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  1. Helisupp

    Sunroof ?

    I have a spare hole, free including postage.
  2. I seem to get an e mail every week with a 50% offer.
  3. I change my oil every 4000 miles, (0w20 oil is cheap at 50% discount from Euro car parts) and its always a pain, the oil level is nearly impossible to see. Just use a piece of paper towel, pull dipstick out and keeping the dipstick vertical, put the tissue against the dipstick and you will see the true level. I use a Pela 2000 to suck the oil out of the dipstick tube (have done all my cars this way for 10 years and no messy oil spilt ever), with a filter change as well it never takes more than 15 minutes.
  4. Do not bother, the factory satnav was rubbish in my last IQ, just put a Tom Tom in it, so much better..
  5. We just sold our 2017 Aygo, the aircon kicking in took a lot of engine power, throttle was too sensitive, seats like rock. 15000 miles later back in an older more civilised IQ2, aaaahhhhhhhhhhh luvly
  6. Road test completed, no clunks, knocks or any noises from the front end, silent as new. Thats a relief, nicer to drive now and not "listening" for the front end clunking. Worth 2 hours work.
  7. I removed both front struts today and replaced with new items at 27,000 miles.. The top mount bearings are as new and no wear or play at all, but put new ones in anyway. Took 2 hours to replace the struts including a cuppa tea, tracking will be checked in the morning at local tyre centre as the steering wheel is now slightly off centre (my pet hate). Will report tomorrow on suspension clonking sound if there is any change in noise (I doubt there will be). Ignore the manual, there is no need to remove any plastic trim in engine bay, top mount nuts easily accessible.
  8. Happens all the time at low speed (under 20mph) both wheels, power on or power off, turning or going straight, happens from a couple of mph to 30 mph ish. There is no play in anything at all, and changed the drop links just in case it was them. Once I change the struts on Wednesday I will also inspect top mount bearings, and thats everything that moves eliminated..........so will look for next step then. My mitsubishi EVO had same noise from new as well.............
  9. Just had full exhaust fitted for £145 at Fiat dealers (yes a Fiat dealer).
  10. Brake slider pins replaced last week, no difference........£20 wasted..........dohhhh.
  11. Now sorting the "slow speed" clunking from the front suspension, cannot find any play in anything, or anything loose. Drop links changed......no difference. Now going to fit 2 new front struts at weekend, should only take an hour, they are only £130 a pair from Toyota. Will update if still clunking..
  12. Helisupp

    broken dipstick

    Our first IQ2 (wish we never sold it) did 60,000 miles, and the oil level NEVER changed between services. The used IQ2 model we just purchased with 27000 miles on the clock will probably be the same. Just fitted an as new set of IQ3 wheels to the car (£133 bargain on ebay), looks a lot better.
  13. Helisupp

    broken dipstick

    The IQ2 has a stainless steel strip dipstick....or is it just mine..............
  14. 2 weeks in, and an annoying rattle has now gone. Spent hours putting foam pads everywhere in the back trying to stop an annoying tapping nosie. Today I took the rear trim off the hatchback, and the insulation pad (hard and brittle) had come unglued and was loose inside , stuck back on, aaaahhhhh so quiet.
  15. I know its an old post. When you clean your brakes, DO NOT use brake cleaner on the rubbers, it does make them swell. Been there, done that. And only use the rubber friendly grease (red) where rubber is contacted.