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  1. Even though nobody replied, i wanted to share some more information. I tried to fit everything again but this time with more patience. After trying a different resetting method which is putting the negative and the positive wire together for a while. And then just let the car idle. First, it started rev hunting again, but after a minute or so you can just hear the rpm getting steady and going slower in the rev hunt. Then it went up to around 2000 rpm and then slowly getting down around 800 rpm idle! So when the engine is cold it does this for a while, but every time you start the car the period is taking less time. The effect is a lot more 'go'. The engine seems more willing, less hesitation. Also, the engine sounds like it has more grunt in it when you floor the gas pedal. I am very happy with the results. So for everyone with a fly by wire TB, it can be done πŸ™‚ Just have a little patience.
  2. Thank you for responding.I found the other post and its a handy site! I did find some differences between the 3zzfe and the 1zzfe manifolds. The pipes sit in a different way and there is no hole for the sensor in the exhaust. Now i am going to look if a 4-2-1 header is going to fit and what the costs are.
  3. I've searched with multiple ways but i didn't found anything/much about it. Currently, i am sorting out to get te 1zzfe intake manifold, injectors en throttle body on mine 3zzfe 2006 Corolla. While doing this i was wondering if the exhaust manifold from a 1zzfe engine would make any difference? Is it any bigger in size or in the way the pipes are on the manifold? And maybe even more important does it fit without too much adjusting to other parts? I did see some 4-2-1 headers on eBay but none of them say it's for a Corolla. Most of them are for a Celica or a Matrix with a 1zzfe. Any thoughts or advice is welcome :)
  4. I forgot to mention its a front bumperπŸ˜…
  5. The title gives a lot away already, but i am looking for a T-sport bumper for the Corolla with the facelift. Someone has hit mine bumper in a parking lot(nothing left behind) and i am going to have it fixed. So i thought while having an Aniversary edition the T- sport bumper is going to make the car look even better. It's hard to find that bumper but i want to try anyway. I do live in The Netherlands so if someone does have this type of bumper, shipment has to be an option. Looking forward to any response πŸ™‚
  6. Its been a while since some one has responded in this topic,but i will give a shot instead of opening a new topic.I have been reading this topic all trough and there is a lot of information about swapping those 1zzfe parts on the 3/4zzfe.I am also working on this swap with the same ''rev hunting'' issues.I didn't drive it because i did not knew it would take so long to make it go away,in most cases then.Also there is a lot of police in the area where i work on the car (city center) and a lot of Honda ricers and i didn't feel like doing drags at every traffic light. Anyway i am using a fly by wire throttle body from a Avensis.I first used all the parts including the injectors and it was rev hunting.Took the injectors out and still the same problem.Put the stock intake back with the bigger TB and still rev hunting.Put every back to stock and it was gone again.So the outcome is it haves to do with the TB.And fly by wire doesn't make it any easier...There is no check engine light so the ecu is excepting those injectors.Already tried a ecu reset but no results. I was thinking about,if possible,swapping the electronics from the 3zzfe TB to the 1zzfe TB.Another option i was thinking about is taking a 1zzfe MAF,no idea if this would help though.One of the forum members from this topic was talking about adding the parts step by step making it easier for the car to adapt.I found that a interesting theory.That would mean first doing the intake,then doing the TB and then the injectors.I don't know how the car is going to run if the injectors will be swapped first and then the TB,because the TB is the problem.Adding the biggest problem as a last step sounds better to me if you take the learning in of the ecu to conciteration. Looking forward to you're thoughts willing to give this topic even more information and maybe help me out πŸ™‚
  7. Hi there all Toyota fans ! I am Roy from Holland,29 years old and i have a Corolla E12 with a 3zzfe engine from 2006. Its a Anniversary edition with some mods here and there πŸ™‚I am also a member of the Dutch Corolla form,but there is not much going on,in mine opinion any way.And the more information about our beloved Toyota the better ! Mine specialty is car audio and detailing of cars.I do know how to work on cars and a lot of simple things i can do mine own.Here are a couple of pictures from mine last detailing of the car.These are the last pictures i have taken that are already online. . Looking forward to help people where i can and learning more about the cars πŸ™‚
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