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  1. Try typing your Vin in this site. It should give you a detailed breakdown of part numbers.
  2. Hi guys & gals. I am looking for someone breaking a pre-July 1995 celica GT(ST202) or GT4(ST205) with ABS. All I need is one ABS sensor. Front left one (89543-20100) preferably but if not right will do. Many thanks 🙂 Simon
  3. Simon_P

    Quick query

    Hi M8. Put your VIN into these sites. They give you a good breakdown of parts and codes. Parts List Part and diagrams. Simon
  4. Hi M8. Just a few things to think about. I have a 1995 UK GT4. Any GT4 you get will most likely have issues and spares can be a real problem depending the year you get. THIS WILL BE A PROJECT CAR. Saying this I would not change my UK spec GT4 for the world. I used mine daily until the MOT was due and will be using again daily as my main car once I sort out the ABS sensor. I previously owned a 1998 Celica GT SSIII (ST202 with a 3S-GE Engine). It had an issue with the front I never solved it kept destroying wheel bearings. In the 3 years I owned it I had to change both front ones twice each. I also changed the 2 front drop-links (known issue on both the ST202 and ST205) hoping this would solve the problem (nope). Other than that regular oil changes/filter and the normal new battery, tyres, pads, fluids and disks all round(I do this for all the cars I buy). My GT4 is a different kettle of fish. So far I had to or need to New battery (The old one is still in great condition and now a spare/camping battery) replace both fuel tank straps (£38.22 each + Delivery). One done and one to do. One side needs a new bracket ($26 + Shipping from Japan). Rear brakes Pads (all for pins needed drilling out). Eventually found reconditioned rear calipers about £160 each but I had drilled out pins by then with a £80 pillar drill) Front left ABS sensor (in process of getting a replacement now. $300, note i could only get the right hand one so i have to cut the sensor off and reconnect it to the original wiring) Some welding underneath just near the fuel tank. (Non structural and not exterior) Chassis is sound but does need urgent cleaning and resealing. Fitted an 2din Android DVD player in the dash which did involve an hours work with a dremel and a small file to make it fit. Get as new a model as you can. Particularly one built after July 1995 as they changed the abs systems and finding early abs sensors is next to impossible. If possible get a 1998/9 model as they will also be OBD2 (not sure when it became standard but my April 1995 GT4 is only OBD). You say insurance costs would not be an issue for you but getting insurance on an import is huge postcode lottery. I phoned several import specialists and main stream insurance companies as well as price comparison sites and the difference could be upward of £500 more for an import than for a UK stock car. My advice is check with price comparison sites and if the number plate comes up as a GT4 insurance will be easier. If it comes up unknown or a different car such as Celica GT or MR2 then you WILL have phone and trust me you will have issues. I put a caveat here. Where I live it was a much larger difference in price than it was in a slightly smaller town only 25 miles away. Simon
  5. My UK 1995 Celica gt4 has disks at the rear and parking brake inside both rear hubs. Have a look at this site and type in your VIN number (on the bulkhead in my gt4) and it will give you a parts breakdown. I just looked at the AT200 that appears to have drums at the back with parking brake both sides. The ST202 and 205 have disks at the rear and parking brake (drum) in the hubs at the rear.
  6. For my 1995 GT4 it is 83530-30090
  7. You could also look on these two sites. Parts and Pics Just parts. Just type in your VIN number
  8. I am looking for a front left abs sensor for a pre july 1995 gt4. part number 89543-20100. The previous owner had fitted 89543-20120 for the later model ST202/205 which has failed. Wiring aside are all 4 sensors physically the same size? Also does anyone know an alternate sensor for another car that is close enough in size to connect to the wiring i have and get her passed the mot? Many thanks in anticipation of your replies.
  9. Hi My Friend 🙂 Left is from the drivers seat so if is a standard RHD car then it is the passenger side. Great site for toyota part numbers. Put in your vin and it gives you a comprehensive parts list.
  10. Having previously owned a 1998 ST202 with a 3e-ge engine which i found to be a lot of fun I have finally found a ST205. 😄
  11. Just thought I'd say hi. Just got a 1995 ST205. 🙂