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  1. Hi guys , I can confirm a few points about the fan belt . I have a 2010 2.0 avensis T27 . I used a continental belt. Before you start make sure you have a diagram or drawing of the belt route. I removed the driver side wheel and removed the plastic access panel to the crankshaft. Here you can put your 22m spanner on the tensioner and remove the belt from the crank shaft first. Be advised that there is very little room to work with . To remove the old belt totally you will have to twist the belt to remove it past the other pullys . To fit the new belt I tried 3 times and found that on the 3rd time, it was best to fit the belt to all the top pullys and finish at the crank . With the aid of an assistant.. you take the pressure off the automatic adjuster with your spanner through the wheel arch and have the assistant slip the belt on to the crank . There is zero room at the top to get your spanner on .
  2. Hey guys new to this site . Had the same prob after I fitted a rear caliper , discs and pads . My model is an avensis 2010 2.0 d4d epb brake . Had the fault code c1346 and c1336. Here is a bosh kts instruction on how to calibrate . It worked for me and auto hold and rev change and cruise control is back again . Any questions just ask