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  1. Buying a new cars so often it’s driven by governments purely for financial reasons and obviously it’s not environmentally correct but just to keep the economy going.
  2. TonyHSD

    EGR Cleaning?

    Hi, that’s interesting new thing to learn. I am not sure how much they can remove with Air blow , this soothes is rock solid not a dirt., and also blowing anything through cylinders maybe a dangerous if any deposits left free on top of the pistons., I am not aware of any procedure like that. Last time I spoke with Toyota service team, the guy at the desk said to me to get everything off the car, check and thoroughly clean, as I did. There were two gen 3 Prius in the yard with bonnets up and people working on same thing. £400 for not taking cooler out and properly clean it doesn’t seems a good offer to me. There are some jobs on cars including this one that are best suited as DIY projects because of the intense labour involved and many hours, I understood many people has no knowledge or equipment to do themselves. There are some small garages that offer that kind of services, I personally can not recommend any as I usually like to do the work myself and where not possible may ask a specialist garage or Toyota main dealer which seems expensive solution. Thanks for the idea offering service to members, I thought before but never actually materialise, maybe just offering a free advice over the forum it’s just fine. All the above procedure parts cost around £60, mainly cleaning sprays and 4-5 gaskets if properly done, egr gaskets can be skipped at first opening but intake manifold Must be changed. , 2L Ready mixed coolant, and the rest is all labour. Maybe just clean the pipe, throttle body and manifold under the body where you will find oil. Enjoy your car till reach 100k or start hearing that nasty knocks and then do the procedure together with new all coolant for the engine. 👍
  3. TonyHSD

    Auris hybrid

    Hi, best to check the manual but at this mileage you don’t need to worry about plugs and gear oil, these are to be changed at 60k miles. You need to change brake fluid, pollen(Cabin) filter, air filter and wiper blades if necessary. I think that’s pretty much what you need to do.You can also Install a cat lock too if you haven’t done so and debadge, remove all hybrid emblems from the car to make it look like non hybrid Toyota as precautionary measure against thefts. Regards
  4. Hi everyone, does anyone drives Prius gen 4 with 17” wheels and oem Toyo R41 tyres? What are your thoughts about these tyres, are they quiet on motorway, how they behave in wet conditions and are they generally good tyres? I have to change my other half Auris tyres and these comes at best price with some discount she has as an nhs worker. There are no any real reviews for them I can find. Thanks in advice.
  5. Hi, 60k miles drain and refill like manual transmission, if never been changed before it’s the right time to do it, takes usually 3ltr of oil, you can buy 4 bottles x 1l each and have one spare in case you able to get more than 3l out, total capacity is 3.4ltr. Buy and use only Toyota WS genuine oil. When opening the drain plug use breaker bar and quality bit, it is very hard to break it first, tighten up to 40Nm, you can change the washers too, they are 18mm diameter x 2mm thick aluminium washers. Measure the quantity of the old oil before refill with new one. If the car is perfectly level you should stop filling when you see the oil coming out from the refill hole. Good luck
  6. You can throw a blanket on top and make it unrecognisable, they usually wants the hybrid ones, but it seems like all that are easy to get are potential targets. That is not a good news though. They can still run the number plate check but the point is that if they don’t see hybrid they may well just drive past it. 👍
  7. TonyHSD

    EGR Cleaning?

    Hi everyone, I like to add that the oil burners are very often poorly maintained cars with low mileage and they do so due to the stuck piston rings where the high mileage cars may start little use of oil due to the wear and tear of the engine components. Any gen 3 Prius or Auris older than 8 years or 80k miles would benefit of cleaning procedure as include throttle body and intake manifold cleaning, this soothes that you see inside the pipe also accumulates inside the manifold and restrict the air flows from the egr into the combustion chamber via tiny holes build onto the intake main air channels, those needs to be cleaned too. I am adding following pictures of my cooler at 136k miles, the pipe is only at 36k miles because I did cleaned at 100k. It might looks ok on pics but it took me two days and cleaning using jet wash, metal spoke, egr cleaner spray similar to oven cleaner. Regards
  8. TonyHSD

    EGR Cleaning?

    The design of the cooler and the entire system is the problem imo, and perhaps the Atkinson cycle. I’ve seen other petrol engines with simple egr without coolers and they look a bit cleaner.
  9. A can of coke and keep your keys in, no signal going through. 👍 Toyota owners worried more about their catalytic converters than the whole car been nicked. , and if your Auris is a hybrid I highly recommend you to research and install a cat lock plus remove all badges that shows your car is a hybrid. Regards
  10. Lol, that’s look bad. It is only cosmetic but for some people might be an eye sore including me. If Toyota replaces for someone and you want to protect you may look at some tuning garages that offers a protective foil wrapping on exterior, clear foil that may work well on your interior parts particularly buttons and for the panels a few clear coat sprays may help against new scratches. There is another option to try to buff out the scratches using this compound : polyWatch Watch Face Scratch Remover and Repair Polish I bought one to use on electric scooter dashboard, it’s just unbelievable easy to get scratches on those too. Haven’t use yet so can’t comment if any good. 👍
  11. Hi, if you are looking at Toyota cars the HybridS are the real strength of all Toyota cars and petrols are also good powertrains, diesel only their own 1.4d but it is a manual only. Regards
  12. TonyHSD

    EGR Cleaning?

    Good question, but I don’t know of any material that can be used in that environment as filter element and be changed on regular basis. As far as I know the next gen Prius 2016 has better design of the egr cooler that may not require any cleaning procedure for longer intervals, but I am just a consumer like anyone else here, I am not connected with Toyota cars in any other way therefore I can’t really answer your questions about Toyota cars design and engineering. Enjoy your car and if you notice any knocks or rattles like the one we mentioned just act quickly and you will have no troubles. Regards 👍
  13. Well in this case first thing to do is to double check the battery terminals if they are properly tight up, and all ground connections. It sounds like you may have bad ground connection somewhere and that can cause eps malfunction as you had described, just like an idea what to look For. Good luck 👍
  14. Agreed with all post above, buying a Toyota hybrids is the only sensible choice right now for buying a new or nearly new car if it is not full electric or small runabout as those can do with simple 1.0 to 1.4 petrol manual. Regards
  15. Hi, EGR’s are usually located on or near exhaust manifold. Any car that has an egr and of curtain age and mileage would benefit of cleaning it. Make sure you are using the correct tools and cleaning agents, do not use brake cleaner spray but specifically made sprays like Holts egr cleaner spray Holts EGR & Carb Cleaner 500ml, works really well. Try to find video how to and familiarise yourself with the job before start. You may need to clean throttle body too when doing egr to get best performance and efficiency plus smoother engine idle. Good Luck