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  1. That is good, new tyres are always the best. The car will like it 👍
  2. Hi, these tyres are gone by all means, it is time for new one for sure. Black circles has 15% off for nhs staff if you can manage like that if not there are still some good offers too. Choose something that is quiet, it makes big difference in Toyota cars. Regards
  3. Your English is perfect, I understood your writing but my point with the water is that sometimes even the drainage tube looks clean from inside the car, may have been disconnected or blocked from outside end from driving through high grass in woodlands or something, just double check again under the car, if water runs after ac use and it’s hot outside your drainage works fine, You said that you had use some cleaning sprays to clean the air vents and passages, that can also cause you a problem. If you have a fungus built on air ducts best way to get rid of them is to start the engine, turn on heater at max temp and set the air flow middle of dash, once the engine temp is high enough turn the heater blower fun to speed 3 and leave it like that for 20 min, the high temperature will dry completely your system and kill the bacteria. When using AC switch it off 3min before you turn off and leave your car parked, this procedure will dry eventually any moisture left after air con use. You can try this tips. Good luck
  4. Hi, if it’s hot where you are like 25-30C start the car and turn ON ac leave it on for 10 min to cool down the interior then turn off the car and watch under the front near one of the wheels there should be water coming, if not you need to check the drainage pipe if it’s blocked or if it’s all properly connected.
  5. With iPhone and Carista obd 2 adaptor you can check battery temperature, cells voltage, life, and more, but if you want you can get a cheap android that will give you some more options, Huawei P smart or P30 lite or Honor 10 can do the job perfectly. Using AC in temps over 25C is really beneficial, because the interior air is actually used to cool the hybrid battery, full ev’s like Tesla has liquid cooling but our cars doesn’t. Regards
  6. Hi, I agreed with Gerg , something might have blocked the battery air vent and caused higher battery temp, together with high air temperature outside, using an air con in the car in hot days helps a lot. There is a air filter on the air vent that needs check and clean on regular basis, older Toyota hybrids need a fan cleaning procedure too. Regards
  7. Good morning, I know Prius is a Prius and can’t camouflage it but Prius plus are not that popular and making the car look unknown model will make them confused for sure. Also when you park it is a good idea to throw a blanket over the dash and gear shifter so they are not able to see if the car really is a hybrid or not. We also suffer from those thefts and we had done all the above and hope they will miss ours in the future. Daihatsu badge will do it too. 👍
  8. To the op, as an idea when you have your car sorted you may also remove all hybrid badges from the hybrid cars you have including the front and rear Toyota emblems if they haven’t got any sensors built in. Delete the blue background and fit them back as normal Toyota . For the Prius plus you can buy emblems for Scion cars from eBay or aliexpress, they should fit and will make the car look like far Asian model unknown to thieves and no hybrid badges they will drive past it without knowing it is a target. EBay uk sells cat covers that seems well made, easy diy fit plus they can be secure with wheel security bolts from Peugeot. We should make it as harder as possible for these who steal.
  9. Used car price will rise a lot, new one will plunge down but even then there will be very small amount of orders. People are loosing jobs, life is changing dramatically and many things will not be the same as before March 2020. Btw there might be a lot of used Toyota hybrids for sale as second hand, coming straight from private hire businesses that also goes burst.
  10. When you turn on air con at max cold settings and to blow mid section of dash at max speed fun put a thermometer on the air vent and you should get readings between 4-6C. If anything above 8C or more the air con needs regas.
  11. Hi, definitely is the egr cooler, intake manifold, and throttle body that needs full clean. Very common problems on this cars.
  12. Check this one guys, they are still doing it, no pandemic stops them.
  13. Yes, I use the car for my work. Before that was my girlfriend’s car and she drives around 2k miles a year and the pollen filter was pretty much same condition when I was changing it every 12 months, sometimes more often even very low miles were covered. My dad lives in small town and he drives less than 5k miles a year a his car filter is never that black, just normal debris and leaves but no carbon from pollution.
  14. Here is the difference between old and new cabin filter, two months and 10k miles on uk motorways, a lots of carbon buildup and smells like fumes.
  15. Pollen filter is the most important filter in the car 👍 I do very often change it even if it’s clean just to make sure I breathe a clean air. Usually when filter is dirty enough smells like fumes, petrol something like that.
  16. Looks like it, if you haven’t wrongly refuelled then the traction battery most likely is too low, these cars don’t go wrong unless something wrong it’s done to them . Your best bet is Toyota dealer. Try to find someone who has a NHS Card that he/she works within the NHS and ask to help, some dealers are open and they do service for nhs key worker’s cars. Good luck
  17. TonyHSD

    Is it worth it?

