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  1. Mine is a 2006 D4D and has a Dual Mass Flywheel but no DPF
  2. Yes, I agree, The problem is many advertise a towbar, but, none actually stock one Anyway, have one on order, will see how that goes
  3. Wow the response has been amazing lol Obviously not a popular subject Well, anyway, I did manage to track down a vehicle specific 12N kit, but, the hardest to source is the actual towbar -
  4. Thinking of possibly fitting a towbar and electrics, with preferably a plug in type wiring kit Anyone any recommendations on A Towbar and Electrics kit ?? 2006 Corolla 2,0 D4D 5 Door Hatch
  5. Colourd


    Well, I am glad to hear it was a simple fix after all :)
  6. Colourd


    Good news It will be interesting and helpful to know exactly what was needed 🙂
  7. "but now it has no guts and black smokes" first thought on those symptoms is sticking EGR, that can happen seemingly suddenly - check it and clean it
  8. Colourd


    Any news Barbara ?
  9. Press knob in instrument display, Dab once = trip reading 1, dab again = trip meter 2, dab again = instrument lighting brightness, (only comes up with lights on) looks something like - - === - IIRC, keep pressed until bright enough - if so, let go, dab again to return to Mileometer
  10. If its biting earlier than it was my guess is the master cylinder is on its way out, (or slave) new fluid and a bleed might help for a while IIRC, if the clutch itself is going the pedal will be quite hard and it;ll bite later if anything