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  1. Halliard

    Bizarre spinning noise in my Yaris engine

    Thanks again for all your help all! Turns out it was the AC compressor. Quite an expensive fix (£600+) including a recharge of the aircon. Before, it would cause me a lot of anxiety and I'd fear even driving it... Picking up the car today and hearing a quiet engine once again was refreshing! An expensive day, but the rest of the car is in impeccable condition, so it's undoubtedly worth it. Thank you all!
  2. Halliard

    Bizarre spinning noise in my Yaris engine

    That's all really helpful. Thanks all! I will try the suggestions, but I have booked the car in for next week anyway as I won't be able to carry out repairs myself anyway. Hoping it won't be too high of a price though!!
  3. Hi, I have followed these forums for a while since I got my Yaris, and I find everyone's input really interesting. However, the time has come for me to post and hope someone has some insight! I bought my beloved 2007 (Petrol 1.3) Yaris almost a year ago. It's done 40,000 miles in its life. In the past couple of weeks, there's been a weird spinning/scratchy noise in the engine. It is pretty constant whether I'm at a standstill or accelerating. However, it does get louder very sporadically and at random times, just for a few seconds. Here's the noise when the car is at a standstill: I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this? During my MOT, they said it could be related to a bearing or alternator. I will probably pay to have a look into it further, but any insight before this would be so so so appreciated! Thanks, Hal