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  1. Wasn't around yesterday so sorry for this being late, but Happy Birthday
  2. I haven't read half of the posts in this thread but I already know that I'd never employ you while your attitude is the way it is now, no matter what your CV said
  3. Yeah, I do that a lot when I'm bored, just hoping something has been posted that will keep me occupied for long enough for something else to be posted. It's a sorry state of affairs when you think about it
  4. I thought development & things like that were always considered when talking about the cost of making a car
  5. With those, the adverts give the impression you build up No Claims but you don't in the way you assume. They give discounts to those who stick with them but be a named driver on a Direct Line policy, change after 3 years & ask them for a certificate confirming you have 3 years no claims. You wont get 1 because it's not proper no claims, it's just a discount they offer to encourage people to keep renewing with them
  6. It might seem odd coming from a current VW owner but I definately would buy another Toyota. When I was looking to replace my Yaris I felt the Golf was the best option but when it's time to change I'll look at Toyotas again & feel certain that 1 day I'll own another, be it in the next few years or the long term future. Good luck with the dissertation, hope you get the kind of results you're looking for. Feel free to send me the questionnaire & if I get a free minute I'll fill it in for you
  7. I've only read half of the replies in this thread so apologies if this has been said but surely the fact that it costs so much to insure stops it being the ideal 1st car? Surely insurance is 1 of the most important things to look at when thinking about what car to buy, be it your 1st or your 50th (Jimlad!). I think you'd be better looking at a Yaris while you build up your NCB & get older. I think the phase 1 1.0 is group 2 insurance & all things considered they're as inexpensive to keep on the road as any you're likely to find, they're excellent cars & as 1st ones for inexperienced drivers I've never found anything better
  8. Your personality type is ISTP. Introverted (I) 64% Extraverted (E) 36% Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50% Thinking (T) 65% Feeling (F) 35% Perceiving (P) 77% Judging (J) 23% LINK I can't be bothered checking what that means or if I think it's right at the minute, I'll check tomorrow
  9. Completely agree, I was speaking to SJ about it just after the show was on & that's pretty much what I said. The Veyron seems to be such an achievement, it's a car that pushed so many boundaries, set so many precedents & ignored so many rules of engineering. The engineers hit problems that the laws of physics said were impossible to overcome & yet still overcame them. They knew exactly what they wanted to do & point blank refused to accept anything else, no matter who was telling them it could never happen. It's a car that will go down in history as the standard by which all made since are judged. It really is an amazing piece of machinery & for a car company to take such a loss (£5m per car to make, £800-850k to buy) just to test how far the boundaries can be pushed is extremely rare in todays climate. For those reasons I'd take 1 above all others.
  10. 8 minutes it took them to say no. That's a shame but you've got to be impressed with the time it took to reply
  11. I need a new tax disc holder, if they can do it in a colour that's not red I think I'll buy 1, just emailed them to find out
  12. If I was able to pick 5 cars to be given without prices etc considered, a Pagani Zonda F would be 1 of my 5. If I was able to pick 1 car to be given without prices etc considered, a Bugatti Veyron would be it
  13. Absolutely FPML at what that used to say!!
  14. Known about this for a while, here's a mate's current avatar on another site:
  15. My thoughts exactly & to think, I used to travel around residential areas slower than 70 mph :o
  16. Makes sense, just make sure you give it enough time to heal properly before you put it under too much stress
  17. Thank God it's here, now maybe you'll shut up about how close it is Only messing, Happy Birthday mate, hope it's a good 1
  18. Did they go around with a trolley full of lager though? I know plenty of places go to the pub after work but someone carting around a trolley full of tinnies at work & just passing them out to anyone who wants them sounds hilarious
  19. Love it, never heard of anywhere doing that before My old work was the best, we'd literally do no work on Fridays & always got an early finish. I lost count of the amount of times I was in the boozer or on my way home before dinnertime & because I was bussing it everywhere I could have loads before making my way home & still usually got home before I should have finished for the day.
  20. 3 - my VW, my dad's BMW & my mum's Lexus. We've had loads of Toyotas over the years & would have had 2 right now if my local dealer had really sold me the idea of getting a Corolla instead of a Golf & we hadn't convinced my mum that the Lexus was just a luxury version of a Toyota
  21. Doesn't surprise me, Toyota are pedantic knobends when it comes to using their logo etc
  22. Congratulations fella, I can imagine the time out would have been really frustrating so it's good to hear you're back. 1 of my mottos is "Sport hurts, so play hard or don't play at all" but try to be a bit gentle with the wrist until it's had time to heal completely
  23. I hate weekdays with the exception of Fridays (when a night on the booze usually follows an easier day at the office) & those days when there's an evening Everton match (pretty self explanatory that 1). I generally hate Mondays most because I'm usually knackered from the previous weekend & the following 1 seems so far away
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