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  1. Hi, at least the steering wheel is centred now., are all 4 tyres exact same make and model and are the pressures correct ? I can see your car is equipped with 225 17” tyres which can make the things worse. My car also pulls a bit to the left, and all previous Toyota hybrids that I had, some more , some less , and I think as been mentioned earlier because of the roads. You can try to swap front with rear tyres, set the pressures and give it a try, and also you can try driving on opposite side of the road if no cars around and it’s safe to do so, if the car pulls to the right then it’s not
  2. Hi, I bought from them and they were actually good with me, even exchanged one of the wheels as had arrived damaged. , perhaps they had no correct answer to your question and didn’t want to look at it. Best to check yourself and if they have something suitable no worries to buy from them. 👍
  3. Hi, you can check here: https://www.wheel-size.com
  4. Oil on the plugs tread can be because of the gaskets and or valve seals, strangely this modern engines consume oil a lot but does not smoke or cause an emissions issue like older worn out engines that smoke blue from exhaust. I can recommend to stick with manufacturer recommended grade no matter how many miles or how much oil consumption is, and you can put a wynns oil stop leak next time, it may make a bigger difference than just switching to 5w30. Engine flush on every oil change if one a year is also a good idea. 👍
  5. Not sure if relevant, but sometimes my car feels horribly hard, and sometimes well balanced in terms of harshness on the road, can eventually if all above mentioned been within specs the humidity or air temperature cause some abrupt change to the shock absorbers and then to follow harder drive ? This is what I noticed on Prius, Prius plus and Auris gen 1 hybrid., interestingly this event has been there since cars been brand new, my point is it might be a characteristic of the cars., or perhaps fatigue to the human body if been seated in the car for over 10 hours, got tired and start feeling
  6. Well Toyota hybrids are popular choice for many drivers that drives a lot because they are efficient but also for many that doesn’t as they just like the way these cars drives and been reliable. I personally drive Toyota hybrid for all of the above as my daily drive is very often an excess of 200 miles. I don’t use any apps though, my car is old and has no connected services anyway. Toyota hybrid driver since 2013. 👍🚘
  7. Hi, I mean by “moving slightly” actually not moving at all but trying to., the whole car is trying to push itself forward, this is absolutely normal in all Toyota/Lexus hybrids and it’s something that can freak out many new owners. Btw when this happens the car automatically applies her main brakes on top of the hand brake if the second been engaged or disengaged , leaving the car in P only it’s ok . , no risk the car will drive away., Corolla has an auto handbrake too. My car has manual hand brake and it’s shift by wire but the jolt is there too. You maybe just need some time to get us
  8. Hi, actually I think the shocks can go bad and become solid causing exactly that harsh drive, but hard to believe they will do all 4 at the same time, ., tyres can do too if they are old summer ones and air temperature outside is below 10C°, suspension rubber bushes can do too, silicone wd-40 can solve the issue with them though, but hard to say what exactly is the reason without car been seen. Best to get it check yourself or by a trustworthy mechanic. Regards
  9. Hi, The problem most likely comes from the fact that the whole front exhaust pipes including the cat are of different make and has different exhaust flow rate compared to the oem, since that the rear silencer is supplied with extra exhaust flow (different exhaust gases speed) and that difference cause the extra noise which silencer can not deadening. You may ask your insurance to fix a new rear silencer from the same make that was fixed the front part of the exhaust or replace all the parts with oem to match the rear silencer. The theory for the soot make sense to some extent although if
  10. Egr’s get clogged on petrol cars, but it’s not only that, the catalytic converter does too, best to use some good additives like wynns catalytic converter and lambda sensor cleaner this thing does a magic. , had me fixed recent problems on hard acceleration. Make sure you use exactly as on the label, and good quality petrol , BP is probably the best one.
  11. Has the car had this throaty sounds prior the cat been nicked? If the car was quiet then it’s not from the rear silencer but from the front , the new parts fitted and or poor workmanship. The silencer can not get rusted in a few weeks time . Something might not be right with diagnosis. Maybe a second perhaps third opinion and check from another garage be a good idea.
  12. 1.6 is similar to 1.8 hybrid and has cat at the same place plus the same large opening under the car that make access super easy. Thieves are after a quick job, best to install same cat plate lock like on the hybrid ones.
