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  1. Hey everyone! I've had my Toyota Aygo x-cite in cyan splash since Feb 2016 and I love it! The biggest let down though for me was the x-play multimedia system. Promises of screen mirroring etc fell flat when it turns out compaibility was with really old phones, and no amount of workarounds would allow me to use the feature. Nevertheless, it always worked flawlessly for me with Google Play Music and my Google Pixel, then Samsung Note 8. I recently switched to the iPhone X and Google Play Music behaves terribly. When I connect the phone, it plays through the phone speakers for a bit of time before switching to the car audio. Attempting to skip a song causes it to completely glitch out and stop playing music. It's just not a nice experience at all. I've written it off as a compromise for the new phone. Anyway, seeing that the Aygo Facelift 2018 (which I'll hopefully get next year) has got Apple CarPlay, I'm wondering if since the head unit looks identical, we might see an update come out that we can manually install? I guess maybe when someone gets their hands on the firmware? Can anyone who knows more maybe suggest if the hardware would also have been updated, or if this is something a simple software update could fix? Thanks in advance,