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  1. That’s an interesting reed, at the the end if you race both cars they will be very similar results, and the difference in acceleration may well been only a feeling. Back in the days early 2000 there were discussions about VAG cars between turbo diesel and turbo petrol, as some said that the diesels are faster on acceleration, perhaps was just a wrong feel from the low end torque. I agreed though, in hybrids the punch from turbo is missing obviously, but if you pay attention to the speedo you can see that speed builds up quickly, and yes traction battery charge will impact the acceleration because the car uses both petrol and electric power together. You can empty the battery on purpose and try to accelerate uphill, then you feel like driving a fully loaded with passengers Kia Picanto 1.1 automatic with aircon on. , it’s just not going 👌😊👍
  2. TonyHSD

    Winter tyres

    Hi, with the high miles you drive winter tyres would be beneficial to you, or perhaps all season one. I drive over 1000 miles every week and I have two sets of tyres, summer and winter, make sense as otherwise I will have to buy a new set every year if I drive with all seasons , and also they are more expensive but not better option than summer and winter. All depends your needs and personal preferences. In my case I spent £700 including fitting for two sets that will last for two years minimum and I will have maximum safety, comfort and efficiency, if I had to get an all season for my car a good set would be around £450 + which makes total coast £900+, for the same period of time. Either way you go just remember to rotate front and rear every 10k miles so you get even wear and maximum life out of them. Some people prefer not to do it, they can only change two fronts after some time but doing so it is a false economy, as you are ending up with two new and two fairly old tyres on the back. New rubber all around is the best. Regards
  3. This is 100% grease and it is absolutely normal for Auris, We have two Auris, one is 2010 with 136000 miles and the other is 2012 with 60k miles., they are exactly the same and both have it. Until there is a play in bolt joints or tie rods there is nothing to worry about it. Even don’t need to clean, just keep an eye for eventually a play in the future, might not happen anytime soon though. Regards
  4. Strong winds along with wet roads, winter tyres, fully loaded car or going uphill are the biggest enemies to the Toyotas hybrid drive train, no other type of cars are so sensitive against those, performance and efficiency are badly affected. The only way to keep a good economy is to take it easy on the accelerator, and not using a cruise control. 50mpg real world average both ways not bad tough. Regards
  5. If anything else is fine with the car maybe is just how it is, I Have seen recently bmw’s very noisy Diesel engines even in 4 series cars, shame they look so slick and work like tractors.
  6. Hi, well they have The Prius Plus which seats in between regular Prius and Corollas, has a 7 seats and larger boot space. Corolla really seems popular these days in taxi industry, I start seeing a lot of Saloon models often and to be honest that model looks best as a town taxi, plus have boot big enough to carry airport luggage for three or 4 cabin bags and one large one. Rear leg room is much better than Hatch, roofline too, as good as estate one. I actually like all three variants of Corolla. Kia Niro also very popular choice in the trade, together with Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona. I ev already seen few Hatchbacks Corolla and a Lexus CT200h as PHV. Regards
  7. Hi, if you give us more info about the car and exact type of transmission fitted someone may have the right answer for you. Meanwhile best to fix the leaks first than simple change and refill maybe healthier solution. I guess your car is automatic and each type auto transmission has their own specs and service requirements. Regards
  8. They may have not emission tested but the testers goes under the car and will spot it straight away so it will not pass the legal way mot.
  9. Yeah, I like that cold engine feeling too, it feels like you are driving a full ev with ice range extender 😉, but doesn’t last for long because the battery gets drained quickly and engine rpm rises again to recharge and assist with acceleration.
  10. Hi, have you checked the Exhaust heat shells all along the pipes, they start from the front where catalytic converter and on top of the middle silencer and around the rear, it is a common fault with age on Prius and many more cars, they get rusted and loose . You can fix that with larger washers or anything that can hold them back securely. Regards
  11. Hi, I noticed when battery has a good amount of charge and you select Sport mode then in hard acceleration the car has a much more punch than if battery is drained or low on charge, however those will apply in hard acceleration in any mode , therefore I believe that sport mode changes the throttle responds only, and with the latest models may also change steering weight but I can’t said about that as I am an older car owner. Regards
  12. Most of car manufacturers figures are quite accurate with some +&- , sometimes all you need is to reset the counter while you driving and let it re set itself again, and of course best way is to calculate properly full tank to full tank otherwise you are far from realistic consumption imo.
  13. Well that is ok but you need to clean them with good amount of water not just wiped with damp clothes. I try to avoid wiping mine very often because if not cleaned with plenty of water they get scratched very easily and after few times like that they will become permanently damaged and will need a restoration sooner than usual. The mist will disappear even with led’s but slightly slower than if with normal halogen bulbs.
  14. Understand, then best way is to book a test drive and get the measurements yourself or even try to fit the wheelchair and see how will work for you. There will be some owner’s responds soon . I wish you good luck with the new car 👍 Regards
  15. Hi, best video to watch about the touring sport. If you want only the boot info skip video to 11:45 and you straight onto the boot sizes and shapes . Regards