  13. Have you tried used one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153230968582 I think you might be better off with used genuine part than with unknown maker and sent from abroad. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273570519794
  14. May have a look at this website https://www.autodoc.co.uk
  15. As Gerg has well explained, when engaged R or D actually what happens is to unlock this pin that holds the whole planetary gear set together and prevent the car of moving, I think because Corolla has more conventional gear selector has nothing to do with the jolt, this jolt happens inside the transmission and is the same in any other Toyota hybrids, Prius all variants,, Auris , Yaris etc. Have you put the car into P while waiting on red lights in traffic, I do often and the car moves slightly forward, sometimes after moves forward then moves backwards, I am talking about very little movement
  16. So basically the car has no Toyota warranty at all since been not serviced in their own network plus there are no enough proof that the service was carried out to the manufacturer specs, although purchased car from a dealer comes with some sort of warranty cover by the dealer who sells the car, therefore down to the new owner to make a good deal with the seller and get some sort of physical proof how much and what exactly is covered, plus if the car is in good condition at reasonable price, can be a good buy. 👍
  17. Hi, all cars are affected by side winds, some more some less, the taller the vehicle is more affected is, that’s just physics. The tyres should be dead on recommended pressure, anything above or below will off set the car driving characteristics and may cause noise, harsh drive, uneven tyres wear and suspension wear. No problem to change wheels size as long as the new size matches manufacturer charts., but that will not affect the stability of the car a lot, even can be unnoticeable. As mentioned, road surfaces, side winds, profile of the car, wheel base, tyres type and pressure, weight of th
  18. Wd -40 spray few times, then few hours later spray again and try with the service key if it won’t turn, spray one more time and leave it for next day to try again, should work then. I use to lube that lock once every few months as preventative measure in case I need to use it for an emergency unlock.
  19. Thanks, that’s good to know. Battery health check is good especially if you run into trouble and decide to go through warranty for repair if you are eligible, otherwise the check itself does not warrant the battery or inverter will work as the should for the next 12 or more months,. My point is no need to rush to do it, but if you want to stay covered best to stick with dealer/ manufacturer recommendations for service and maintenance. , and you know you are covered if anything goes wrong. 👍
  20. Not sure they are exchangeable, the new ones has more info perhaps this data comes from somewhere, will your car support it , who knows , maybe buy and try with deal from the seller if doesn’t fit you can return but not sure if they will agree. 👍
  21. Hi, I am not sure you can book hhc on its own, been only available as part of the regular service at no extra cost. Best to speak to your dealer. If the car needs service again this will include the hhc. Regards
  22. Ok, sometimes even you had followed the procedure it is possible to get that jolt again, all because of the odd position of the parking lock, these transmissions has nothing else that can cause this behaviour., What I do when this happens to me, I just select D or R and let the car move a bit, 2 feet is enough, then do the procedure again if on uneven road or just put in park and leave it like that , the engine starts and stops few times afterwards while I am waiting inside and no jolts at all, but if I just leave it as it was before, every time ice start does jolts. Maybe try this too and see
  23. That is different from smart keyless entry and start option where you only need the key fob in your pocket and can unlock/lock the car by touching the door handle, start the car with push button. Your front doors handles should have built in touch sensitive buttons, on the picture below is models xse trim doesn’t appear to have one. https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/toyota/corolla/2017/photos-exterior/door-handle My car has it and although it’s older model it looks like that on the second picture., your model perhaps the button is two lines on the front of the handle but I can see non.
  24. Hi, usually this can happen when you park the car on uneven places and using no handbrake (parking brake)., or when foot brake not been pressed properly the car moves immediately after gear selection is made and jolts, the reason is that the parking lock in your transmission goes into odd position, that’s all, not a mechanical issue but slightly annoying. To avoid all that happened you can try the following procedure: Park the car at the same place as usual, select N (neutral) pressing the brake pedal, apply parking brake and with the car in N depress brake pedal so the car can be hold
  25. Hi, you had a low state of charge on your 12v battery. You managed to wake it up and start the car. Only half an hour run or charge it’s not sufficient and you have to take an action ASAP or you are risking to have same experience very soon. Buy a ctek trickle charger and hook up the battery, give it a long charge until charger shows is ready it could be 12hrs or more and if you are lucky you may save your battery. If your battery is dead and can’t hold a charge you will have no choice but to buy a new one. And btw the nights are still freezing cold., weather is too cold for the season, if you
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