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  1. Simply said if you about efficiency go for 1.8, if you about performance go for 2.0. The 1.8 hybrid is powerful enough to get you going and keep up with every day commute or as a work car - taxi, delivery etc, plus in ideal conditions can come close to a Prius consumption where 2.0 can’t, but yeah it is still good on fuel. In my case at the moment doing over 50k miles a year if I am buying a new Corolla the engine will be 1.8 for an obvious reason, even though I am mostly a motorway driver. I think it is great that Toyota now offers 2.0 option for people who prefer more spirited driving but don’t expect to be a Golf R or Audi S3, despite looks pretty good with big wheels. There is a sport variant coming after new year but except styling I don’t see much more of power than a regular 2.0 hybrid.
  2. Does the door move or the body twists? This can be a common think with cars that have softer bodies, pretty much most of the Toyota models from that years . Auris are same, they twists over bumps and diagonal slopes crossing. If it is not excessive then you have nothing to worry. Regards
  3. Absolutely, very well explained. If the gearbox is damaged at the end which I don’t believe, you can buy and fit second hand one of eBay or scrap yard they cost anywhere between £300-£1000 and are not that difficult to be fit by a garage. Please seek another garage opinion.
  4. Well if you get 10mpg on average more with the Corolla it’s ok and it is as a result of the hybrid system, both cars are very similar as power delivery at least on paper, Leon also is a turbo charged and with DSG tranny so will produce more torque and sense of faster acceleration similar to how diesels have that false sense that they are way faster than a petrol powered cars but in reality in many cases they are not. Imo 2.0 hybrid from Toyota is especially suitable for people who do more motorway miles and like faster driving , this is where larger engine size more horses will deliver better performance at the coast of lower mpg 5-10. But there is one important question here., will the 2.0 hybrid deliver the same performance and driving pleasure as a similar petrol or diesel only powered car? ,. hm probably not , and this is because of the drive train and how all those power from both ice and e motor is delivered to the wheels. However if you can sacrifice a little bit of dynamics and pleasure against little bit of extra mpg and reliability the 2.0 hybrid is a best choice of its times. 👍
  5. Hi and welcome. As already been suggested the EGR cooler is very likely the main cause of the problems you have experience. If the car has never had egr cleaning is a thing that you need to do, however Toyota garages may not offer that kind of service, best is diy project but local trusted garage can also help. When cleaning the egr the throttle body also needs cleaning and PCV valve too which is located on the intake manifold, intake manifold itself need cleaning so it’s a kind of a big job but all it needs is a time and passion. To clarify all the things you need to check, clean and replace at that mileage: 1. Throttle body and MAP/MAF sensor cleaning 2. EGR Cooler - cleaning 3. Intake Manifold and PCV valve cleaning , PCV can be changed for peace of mind cost around £30 4. Engine Coolant if haven’t been changed at 100k ! Drain and refill only with genuine Toyota pink coolant ready mixed. Dirty throttle body can make throttle plate sticking and cause similar issues that you have experienced with stuck gas pedal, don’t ignore cleaning it, only step you can skip above is removing and cleaning the intake manifold, but it’s a good idea to be done all together. Regards
  6. Hi, probably not but if anyone has I am sure he will regret it. These tyres are the one that I will never use even someone give them to me for free. Toyota Auris is not a very comfortable car to begin with plus low profile 45 or less on run flats will make it as a go cart car and you will feel even smallest stone you run over or any imperfections on the road, and uk roads are not the best especially in larger cities like London. Better drive with normal, touring- fuel efficient tyres, the best are Michelin’s Cross-climate, all season ones, or anything with low noise and comfortable ride. Regards
  7. With 1.8 hybrid you can get pretty good figures doing motorway journeys all you need is relaxed driving, if you push it too hard may loose some mpg but not that bad, even diesels are behaving same. Fast and efficient are two different worlds that doesn’t work together. Electric motors are helping the ice even at higher speeds so there is a benefit from the system in general. Regards
  8. Couldn’t agreed more with the posts above, very well explained 👍 Yes eco mode is more like for town driving, I can’t believe that I was using it for years. Now in normal all the time, climate control in manual mode too but always on.
