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  1. Let me guess, money people with no proper experience in the world of football?
  2. I avoid energy drinks as much as I can because Lucozade wrecks my insides & I've heard bad things about red bull. I do have the odd fizzy drink when out & about & eat tonnes of chocolate but generally speaking I avoid energy drinks in case they have a similar impact as Lucozade does
  3. Good to see old Malteser head getting the boot The chairman has got to look at himself though, if you appoint somebody into 1 of the biggest jobs at your organisation & then have to sack them 6 months later, you've made a big mistake in appointing them in the 1st place, there's no doubt about it
  4. Sorry to hear that, hope she pulls through
  5. Happy Birthday Caz, hope it's a good 1
  6. Terrible news, sorry to hear that Rest In Peace
  7. ...or the older, dozy ones who missed it :P
  8. £30? That's twice the cost of your... Bugger
  9. Don't care who had been posting on your account, if you keep typing in the same way as this post you'll be welcome with open arms Stick around & enjoy yourself
  10. It had better keep coming down too with the way the oil prices have dropped, they're more than happy to wack huge %ages on when oil prices go up yet when they go down dramatically they only knock it down a little bit. I'm happy it's cheaper but I still can't help but feel we're getting anally abused by companies who are breaking records with the amount of profit that they're making while continually telling us it's all tax
  11. Oh right, thanks for the summary & odd thread
  12. Can't be bothered reading that, someone sum it up for me in 10 words or less
  13. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Have you just walked into a brothel there Steve? Sorry I couldn't make this 1, been really busy recently but it sounds like you's enjoyed yourselves anyway, I'll see if I can make it next year instead
  14. Not sure if you'll see this but Happy Birthday just in case
  15. Looks like a gem of a link, ta for that, saved in the hope that I never need it
  16. I've seen it before, it has to be a fake but I hope it's not
  17. That's far, far better than I was expecting
  18. Not surprised, I'd be absolutely fuming if I got done doing that speed on the motorway Apparently (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) when they were building the motorway they offered the owner of that house a huge amount of money to move out so they could flatten it & build the motorway over it but he refused every offer & so that's why they ended up just building a lane either side.
  19. Happy Birthday Anne, hope it's a great 1
  20. They're just asking to be 'megged
  21. SJ? Can't say I've noticed his posts
  22. So the moral of the story is sometimes police have dirty cars so are more difficult to notice? Erm, thanks
  23. 2 words were in the thread title, both were wrong
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