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  1. Flash 22 how do I do that. I never had a problem with a Prius or an Auris before, but this Avensis is a 2012 model with touch and go.
  2. Thanks Jiin, I will try Toyota again about the update.
  3. Hi Jiin, apparently they do, unless map needs updating. If so do I need a micro sd card or a usb memory stick or even a cd disk
  4. Flash 22, my Avensis T4 is a 2012 model and I have all the manuals including the Touch and go handbook, but I still can’t input a destination. My screen says ‘no internet connection’.
  5. Hi Jiin, the gps antenna is ok because it shows my true speed on the map screen, I am having problems connecting it to my mobile phone internet. So it cannot input addresses.
  6. I recently bought a 2012 Avensis T4 with touch and go, but although I can link my iPhone to it for calls, I can’t get the sat nav to work. Does it need a disc or micro sd card installed. It does show my actual gps speed while driving , but it doesn’t accept postcodes etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Ian
  7. I’m having trouble getting into the linkable fuse carrier to check the 50amp fuse. I have checked all 10 amp fuses under the bonnet but don’t want to damage the linkable fuse carrier. Can anybody explain how I get into it please. I purchased this car on 27 February 2021 but the blowers don’t work.
  8. Thanks, I will take it to the garage and have them check the aircon belt and pulleys.
  9. I have now isolated the noise, which only happens for 2 seconds when moving off. It only occurs when the air con is on. So it must be something with that, although the air con is working properly. Could it be taking up slack on some drive on the aircon unit.
  10. Someone has suggested it may be a loose heat shield, and another person thinks it may be something with the aircon. I'm at a complete loss.
  11. Hi furtula, it happens when pulling away and is multiple clicks. Mostly when cold, but can happen anytime when pulling away. It only lasts for a few seconds each time. My car is a 1.8 petrol Automatic.
  12. It isn't the engine, but seems to be coming from the right side front wheel. Just had all new brake pads (front and rear) and didn't spot anything wrong. Could it possibly be a C.V joint or drive shaft spines worn.
  13. My 2003 Avensis T3-S 1.8 petrol Automatic makes a clicking noise when first pulling away either forward or reverse, although it seems to disappear as the car warms up. Any idea what it could be.
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