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  1. Hey people. I could not find anywhere any reference about a light bulb failure indicator on the new Yaris Hybrid. Do they not have it? I find it quite odd, as my 10-year-old Astra has this implemented. So, technically, if a rear bulb is blown, you will probably not notice it immediately. Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Really odd. I tested it. I was behaving weirdly. I drove to the dealer, and when I got there it started to work, and it has not happened since.
  3. Hi everybody. Yesterday I tried it for the first time to turn off the parking sensors while the car was started with the foot off the break - so just the multimedia screen on. When I pushed the button, it went in ( deactivating the sensors) but did not come back up. I tried to fiddle with it a bit, but no success. I decided to start the car ( Break applied and Start ) and after 5-10 seconds, the button popped back on its own. I tried to turn it of and on with the engine on and it was fine. Out of curiosity,I turned everything off and tried again. "soft start" the car, pushed button, it remained "pushed", fully started the car, it popped back on. It seems to be held down by some sort of electromagnet maybe? I could not replicate this with the car in "ready". Anybody else experiencing this issue? Yaris Hybrid Icon Tech 2018 Thanks, Gabe.
  4. My bad. I thought that was the inside set temperature, not the outside.
  5. It's weird how 19°C is more economical than 22° let's say. You would expect it to be the other way around. The higher the temperature, the better the fuel consumption. The AC compressor should run for shorter periods when the temperature is higher, shouldn't it?
  6. Through Cardiff🤔. We missed a left turn and 3 hours later we were in Cardiff. Oh well... Just kidding. My A trip is usually since last refuel.
  7. My best short trip was this one. Carsington Water to Derby.
  8. Hi there. We've had our new Yaris Hybrid for a month now - 1500 miles. Coming from an Astra 1.8 140hp(however, 32mpg average😨), you can clearly see a difference, especially when driving uphill- you really have to put your foot down. Economy wise, the worst I had was 52mpg, for the first couple hundred miles. After that, it started to settle down. 2nd fill with an average of 62mpg, 3rd with 65.8mpg. Currently, halfway through the 4th fill up, with 66mpg. That's based on a daily 40 miles commute, 20 of which on the motorway. Aircon always on, recirculate off. Never tried ECO for a longer period, so I can't say. So far, We're really happy with it.
  9. Thanks! I thought it became faulty after just 600 miles on the clock... All good then 🙂
  10. Hi guys. 2018 Yaris Hybrid. I notice a strange behaviour, which happened twice so far. When I start the car in the morning, it first starts on electric. While I was putting my stuff away, the ICE started and I could hear the breaks "squeaking" for a second, as if it was trying to go forward ( all this in P). I released the Handbrake ( to check if it's actually pulling forward) and there was nothing at all. Anybody else noticed this weird thing? Thanks, Gabe.
  11. Thank you. Will keep that in mind!
  12. It was actually the full manual. I wrote earlier to the Customer service and they said: "ask your local dealer😑". Will probably raise the question when I pick it up. No belts. That's good to know. 😄
  13. @FROSTYBALLS, don't get me wrong. I really appreciate your advice, I was just curious on their "official" response. That was all. I wouldn't have asked here just for the sake of an argument :). I'm new to Hybrids just wanted a bit of a heads-up with some scenarios I face on my daily commute.
  14. How about this? I'm still trying to get my head around this so don't be to harsh please 🙂