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  1. Chewy_

    Help! SR180 is it a CAT or DPF?

    Just the pipe that's snapped so they are going to weld a new section of pipe on and replace the springs bolts etc
  2. Chewy_

    Help! SR180 is it a CAT or DPF?

    So I've been to see someone today about repairing or removing it. Apparently it's definitely a cat (hence why Toyota want £1000 for it). He's quite clued up on diesels and said unlike petrol engines it doesn't need any sensors on or after the cat as the DPF and pipe before has all the sensors. They'll sense if the Cat is blocked and throw up a fault. It's there to help reduce emissions and helps reduce smoke out of the exhaust.
  3. Chewy_

    Help! SR180 is it a CAT or DPF?

    If it was a CAT would it not have an O2 sensor after it? How does the engine management know it is working correctly?
  4. Chewy_

    Help! SR180 is it a CAT or DPF?

    That's what I thought but my local garage is saying the setup on mine is like this and it's £900+ to replace. I've not had a chance for them to look at it on the ramp yet. Might have to quickly jack it up myself to have a look.
  5. My exhaust has a split in it as pictured. When searching online I found a diagram of the exhaust set up which shows DPF and then CAT. So I presumed it was the CAT. I can't find a CAT for sale anywhere and my local garage has said it's actually a DPF and the setup is not as pictured. However all the DPF pictures I can find look like the DPF in the diagram pictured. It's very confusing. Can anyone shed any light on this?