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  1. Hi All, today I visited my local Tesco extra, what a service, was it Tesco or Dorchester hotel at Park Lane 😂👍. Arrived at around 09:00 car park wasn’t full but was not empty either. One way system to go in and out, security guards greet you at the door with Good morning Sir, disinfect your trolley handles with some spray, was smelling nice and wished me a good day! Tesco in Hemel Hempstead 5⭐️ from me. Inside some customers but not many and very well stocked, there was almost anything you look for, not as good as usually but at present time very good indeed. Shopping done in one hour and on the way home. Afternoon cappuccino and hey, sun is out me too. The car is perfectly clean, what should I do then., let clean the drive, did a good brush around and same in the garden t the rear. That’s was my day, now ready for dinner and back to check you out. Cheers 🍺 Wayne, I can now drink, I don’t drive anymore, car is crying or probably not😉🚙👍
  2. Simple answer to all questions about oil type and viscosity is that if we talk about a car made after 2001 oils 10w40 should not be used even though the car is 500k miles. Semi synthetic or mineral oils with viscosity 10w40 will not prevent oil consumption but can cause more wear to the engine components. There are many synthetic oils of any grades that are not that expensive but 10w40 really is last century oil for cars like Golf mk2-3, Escort, Astra etc, old Corollas. Just stick with what type manufacturers recommend as primary oil not as what eventuality can be filled. Change as Per recommended intervals, can do earlier but never later and from time to time you can use some engine flush to keep the engine clean, and quality filters, that’s all. Regards
  3. If you want to be like the film Taxi forget about it, 😄, Now seriously I think it’s ok for taxi as long as you alright driving manual in traffic there is no other reason why not to be used as taxi this 1.4d .
  4. Yes it is. Did you done the procedure to take the air out and to let coolant circulate through heater core and radiator after you filed up the reservoir?
  5. Hi, I use Kenu airframe since 2013 in various cars and for me those are the best one and the one that last longer, I am a heavy user, every day at least 6-10 times on and off the holder. I can see Kenu now offer more modern solutions like magnetic holders or with wireless charging too. You can check them out on amazon. Regards
  6. Hi, definitely something is not right if the brand new battery can’t hold charge for more than 3 days if not used, should be 30 days for etc or at least 3 weeks. If the car has no faults with inverter which I believe so than possibly Toyota had bad batch of batteries fitted to Camry, or as you mentioned chime warning. If you have user manual, if not online you can read it carefully and see if anything in settings can be change to prevent those chime and best is to switch off all auto interior lights. Also keep the key fob in can of cola or another aluminium box away from the car. Regards
  7. Main dealers are all shut but some independent still open plus black circles are open and deliver tyres. For the cars, now is the time to get our hands dirty, parts and tools can be ordered from euro car parts or eBay and towards the end of the week weather will get better so perfect for outdoor exercise. Shame I had done so much hard work on my car in freezing cold winds and rain in February and now only few easy jobs left to do, but how could I know that this lockdown is coming. I love working on my car and can’t wait for sunny days to spend outside around her. 🚙🇬🇧👍
  8. Hi, what I know from some videos is that it’s just plug and play and if you have trouble codes afterwards means you have forgotten to plug something or the replacement inverter if used one it’s not good, which will require further investigation. Here this guy has a nice video how to remove and he explains a bit all about it. Regards Sometimes when trouble arises with inverter/converter if overheating is the issue it may be only the electric pump located on the gearbox housing. But if it’s something with electronics inside better get another one as there is a special gel inside that it’s very important and when opened if the gel film is damaged and inverter put back together will overheat soon.
  9. Hi, battery should be in the boot on the right hand side under tray. Open boot door, lift the boot lining and remove the plastic tray/cover at the corner, battery is there. If you plane to charge it will require special charger not any will be suitable, if unsure best is to set the car in ready mode and leave it for about 30min once a week, small 12v battery it’s not the only one you should think about, you have a bigger battery plus engine that needs to work sometimes to keep its components lubricated and in order. Regards
  10. That’s right, all of us should do it and I believe most of the people does it . For shopping what I found that small off-licence corner shops has almost everything you need , slightly more expensive some things but some same price or less other things, and many of these shops are not packed like the big ones and for some people may work better than going to the supermarkets. Regards
  11. Hi, have you checked the connections at the lights , to access them you need to remove black plastic trays at both corners under wheel arcs. If you have a voltage meter you can check if anything coming to them., take the bulbs out and look at the wire inside. It’s strange that both lights suddenly goes.
  12. Hi, as per your description all those strange for you events are actually what happens to a car when not been in use for some time. Your battery was discharged and all of the engine oil was completely drained into the oil sump leaving engine top without lubrication. My recommendation is to keep going to your car on weekly basis and start the engine and let it running for 30-40 min with radio off, ac off and heating fun set at position 1, just to keep it spinning but not consuming much of electricity. Before you do this you can check oil level, and general look under the bonnet. If you have a tyre pressure gage and compressor you can check your tyres pressure and correct them just to keep everything in order, ready for once the ban is over. If you have space on the street or driveway drive the car forward and reverse few times to make the brakes move a bit. Stay safe Regards
  13. Hi, I had a pull over by the police the night before. Just after midnight on the way back home I entered my town and there were marked police cars behind each car on the roads and most likely they all got them pulled over. After I drove for a mile and half I noticed two cars driving behind me at a distance. Then I turned onto my street and one of the two cars behind me was a police car 🚔 , they stopped next to me and asked me where am I going and once I told them I am going home and gave them my house number of which info they already had they just said: “have a good night” , no other questions., I guess If i was in another town or place they would had have more questions to ask. If police stop you you can always say that you had to deliver food or medicine to someone in need, in fact that was actually the reason for my journey that evening, therefore I had nothing to worry, I knew that I have to deal with police at some point. Going to your office to take something that you need for your work from home is also an essential trip but you better say food and medicine as these are the answer they want to hear., put some shopping in bags on your passenger seat. I also stay home , for me someone who was travelling 200+ miles everyday and suddenly completely stopped I feel like I am in prison but I actually enjoy it for now as I needed some sort of break. Now I am a home maintenance guy, plus food and medicine delivery to someone in London once or twice a week. Stay safe Regards
  14. Hi, can you please provide more information about your car, engine size, transmission, mileage..? Why did you change the coolant at first place and how, from where did you drain it? How many litres you had drained? Was there any coolant leaks prior to change? Does the heating worked after filling up the new coolant? Give us more info and more likely someone will help. If you had drained all the coolant and you put back in only 500ml I strongly suggest do not drive the car. Regards