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  1. I think you should be looking to set it up to run at 15psi max, as there could be spikes up to 17psi or something like that
  2. I had the rocker gasket changed on mine a few months ago, MrT did it pretty cheap along with other work I had done, so I'm not sure exactly how much it cost. Something to keep in mind though, I'm pretty sure the gasket comes in two pieces
  3. I use my Mr2 about twice a week, sometimes i will go a week without using it at all, but I still go loopy if it needs to be off the road for more than 10 mins........it must be love
  4. newtomymr2

    New Mod

    Nice one the simplest and most subtle mods always look the best
  5. If it's working it has to be correct
  6. Ok Skyline69 give us a price for a re-spray, original colour nothing fancy. and where about's are you , I've had a few quotes so far, seem pretty reasonable , must admit though I had never heard of that firm, or seen them about tbh
  7. Does anybody know off hand what colour the wires are that go to the OE clock and ciggie lighter, my wiring was butchered by some muppet and they are the last 2 items to be repaired
  8. Stop posting pictures of me Jaxx please , especially that profile, the other side is much better to look at :P
  9. Sounds nasty fella, get your butt around to a garage tomorrow for a looksie, but if no pipes have come off then it could be the turbo :(
  10. This thread has gone from Hayne's manual to a Stephen Hawkins Thesis in a couple of posts
  11. newtomymr2

    My Mazda Mr2

    This could go on forever......though I do wish I could say I've been done for doing something in my Vauxhall Golf 4x4 Turbo
  12. So it looks like it's here again, summer tried it's hardest to hold on , but nothing can halt the inevitable return of winter Which of course means Wind, Rain, Ice, Rain, Snow, Fog, Rain, Cold, Rain, and some Rain So who will be mothballing their 2 for the long dark miserable winter months? Anybody taking their's off the road for some flashy paintwork? ;) or that mental engine work that nobody has ever tried before? Or perhaps like myself is there anybody that is just a little bit of a sissy and does'nt like the thought of driving down Britain's speed camera infected roads in poor light, wind, rain, ice and any other combination of hideous wethear that will of course come our way over the coming months? Or will you tell me to pull myself together, stop insuring taxing and MOT'ing enough car's to start my own International driving championship, and just drive a little more cautiously over the miserable months? I think opinion will vary grately on this subject, just curious to hear what they will be ;)
  13. newtomymr2

    My Mazda Mr2

    :D LMAO @ Bibbs Did they do their usual: Cop: " Have you had a drink ? " " Yes just one pint of lager " Cop: " With a few shots of vodka in it ? " Yes everyone's fave drink a pint of lager with half a bottle of vodka mixed in to give it that kick
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