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  1. TonyHSD

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    Oil is the reason and the tyres as a accomplishment to the oil. 0w20 should be only the oil in hybrid, also if you want to change the viscosity for some reason just use 0w30 or 0w40 A5 specific grades, do not change the smaller number “winter” as this is what actually make 0w20 best in Hybrid engine where cold and frequent start and stops are happening. In my personal experience Toyota own 5w30 oil was one of the worst oils that been used in another car in the past few years, back than I did some research and found that that particular oil was a semi synthetic oil made Chevron-Texaco. Probably ok for a cars that are not driven a lot and under loads on motorways, most likely and in a city environment. Just sharing my experience and personal preferences. Currently using Petronas Synthuim 7000 0w20 in Auris Hybrid 2010, change every 10k miles and so far happy. Regards
  2. TonyHSD

    Toyota Auris 1,3 Petrol Code P0420???

    Hi, if you have any warranty that won’t cost you a money just get it inspected and repaired for free. The additives may work but maybe not, or if they work it’s a temporary fix only. Even if you clear the cat and have your light off you need to stop the oil consumption which it’s most likely the cause of the problem, with additives and couple of procedures you can improve the things but the permanent fix is only a mechanical repair. Toyota cars usually are reliable, but it depends how the car was driven before and how was maintained. Buying from a dealers especially Toyota ones means nothing, don’t trust them at all, I had two bad experiences with different Toyota dealers on different occasions and I can tell you that even a two years old car “approved” as they call it can be a complete trash. I highly recommend to you to call the dealer and ask for solution, ask them to repair or exchange the engine, they are obligated to do so free of charge. Be firm and polite with them , tell them that you know your rights, you like the car and spend a lot of money on it, but the car was not fit fir purpose at the time of sale. They should look after you. Once you have engine rebuild or exchanged plus all other parts you already replaced you will enjoy a used car that is like new. Good Luck. 👍
  3. Yeap, price in Europe too high at all trim levels, sad. In US and Canada these cars are a lot cheaper. Shame. Disappointed, Toyota please don’t follow Apple’s price policy, don’t be greedy.
  4. TonyHSD

    Possible Purchase

    I wouldn’t go for that one for sure, too many things are highlighted but in reality cars like that one and sold from garages like these one are crap. Try to find something from a private seller or something from a dealer that says pluses but and negatives in his advert, been more honest at first place. The cars are otherwise good motors . Good Luck
  5. TonyHSD

    Toyota Auris 1,3 Petrol Code P0420???

    Hi and welcome. Oil consumption is high for sure and most likely has caused a clogged catalytic converter. Best is to try some fuel additives first, add to petrol as recommended and take a car for a drive at least 100 miles on a motorway, try to keep it running around 3k rpm, no need to exceed speed limits ,just drive on lower gear if necessary. I can recommend you Cataclean Cataclean CAT001 Engine and Catalytic Converter Cleaning Treatment, Petrol, 500ml or Wynn’s both has a good review. After you run them I think you will clean the cat and then you will need to try to fix the oil consumption to stop a future problems with your cat converter. You can use engine oil additives too, oil stop leak or engine stop smoke, liquid moly has a good stuff here all these procedures may help you and it’s worth trying it first , and if nothing happens than your next bet is to take it to a garage for a mechanical repair which would be costly. Good Luck
  6. TonyHSD

