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  1. Seating position and visibility in both vehicles very similar plus there are reversing cameras in both so there should be no issues. Corolla TS and saloon might have a little bit of extra headroom on the rear seats but prius has extra bit of headroom on the front, plus feels larger due to the interior designs difference, Prius more like Tesla open space where Corolla more like bmw dash closer and more around the driver that gives you a sportier feeling. Just pop up in any Toyota dealer who have them in showroom, spent some time seating in both and you will see the difference.
  2. Hi, the only cool hybrids that are non plug in are Toyota and Lexus, why? The answer is simple: They are nicer to drive and most reliable plus most efficient in real world driving . The combination of these 3 factors make them without real competition imo. I personally will no look at any other make unless I decide to go full electric and here is where Toyota are behind some competition and in the same time ahead of all with their hydrogen car. The fact that Toyota hybrids are the most used cars for private hire and taxi in the world just says it all. Honda and Hyundai are been an alternative for a long time but they feels different and feedback from drivers not so positive.
  3. Welcome, that’s a great numbers! Well done! Another reason not to clock a car and keep it as long as you can if it works fine for you. 👍🍻
  4. Hi, it’s a trend in latest car tyres to come with less tread than we all use to see, it’s difficult to find premium touring tyres with more than 7mm of tread these days and there is a good reason for that. Shortly treaded tyres are producing less tyre noise when driving, so companies try to get the best ratio between- safety, comfort and life of the tyres. Larger water drain canals also contributed for a noisier tyre rides so here we see again a little bit less space between but more canals per tyre. Even all season and winter tyres are following the same trends now. For the tyre longevity, those tyres that roll on forever and seems like they never wears out are the worst tyres and most of the times are the cheapest one on the market, they are simply plastic, I personally wouldn’t use them. Regards
  5. TonyHSD

    Engine Oil

    Hi, best place to buy oil is from a reputable sellers like opie oils, Eurocarparts, but you can buy through eBay and amazon, you will get best prices there. also have good prices, it’s basically same as eurocarparts, Shell helix ultra 0w30 or 5w30 but make sure is ACEA C2 or C3, as already noted by other members. This is important for the life of your DPF if fitted one and the catalytic converter. If you use C2 you may get better fuel efficiency but may get higher oil consumption where if you use C3 spec you may have slightly lower fuel efficiency but also lower oil consumption. The difference in fuel consumption it’s absolutely minimal. It’s up to you which one you want to try but both are suitable for your car. You can get 2x 5l and have some extra in case you need to top up. 5w30 C3 is cheaper option too. More for the oil types here: Good luck
  6. TonyHSD

    Engine Oil

    Hi, yes you can change your oil every month if you want or if necessary. I have also best experience with engine oils from shell , I will highly recommend you to try shell helix ultra and buy filter from Toyota genuine one. You can also do an engine flesh prior the new oil, stp have a good stuff and not too expensive. Give it a try and see how it works with different make of oil. Petronas usually is quality oil and I personally use only that make in 0w20 viscosity for my own car, no smoke, no noses, no consumption in any driving styles and conditions. Regards
  7. I think Corolla saloon is the real competitor to Prius, it’s almost the same size inside out, may well have a larger boot space not sure yet and looks absolutely like a normal car. I actually start seeing them around the capital as PH cars and they look alright, they just kind of like Dubai taxi especially the white ones 😊, still the estates are the most popular for a boot space obviously. Corolla saloon may have better rear head room and still maintain a good aerodynamics, for me would be a tough choice between these two. And btw Toyota doesn’t want people from UK to buy those saloons for some reason, interested members can check out Irish site to build a Corolla saloon and see how much nicer options are available, exterior and interior colours, equipment etc.
  8. Hi, well I can’t tell exactly what make the noise as this needs to be physically checked , garage technicians should be able to do so, I know it’s a new car and that’s why it’s really a strange thing happen. If everything is all checked and fixed maybe just give it some time and the things may get settled by themselves or will get worsen so might be easier to point the problem. If you don’t trust 100% the garage you go, maybe next time visit another Toyota garage and hopefully there will be someone there that knows more about these cars. Regards
  9. No full electric Corolla or similar Toyota are getting into a trouble, EV are coming quicker than everyone expected and Toyota has nothing to offer so far while others are getting orders like crazy and can’t cope with demand.
  10. Hi, usually there is no movement between the stabiliser bar and the bushes while suspension travel up and down but only flexing, if there is a movement that means that the rubber bushes or the bar are worn out and needs replacement, or the nuts have not been torqued to the spec or the bushes have not been properly pre loaded, and they also will stop do what actually they have to do and the car will become more unstable in turns at higher speeds and you may get noises while driving over bumps. Stabiliser bar bushes have special coating that helps bed in with the bar and prevent noises in case of any movement occur. Lubrications only to point something is wrong with them but it is not a permanent problem solvent.
  11. The manufacturers are choosing their tyres make and models not for performance but for financial and supplying reasons, probably everyone know that. Falken tyres are well known Japanese brand, but they do specialised in Ultra high performance tyres UHP and those tyres are not of the most comfortable or quietest. The wheel protector rim looks cool but that think gets you a lot of noise and bad ride quality, comfortable touring tyres has very little lip and soft walls, example are Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance. Anyone looking for a summer tyres that are quite , comfortable and excellent performance in wet look no further, especially in these larger sizes, please note that different tyre sizes within the same make and model have different characteristics. These tyres are also good even worn down to 3-4 mm, they remain quiet plus impressive road holding in dry and wet, only you need to lower your speeds when driving through deep surface waters which is obvious.
  12. Hi, yes sea foam and marvel mastery oil may help a bit, those are sold on eBay and amazon, even wd-40 or STP engine flush through spark plugs holes may help, but the problems is because of that stuck piston rings the cylinders walls are polished to the point that they are not able to hold an oil film at all and all goes into combustion. With such a high consumption the best is to repair, heavier oil grade may not help but you can always try it. I had same trouble with a car very similar to this Auris and did tried many oils, the best of all that was with minimum consumption was Shell helix ultra 5w40 full synthetic , that oil beats all other brands and if you buy it on offer is great price too. The difference on dipstick between max and min is over 1L. Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 5L Sea Foam Motor Tune - Up SF16 For Petrol and Diesel Engines (1) Good luck
  13. Hi, there are only two ways that you can have brakes and tyres worn out in such short time and mileage: 1. Bad Driving style 2. Lack of proper Periodic maintenance and inspection., what I mean here is that because the car has a very little use, if had been driven most of the times with under inflated tyres and with rusty brakes plus stuck callipers that are the results, premature wear on brake pads and worn tyres, however If the car been serviced every year on time within the main dealer facility and if there was a problem with the brakes they should have noticed that and recommend to you a repair or parts replacement no matter if covered under warranty or not as consumable parts, which actually are both brake pads and tyres. My recommendation is to see opinion from another garage and if they say the same than you need to get the car back to the garage that had been serviced all those years and ask to look at it. It will be difficult to say who is at fault, but if is the dealer that didn’t noticed any brake problems or didn’t serviced properly than you may get it done under warranty, any other cases you have to pay for replacement, either way they need to investigate first why pads are down so quickly and fix the issue otherwise you may need another set of pads only after a year. Good luck
  14. Great pictures really helpful for everyone interested. What I can see all you need to install a space saver spare wheel is: 1: the wheel plus locking nut 2: a jacking set in a triangle foam storage 3: another foam pad that seats under the wheel. 4: possibly a set of wheel nuts specifically made for the smaller wheel
  15. Hi, yes I think is removable. You can have a look at that video it’s a Prius but those two cars are very similar.