support a team doing it, I think teams owe it to their fans to try to get a result at home, no matter who they're playing. Hopefully we'll get Arteta, Pienaar, Osman & Fellaini on the ball & knock it around a bit. Hope it's a good game & we get the result & you get the title
  11. Mods please change the Topic Description to "Show any weirdo who has access to the internet where you live" Ta
  12. I very nearly went on a red bull bender last night/this morning because as soon as I got home from work I had to get stuck in to a huge project for the company that has to be in Newcastle for noon today. I thought I'd be on it for a couple of hours & then be done with it but come 7 this morning we still hadn't quite finished so I've had to come into work having had no sleep at all last night
  13. Happy Birthday mate, hope it's a good 1
  14. You want rid of your manager because you've lost 2 home games? I admire your standards but I can't help but feel you're being a bit harsh. You're not getting Jose back any time soon so you'll have to make do with someone else for the time being at least & from the outside I think you could do a lot worse than Scolari. I hope & believe he'll win you the league this season Your away form is (I believe) the best in the Premiership, our home form is the 2nd worst (or at least it was a week or so ago) so I'm not too optimistic about the game. You just never know in football though & our home form is going to come good sooner or later so hopefully the turnaround will start on Monday
  15. No doubt about it, it's clear for all how much he loved that club & so for the people running the trust bearing his name to treat it the way you're saying is shocking
  16. Mine's the worst it's ever been, it's bottom of a huge list of priorities right now so I haven't even been bothered to give it a quick hoover & I've done some long journeys with a few people so it's full of crap. I wont clean it & take a few pictures at the weekend when it's light if I remember Is there anyone here who works for the highways agency or a similar organisation though?
  17. You'd think they'd want what was best for the long term interests of the club, wouldn't you?
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