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  1. 007matt

    Headlight Upgrade

    'Mod edit - inappropriatre language removed', go HID! My HID are probably 5x brighter than the optiwhites for the same price, although it takes 2.5hrs to install.
  2. I currently have 2 spares Goodyear same as u, have been looking to get 2 Uniroyals Rain sports3 also for changing all 4 tyres next spring.
  3. As above get a second opinion, go to another garage and ask them to look into the brake pads issue. Had my current Yaris hybrid for 15months, done about 10k miles, passed mot 5months ago no problem. Tyres were approx 6mm when I had it, now front is around 3.5mm.
  4. It's new so u have to push with some force to begin with. I know u don't want to break it, I had another new car before and had to use quite a bit of force to manually fold it.
  5. Since u cannot use it at the weekend going into town then u are doing the right thing by using it for commuting. I have a Yaris hybrid so this doesn't effect me, I would do what u r doing if I was in your situation.
  6. I have read it's a sign of the led being faulty and needs replacing. Visit the dealer, that's what the warranty is there for.
  7. I think that can work, might not need any cutting of the grille, just place in front of it. U shape metal with nuts/washers to secure the lights. Hopefully it will be strong enough to secure it in safely, light unit should be quite light. Worth investigating.
  8. As above the wiring should be straight forward by finding the high beam wires and connect to that, an auto electrician can easily do it. The question is how/where to mount.
  9. Only just come across this thread. Very delicated and great looking cars. Guessing you are a mechanic and are able to diy all these gears. Think I'm about 10% of your delication 🙂 Great job.
  10. 007matt

    Spare key

    Update? Give the garage a chance to repair, as mentioned seem like the garage don't really know exactly what problem the car has and so to fix until no problem. Getting another car is a lot of time & hassle after just buying one recently. Spare key - my guess is this were purchased by the last owner having lost a key, garage don't know how to programme it.
  11. I do prefer your method as most people understand it better i think. But not the DSA on Q11: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/car-show-me-tell-me-vehicle-safety-questions/car-show-me-tell-me-vehicle-safety-questions
  12. Light bulbs degrade over time, unlikely to be your eyes. It's dipped lights are u talking about. Main beam is the one that blind others, use when no one is in front or opposite in dark roads.
  13. Haha makes me laugh some of these guys on internet forum thinks they know it all, always attacking people who retrofit hid/led. Like you I don't give a monkey about what they think, I fitted hid on my car and declared to insurance. We know how much better safety for us being able to see well at night on unlit roads. I don't think any road car in the uk has brighter lights that mine! The know it all people can stick to the pathetic halogen on projectors!
  14. £700 they are having a laugh. Stick to a standalone sat nav with free lifetime updates. I like the sat nav as it can placed in driving vision instead of looking down into the middle bit of dash screen. I find looking down dangerous.
  15. In your opinion its illegal, which I don't go by as with all internet forum opinions. Adrian Flux. Mick F - best thing to do is have a chat with your insurer and see what their position is on HID mod, rather than listen to people on internet forums voicing their opinions, including myself.