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  1. I think it’s style over substance really. You either like the look of them so add them or you don’t. Not sure anyone thinks they actually do what they look like they do. Bit like indicators on a BMW. Look ok but not really to be used.
  2. Have you turned it off and on?
  3. 100% agree. They will know all the consequences of possible injury etc and it’s better to start off with the correct adaptations rather than risk injury later on.
  4. Thanks very much. Is fitting difficult or simple for a non handyman like me?
  5. As the title suggests does anyone have a centre armrest fitted and/or does anyone know of any suppliers of one? Cheers
  6. It’s an optional extra I think. If you do it should say X Nav if I’m not mistaken.
  7. It’s a shame that Toyota didn’t set up the mirror link or whatever without a certain amount of flexibility viz a viz futureproofness. They should know people change mobile phones more often than they change cars so to have a system relying on an iPhone 4S, which came out 3 years before the car did, was flawed at best and negligent at worst. So even the person who bought my 65 plate (UK) new quite possibly had an iPhone 6s when they bought the car and could never use the mirror link.
  8. If you mean you select a lower gear to slow the car down you’ll harm the transmission eventually. Not advisable. You should use the brakes until you’re in the correct gear for the speed then let the car carry on in the lower gear.
  9. I have the x shift and use the flappy paddles on the wheel in manual mode most of the time. I find if I release the accelerator just before a change the change is much less jerky. In fact it’s not jerky at all. If I drive it in E mode from start it changes far too soon and in the lower gears from 1-3 it’s quite a jerky auto shift. But E is great in traffic.
  10. I understand that the latest Aygo has Apple Car Play. Could the Toyota techs apply this to a 2015 (65) model or, if not, if I had it done elsewhere would it invalidate the warranty? UK.
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