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    Using a air con to clean the window fast introduces a dry air into the windshield and through the vent hoses which helps to clean quickly no doubt, but switching back to heating only afterwards will create a moisture inside the system and then this humid goes straight into the windscreen and makes it worst. I recommend to anyone to try using both ways and see which one works better, for me personally I use my way without air con and never have any moisture problems. Regards 👍
  7. TonyHSD

    chugg and smell

    There was a recall for fuel tank filler replacement, if you haven’t done that yet it’s a good idea to get it sorted. If the smell is like a fresh petrol same you smell while you filling at the garage there is a possibility that a small amount leaks from somewhere or escapes from somewhere, but just a vapour so not enough to cause a leaky marks and it’s difficult to trace it. Do you smell it when you just fill the tank or randomly? Best is when the smell returns if possible stop immediately and try to trace from where the smell is coming from, rear, under or front of the car, that way will help you find the problem. Reading your posts make me think that there is something wrong with Fuel supply lines in the engine bay and possibly clogged charcoal canister or return lines too. Did you said in other posts that the car was rear ended, if this is correct there is also a possibility that something is not properly connected and fuel vapour escapes from there. here is a diagram of the parts that maybe misaligned and causing petrol smell. I hope this can help you a bit. Regards
  8. TonyHSD

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    42mpg is an ok consumption for that type and size engine, and driving conditions. if you like to achieve better you may need to look for a hybrid car. If you want to have your windshield clean from moisture do not use air con at all, just set the climate control to blow directly into the windscreen and in the footwell and turn the temperature to around 22c . Keep it that way and don’t use air con to speed up the process, most likely this is the reason why you get mist on the windows. Car dehumidifier also helps a bit as some people already suggested. Regards
  9. TonyHSD

    What's this bit of trim?

    No worries 👍
  10. TonyHSD

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    For the space of those Auris I used mine to move the house earlier this summer and with the seats down I managed to transport a wardrobe and Ikea day bed plus 2m long mattresses so can’t complain at all. 👍 For the brakes it’s good idea to get them serviced properly , clean and lubricate with silicone grease. I do every two years. Regards
  11. TonyHSD

    What's this bit of trim?

    No, it’s not from kids seat, but from the seat rails. Check at the rear footwell there are rails on which front seats are mounted and this plastic bit is a actual cover. Just clip in place and you are all done. Regards
  12. TonyHSD

    Rear brake pad change

    That’s right , dealers are stealers it’s an obvious thing. Some parts are important to be OEM like transmission fluids where applicable, but some not necessary, for the air filter or cabin filter you can use “Blueprint”., it’s a packaging company part of Febi Bilstein family specially for Japanese cars and their parts are of highest quality as good as original OEM even sometimes are exactly OEM inside the box. Air filter is around £8 and pollen filter is around £7 if you shop around online. Rear brake pads should fit tight but not with hammer, if you have to use the hammer than means something not right, thoroughly cleaned surfaces before fit and tiny bit of a Textar Caretec Brake grease can help you fit them easier. Cleaning all surfaces with Hard plastic brush or soft metal brush and to lubricate the sliding pins are very important things to do, a can of brake cleaner spray is also must have when changing pads. I would prefer to do any job possible by myself, as I love to get my hands dirty and to make sure I ve done best for my car. Dealer mechanics are most of the time professionals but this doesn’t always mean that they will do a proper job on your car, it’s a practice they skip important steps or even the the whole process of service customers vehicle but let’s keep it short.
  13. TonyHSD

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    Thanks for the info! Its always good to know. Cheers 🍻
  14. TonyHSD

    Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    Hi Wayne, thank you for replying to me. I have all recalls done same as you , just not the latest for the ecu, and because this is important for the performance of the engine I am a bit worried, I know many vw owners had their cars totally destroyed after ecu reprogramming because of the emissions thing and after that they ve seen worst mpg and very poor performance overall. I will keep an eye on the that and wait some other ppl opinions to see if everything ok before I book with the dealer.
  15. TonyHSD

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    Yeap, tyre pressures always above when new tyres fitted, just drive for a day or two and then check the pressures with something accurate and best is to stick to recommendation 2.3 bar front and 2.2 bar rear. In the cold you can inflate just a tiny bit on top if you are running’s on winter tyres or tiny bit less if you are on summer or just keep it exact numbers as recommended. Very important to get wheel alignment if you haven’t done one yet, it’s for your safe driving, fuel efficiency and even tyre wear. Regards