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  1. The problem with Toyota hybrids rear discs is because the slider pins get rust and stuck, since then the brakes although still works the outer pads are unable to clamp the disc therefore the disc will never get cleaned even you slam on the brakes every time you are slowing down. My advice is to take everything apart, clean , lube and put back together, drive as normal and after 60 miles or so your brake discs will look like new and your brakes will work much better. I do that procedure on all 4 Wheels twice a year, spring and autumn. , and if I had done so since the beginning of my ownership I
  2. Thanks for uploading pictures. I can see you have some pad material left on one of the discs and this can be the reason for vibrations. The best for the brakes is to follow manufacturer recommendations for using or not using any lube and where exactly, adding grease sometimes causes all the problems we have after job is completed. When you take them apart next time you can clean all surfaces and use grease only on slider pins, you may find better results afterwards. Brake pads I can recommend you EBC Ultimax, as good as original or even better stopping properties, quiet too. If you use your ol
  3. Hi, yes I believe the bolts are the same., but best to compare them and try to fit one bolt without attaching brackets just to make sure goes in smoothly and then fit everything and torque to specs, don’t remember how much was exactly but not crazy tight . 👍 Regards
  4. Hi, you have to run a diagnostic to check for fault codes , or if you prefer may just want to disconnect negative terminal of the 12v battery for 20 min. Remember not to shut the boot as is electrically operating and you won’t be able to open until you connect the battery again. Just keep it open or out a towel over the lock. 👍
  5. That’s right, if you look at auto trader adds half of the Auris has that damage.
  6. TonyHSD

    Fuel filter

    Correct but it will depend how long the car will live 😊 and the country been used, some places fuel quality is really poor. YouTube has plenty of videos for Priuses same car and when they show what’s in the tank after 10 years it’s unbelievable and fuel filter change is highly recommended. Here in Uk I think 200k + miles then eventually may worry about although fuel quality is not what supposed to be as I noticed recently. 👍
  7. Agreed, the strange thing is that Shell usually is top tier garage but the quality of my local one is worse than the supermarket fuels, it is ultra convenient for me to fill up there and this is the only reason I done it many times, but no more. BP is the best for me, esso works fine too, Tesco also not too bad. Sainsbury’s full stop too for me. The last few months during lockdown my car haven’t been used much but kept in ready mode twice weekly and 100 miles only motorway run, this perhaps had helped to get those poor results. No trouble so far after the treatment. 👌
  8. Hi, sticker very likely is located in the top side of the bonnet, hybrids 2010-2018 using Standard R134 gas but the oil is different, in general any AC specialist will know about your car and what gas and oil takes , therefore should be able to give you a quote. I use local Protyres garage for that purpose, once in 4 years, good job done every time and only cost me £60. Mote than half from Toyota. 👍
  9. No problems with the eCVT of Toyota hybrids. Only in certain situations you may hear a whining like noises but these are usually only when climbing uphill and you hold the revs at certain speeds, to reduce this all you need is to push the accelerator more and the car will overcome that and will pull nicer and quieter. Other time when might notice is when hybrid battery is low and you are accelerating uphill or faster to join the traffic flow, but these are rare occurrences and it’s not that unpleasant, it’s not like typical cvt. , it sounds more like a turbine on aircraft or turbo spinning on
  10. Hi, I live in Hemel Hempstead and usually I do service my car by myself. For MOT and wheel alignment I used to go to Pro tyre in Milton Keynes as there was a friend of mine who was in charge with the alignment and he is really good indeed, it’s not just the equipment but the mechanic too. He left the business and now I am using protyre in Hemel , I don’t know the guys there but last year they done an alignment for me and all is perfect, well I needed alignment only because a different garage I needed to use urgently had messed my steering similar to yours. If you live near Hemel worth g
  11. Hi, if you can take same pictures of the discs and share here, brakes are really tricky to fix sometimes, they need a lot more attention than they usually received. If you have any issues with vibration and noise, you may need to take anything apart again including the disc out of the hub, clean thoroughly with metal brush or something all the rust from the hub, and fit the disc again, clean all grease from all parts, only use silicone grease on the slider pins, and check for pistons if return correctly when release the brake pedal , you may need help from someone to press the brake while you
  12. Very often rubber bushes dried for real and become hard or too soft, they trap sometimes some dirt especially in winter and dry weather, like debris from the road and all that causes creaking suspension. You have two options, take the car for an hour drive tomorrow in the heavy rain on the motorway, or buy some wd-40 silicone spray and spray all rubber components on your suspension, no more creaking. My car had developed recently exactly same thing, been very dry for the last 6-7 weeks, try my advice and remember: never use red classic wd-40 spray on any rubber parts as this is harmful. Only u
  13. The car has a problem with alignment which is obvious, however it is very important to find out ASAP what has caused steering off centre., bad alignment, something worn out, or previous accidents and poor repair. My advice is to take the car to nearest Toyota dealer or reputable garage to carry on proper check and make correct alignment on all 4 wheels and if everything ok you can keep the car and ask the seller to reimburse you for the bill or if the car had a major fault as a result of an accident best to get it back to them for refund. Buying a used car from any dealer is simply a lottery.
  14. Hi, that car has been damaged and the damage is clearly seen on your pictures, this is a common issue with garages and these cars. Definitely garage fault 100%. If it’s me will pursuit till the end and get my car fixed. When you trade in the car will have £0000 of its price because of that damage.
  15. Hi, eco mode normal or power acceleration is very similar however throttle response is very different therefore in eco the car feels sluggish, normal is just normal and preferred one and in power mode the car should be very sensitive towards throttle input, react fast and feels quicker. If you change these on the move allow 2-3 seconds after selecting the new mode then the car changes it’s responding, not immediately after you flip through the modes. If there is no difference you can disconnect negative terminal of the 12 v battery for 20 min, then connect and try again. If still no difference
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