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  1. Colourd

    D-4D Tuning

    I don't think there is a cheap OBD reader that will do what you want, I dd look sometime ago. Someone might know different I guess
  2. Colourd


    Most likely requires no drilling - my 2006 didn't Search for, Brink or Bosal etc for you rcar and then you mostly find instructions to download too
  3. Colourd

    D-4D Tuning

    I have a kit for my 2006, but, never fitted or use Yours is probably the 3 pin https://www.tuning-diesels.com/store/TOYOTA-c22691268
  4. Mine is a 2006 D4D and has a Dual Mass Flywheel but no DPF
  5. Yes, I agree, The problem is many advertise a towbar, but, none actually stock one Anyway, have one on order, will see how that goes
  6. Wow the response has been amazing lol Obviously not a popular subject Well, anyway, I did manage to track down a vehicle specific 12N kit, but, the hardest to source is the actual towbar -
  7. Thinking of possibly fitting a towbar and electrics, with preferably a plug in type wiring kit Anyone any recommendations on A Towbar and Electrics kit ?? 2006 Corolla 2,0 D4D 5 Door Hatch
  8. Colourd


    Well, I am glad to hear it was a simple fix after all :)
  9. Colourd


    Good news It will be interesting and helpful to know exactly what was needed 🙂
  10. "but now it has no guts and black smokes" first thought on those symptoms is sticking EGR, that can happen seemingly suddenly - check it and clean it
  11. Colourd


    Any news Barbara ?
  12. Press knob in instrument display, Dab once = trip reading 1, dab again = trip meter 2, dab again = instrument lighting brightness, (only comes up with lights on) looks something like - - === - IIRC, keep pressed until bright enough - if so, let go, dab again to return to Mileometer
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