  9. Looking for an auto small to medium car and if Toyota is on the list, hybrid is the best way to go. That has always been my simple answer to people interested of hybrid cars and when been asked -“how is it to drive ? “, well it’s an automatic that is reliable and efficient. Regards
  10. He did absolutely brilliant job, this is the exact size, wheels and tyres are great too. He is not use to the car behaviour, there are two major differences here : summer-winter tyres and sizes 225/45 17 - 205/55 16, I only change the tyres on my car keeping same alloys and size but immediately after change the car feels so different and so bad in acceleration and braking that I stop and double check if everything is OK, Winter tyres are good and comfortable in temperatures below 10C where the summer becomes hard as plastic the winter one remains soft and gripping. The difference in fuel consumption is only around 5mpg plus the cold weather another 5mpg but the safety and comfort are most important, efficiency comes second.
  11. Lol, these are Nordic winter tyres, not European winter tyres but either of those will make your car behave exactly the same way, it is because of the rolling resistance and tread profile. Even you change to eu winter tyres you are not going to notice much of improvement if any at all. This tyres look very good to me, if it’s me I will definitely keep them. Regards
  12. Hi, that is a typical behaviour of a car when you come from summer to winter tyres and you are changing the size too, even more noticeable. Your car is fairly new so no need to worry too much about anything and even if steering racks are different between the different engine sizes steering response will be sharper nothing more, take it easy with the steering. You need to get use to how the car behaves, probably with the time, and yes hybrid cars are much more worse to drive with winter tyres than with summer, they just roll differently a lot more drag that cause that feeling. All you need to do is to keep them at correct air pressure and allow more stopping distance especially in dry and warmer weather. When you drive on wet and cold the winter tyres are becoming more enjoyable and when you have snow and ice than you will be happy again. If that model comes with that size in any other engine sizes specs than you can easily fit them to your trim level, as long as your brake callipers allowed wheel to be fitted. Which Pirelli winter model did you fit? Out of interest. Regards
  13. Hi, I can recommend this garage in Milton Keynes: Kipling Motorist Centre - Team Protyre Unit 4 Romar Ct, First Ave, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1RH 01908 372996 Prices are definitely competitive but you can ask them on the phone, the guy who does the alignment knows what he is doing, the equipment has been recently calibrated and I was there 3 weeks ago fitting some winter tyres and done alignment too. Highly recommended to everyone in the area especially for wheel alignment.
  14. It’s worth it if you are doing a lot of short trips and you have facilities to charge the battery overnight at cheaper rates. But if you buy it and driving it as a hybrid without plugging in makes no sense.
  15. TonyHSD

    Engine Oil

    Hi, The oil consumption almost impossible to cure without change of important engine components, however in some cases you may be able to reduce that consumption a little bit. I personally wouldn’t use stop smoke additives in winter season, those are very thick liquids that does change oil viscosity and make engine oil thicker ., this together with lower ambient temperatures can reduce oil flow rate and cause damage to the engine internals due to lack of proper lubrication. If you kind of using an additive you can try oil stop leak from wynns or STP , those doesn’t affect oil viscosity and are safe to use in cold weather. What they does is: rejuvenate rubber and silicone seals like main seals and steam seals and if your oil consumption was caused by any of those you may see some sort of reduction if not it’s just your money spend. Wynn's 50664 325ml Engine Stop Leak STP® 63300EN Engine Stop Leak 300ml If you decide to use stop smoke , just make sure you deep it in a bow with hot water for few minutes before put it into the engine, and very important engine should be at working temperature and let it idle for at least 20-30 minutes afterward and may also take it for a drive, just normal not hard. Regards