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  1. Andyyyc

    CD player issues, repair, replace or alternative?

    Thanks for everyone's input. My first point of call then is to get hold of some isopropal and give it a good clean! Failing that, thanks gjnorthall, 'interface' is the key word I couldn't remember when searching, this is definitely an option. Catseye27, I'm guessing you had to purchase a frame to fit the single din in there, would a double din fit without any work do you think?
  2. Hi there. I'm after a bit of advice on my 2006 t180. The CD player doesnt work, you put in a disc and it will day 'reading disc' for 30 seconds or so then 'check disc'. The sat nav and radio work fine. I've tried many different discs, both burned and bought, and a disc cleaner. I'm assuming the laser has gone? When I first tried, it attempted to play the disc and managed a few seconds of playback before failing. So if this is unrepairable, I'm guessing a replacement is very expensive unless I can replace just the CD drive? Failing that, i would like to run my music from my phone, so an aux cable would be ideal, what's the best way to do this? Would it still work even though the CD player does not? It is very important that the steering controls still work. Any ideas on the cheapest way to do this? I miss having my own music play so much! Any help would be greatly appreciated!