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  1. 0w20 is superior oil than 5w30, especially Toyota own brands. This Petronas 0w20 is very good oil indeed, I highly recommend that oil over any 5w30, not only for fuel economy but engine protection too. In modern engines as thinner is the oil is better, great price too. Using a genuine oil filter or aftermarket but of high quality is also very important.
  2. Not very long time before you can see the message on display to engage to P, all depends what was the charge before N was selected, happened almost every time when cars goes through MOT or wheel alignment, mechanics keep the cars Ready and in N to be able to push them under while inspecting them on the ramps. I think there is a sound signal too, but can’t remember exactly, but noticed how they go quickly to select P. 🙂
  3. Hi and welcome. Best way is to keep the car in ready mode and on P, parking, don’t leave it in N as when is in neutral it is not possible for the engine to charge the traction battery. I am doing the same sometimes for hours, never had any problems. Regards
  4. 17” wheels are better option for motorway driving especially at higher speeds and much better at cornering, I mean not driving like crazy , just normal. If most of the times the car is used in town 15” are better, but if driven mostly on motorways 17” are best. I can live with both sizes, not problems for me. Most important are the right tyres not the size. Winter time with with tyres and summer time with summer tyres preferably or all season ones. Car with quality 17” tyres can ride better than car with cheap low quality rubbers in any driving conditions. Quality tyres can vary from midd range to high end, also the type of the tyres very important. 17” at 45 profiles many of the tyres are “UH” ultra high performance tyres suitable for sportier driving styles and not good at all for a hybrid cars, many ppl don’t realise that and buying those tyres than get noisy and bumpy ride, plus worse fuel economy. Also the OEM tyres are not always the best option, despite the car came originally equipped with them, doing an extended research prior to buying a new set of tyres pays off afterwards . Regards
  5. Hi, your theory is right. Lack of lubrication cause that clicking noise. I had many Toyotas, some brand new too and after only few months driving they had started to clunk. Can’t be something that worn out so quickly, more likely wrong lubricant applied or lack of it. This is only one of the many cause to this widespread problem, together with loose bolt on the joint, etc
  6. Hi, you can try Brembo discs from carparts4less and brake pads made by EBC from eBay or directly from their website. The discs are coated against corrosion and the pads Ultimax series has very good bite in point, also they have special paint on them to help with bed in procedure after fitting. Regards
  7. Easiest option is to get springs and shocks from non hybrid model if they are any longer, I have no idea but you can check that with some spare parts catalog. But even so the difference may be only 3cm, an inch or so, don’t know if that will make in and out of the car a lot easier, but ground clearance will improve, however handling and economy may be slightly affected. Regards
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    Thanks for that 👍
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    Have u picked your car, any change in performance after the update? Please share with us. Thank you.
  10. No, Toyota is not different from any other car regarding that issue. As already been mentioned, if you tend to use air con to clean the windows you should keep it on all the time, or for a very long period than when switch off you have to open the windows a bit to let the moisture out, air con helps but also make things worse. 1. First of all have you check cabin filter condition, if any dirt is accumulated there can attract and lock moisture in, also after a super heavy rain some water can get there too. This is very often neglected by the dealer service and recommended time for change it’s too long, everyone should change that filter at least twice a year or every 10k miles max. I can show you pictures why. 2. Air con evaporator drainage may be blocked causing water to stay inside the car and or even leaks inside footwell, this should be check too. 3. Leaking windshield seals are often found to let water goes inside the car and help moisture buildup on the windscreen. 4. There is a drainage gutter under the wipers mechanism outside the car that let all the water from the windscreen drain down and out, if this is blocked by some leaves and dirt it’s also possible to cause flooding and water trapped in and around the air inlets. This can happen to fairly new cars , especially those who are parked under trees and not driven very often. Because you mentioned that when the fan doesn’t run you don’t get much moisture it’s very likely to have on of the above problems or combination of them. Worth checking all 4 if you haven’t done so. 5. The worst and most expensive trouble is a leak in the heater core, but if that is the cause of your moisture than you will notice sweet smell from the coolant and lost of coolant in the coolant reservoir. Hope this helps. Regards
  11. Hi and welcome. I fully support the post above, hybrids are really relaxed to drive, efficient on motorways too and promote economical and safe driving. In my opinion always worth it to pay little more for a hybrid than a conventional petrol model unless you really want to drive a manual car. If you like to drive automatic hybrids are the best, they are also more reliable than other type of automatic transmissions like DSG, or CVT, or even standard automatic with number of gears and torque converter. Any of the petrol powered Auris will return around 35-40mpg +- 5 but if you want to get more, hybrid is the one to get, 50mpg plus easily. Good luck
  12. Hi and welcome . You can’t change to 15” wheels because of the front brakes callipers size, smallest possible size that you can fit is 205/55 R16 , but in my opinion don’t change anything, just get quality tyres that are rated for low rolling resistance and quiet , Good Year Efficient Grip Performance are good example or Kumho Ecsta HS51 if you are on a budget, and most importantly is to keep them to the right pressures, not much above or below max allowed .
  13. If it’s the thing that I explained there is nothing to worry.
  14. This usually happens to all automatic cars, and especially when you park the car on slop/ gradient place. To stop making the noise and prolong the life of the P lock mechanism I can recommend you the following procedure: After you park the car and still depressing the brake pedal put the car in N than apply the hand (parking) brake, release the brake pedal while you in N with parking brake applied and let the car settle than press the P parking button. You may get the thump noise again only if you haven’t pressed the brake pedal properly and while you are selecting a gear the car try to move immediately. Try my way and see if make any changes.
  15. They are pretty much all the same, if you lucky you might get proper service if not I don’t want even to think about. I have done few recalls in Jemca edgware and everything was ok. Maybe you can give them a try. I think that as further away from London you deal with dealers your are more likely to get better service, London it’s just disgraceful place for anything since a decade ago. Good luck 👍