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  1. 007matt

    Light failure indicator

    Think it's to do with the not so good quality of the fiat component. I had an Audi A1 for 3 years doing 30k miles and not once did the drl go. In fact no other bulbs were blown at all, although I did not do too much night driving.
  2. 007matt

    Light failure indicator

    Who say it was?
  3. 007matt

    Light failure indicator

    It's good to have a warning bulb light. My previous Audi and BMW have it. The Yaris lack a few features that I'd like, for example, no auto door lock. Can buy a simple device for that but I don't like how the hazard lights comes on when the gear is in reverse on that device.
  4. 007matt

    Battery charge when car not in use

    Maybe 14 days in the cold is just too much for the battery?
  5. 007matt

    Clutch replacement cost

    Get a quote from a local mechanic I'm sure they can do a lot better than mr clutch.
  6. 007matt

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I just googled pictures of the snake pass in winter conditions, damn all seasons tyres are the minimum there. No wonder it has so much problems there in winters with cars normally running summer tyres. Looks really dangerous with normal tyres in winter condition.
  7. 007matt

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    True but I want an all year round better traction/grip/stability cornering than the current skinny 175 profile. I find cornering pretty poor especially the hybrid is heavier at the front end.
  8. 007matt

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Definitely the right thing to do for some of you guys living in regions where it gets frequent snow and ice in winter, the right tyres are paramount for safety in those conditions. When I finished the current summer tyres on my car, 6mm of the Dunlop left, will look to get continental all season and bigger diameter at 195 60 15.
  9. 007matt

    Michelin Cross Climates

    Not nice. Btw most screw or nail puncture are repairable even on the side wall, as long as it doesn't bulge up after repaired - my tyre repair guy told me. I got conned in my early days with a local tyre repair guy, told me outside of the 3/4 central part are not repairable. I had a new tyre with a few hundreds miles on it, had to get a part worn from him and he kept my tyre, no doubt repaired it and sell on.
  10. 007matt

    Lock The Doors Automatically?

    Update. So the device arrived and no separate fitting into the port, just fitting straight into the steering wheel cabling, not as in the photo advertised. So I will have to sort that out with the seller. I then ordered the above one. Got it, tried it and works fine without extra cable. There are a couple of things I don't like the extra features it has, which is the hazard light comes on when in reverse and also when the door is opened until shut. Mmmh...
  11. 007matt

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Good to hear. I shall be looking to get all season tyres.
  12. 007matt

    Mk2 Yaris - Re-Affixing the Rear-View Mirror

    Try to scrape all the glue off and use 3m double sides stick pad. If that don't last try it in a new position next to the original.
  13. 007matt

    Automatic Folding Mirrors Kit

    Yes I had gathered that. Weighting up cost and difficulty of task to whether it's something worth doing.
  14. 007matt

    Automatic Folding Mirrors Kit

    I also want to know which module is the one to buy for the Yaris hybrid 2016. Also a dummies guide on how to fit it. TIA. The Yaris currently don't have electrical folding function, just standard by hand to fold.
  15. 007matt

    Lock The Doors Automatically?

    ^ + £6 shipping. I have ordered the one from bang good with 10% new customer discount making is 16.20. I think the hybrid model requires an extra connection to the steering wheel. Will try without that connection when I get the device and report back. Thanks for your help anyway.