    Hi, Lexus IS exactly same car as already mentioned, but has a lot better interior in terms of quality of materials, also it’s smaller inside and seating position is lower, very cramped on the back seat too. Fuel economy, dynamics and general performance is same. Regards
  18. Any car would be difficult because of the rust. If you live in Greece you would not have that problem 😊☀️. I watch some Greek guy doing diy videos on his Corolla from 2012 that car has no rust at all, bolts and nuts under the car are clean, only dust, black suspension parts are still black with a hint of dust., but if you look under a uk 8 old Toyota you will find completely different pictures,.🌧🌧😐. I did my bearings with heating them a bit with heat gun, hummer and specialist wd-40, job done. Rear were not too bad but front one , omg. Regards
  19. TonyHSD

    Plug in hybrid?

    Correct, and because Toyota e-cvt are not the transmissions suitable for race driving which ironically is the new norm for ‘normal driving’ also called “ keeping up with traffic flow “ these cars are not favourite to the press and many car owners that waiting some morons to tell them what car is best for them, petrol or diesel , hybrid or full ev. The time the majority of car owners realise that ecvt is better option for day to day driving ice cars will be very few, the alternative fuel vehicles will dominate, but that time is closer than ever with the pandemic going on around the world what supposed to happen in 5-10 years time will happen in just 3-5 years from now. 👍
  20. TonyHSD

    Plug in hybrid?

    Couldn’t agree more👍 The only hybrid that makes sense buying at the moment is Toyota Lexus, the German ones are full stop, rather get a diesel from them. The mentioned merc c is a joke, it’s got a starter that’s kicks in to turn the ice, sounds stupidly funny, for efficiency don’t even want to talk, even their sellers would recommend to you diesel if you are a mileage maker. Vw hybrids a also not right using a dsg box, if Toyota make these move away from what they have to offer now with their drive trains people would stop buying hybrids for sure. Full ev or small petrol manual car is the only way to go if you are not happy with Toyota hybrids., ops only my personal opinion. No offence to anyone. ✌️ Regards
  21. Hahaha, I am a slow driver/rider the scooter is the Prius of the scooters, most popular in the world but not fastest, I like riding it slow and watching around, exploring my town, saves me walking long distance. The Auris is fully stock, no change at all, but maybes because of the wheels looks like is lowered, perhaps is lower than standard 1.6 that usually comes with this size wheels for aerodynamic purposes. I will ask EBC to start making pads for the electric scooter too. Hahah they will laugh at me but there is a big market for that.😂🛴👍
  22. Hi, B mode actually can work without ice on, but you need to drive at speeds lower than 30mph. It’s same as higher regen level in which some other hybrids and full ev is available to choose as different settings. In higher speeds ice is engaged and B mode provides more stopping power by the engine similar to overdrive on old school automatics. I personally use it sometimes when going downhill, it is useful plus reminds me how cool is to drive a manual car from time to time. Regards
  23. Nice, I recently changed all 4 brake discs, pads and wheel bearings plus new wheels and tyres. Wheel bearings and disc are Blueprint, pads are EBC Ultimax these are most suitable for hybrids because they are soft and bite very well on cold, wheels are genuine Toyota and tyres are the new model efficient grip performance by Goodyear, all done two - three weeks before lockdown, now I am only watching it sit on my drive😐, but I have another toy to play, so much fun. 👍🛴
  24. Hi , I have the email from Toyota too. Now I am not driving it, but my baby is never forgotten. I lock and unlock doors every day, taking stuff in and out, leaving in ready mode once or twice a week for 20-30 min and one trip to London 17 miles each way, touching the wood so far so good. With this rain now I am worried for the brakes too, they become rusty and with minimal to no use this will be an issue for many people along with flat 12v batteries. I may start driving more often just to keep my brand new brakes clean. Regards
  25. That post made my day! So funny 😂