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  1. 20 minutes ago, Catlover said:

    I like that idea of cleaning discs up. Tried it this morning, made sure no cars behind me, put into neutral, immediately more “free wheeling” effect, then the braking. Lovely shiny discs all round, but there again, I didn’t look before went shopping. doh!

    Same, done it last night and after that the brakes has more bite, king of sharper feeling on the pedal, nicer then before and the discs looks shinier too. 👍

  2. 1 hour ago, Toeyoyta said:

    Thanks Tony but as explained its intermittent so unlikely to be a tyre. Inspection by main Toyota dealership could not find anything unusual and carried out a new MOT. I am collecting the car late this afternoon so will report back. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Ok, if you look at the brake discs if they are not shiny metal but rusty this can mean you have a stuck slider pins and that can cause the issues you describe, the pads will rub onto the disc surface. Your brakes might need to be cleaned and lubricated, it’s a common issue on hybrid cars since these cars uses e motor to slow down and actual brakes does not get enough braking force (friction)to clean up themselves . Let see what the  dealer will say about it. , hopefully they will get it sorted fast. You can also try to clean the brakes as you do few slow downs from 60 mph to 20 mph in N neutral, no need to be hard braking just moderate and linear preferably going downhill and take into account other road users, safety first 👍

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  3. On 6/15/2021 at 9:07 PM, RabButler said:

    A couple of weeks ago the ambient temperature was less than 10 degrees.  It makes a big difference. Last Friday I had to reduce my tyres from 39f/38r back to the 35/34 they were set at at the beginning of May. Motoring got quieter!

    Now exactly opposite, since temperature went down tyre pressures were down by 1 bar, had to top up some air lately. 👌 Regular checks and adjustments are always best 👍

  4. Me not happy, rain, wind, lower temperature and a bit of more enthusiastic driving and I had lost around 8mpg for the last fill up, I should be  driving  more efficiently next time to compensate for the change of other factors😉🚗👍

  5. Hi and welcome. That sound can be coming from anything that rotates, tyre, wheels, bearings, engine, transmission, best if you can record a video and share with us then we might be able to recognise the noise and the cause of it. Have you check all tyres for a little stones stuck between the thread or nail inside one of the tyres? 

  6. Wheel size although make affect on tyre noise the biggest difference comes from the tyre rubber, thread pattern and pressure more than the size and low profile.  I had experience better noise levels from 17” set than a 16” set.. I had try a few new Toyota hybrids with different tyre makes as oem, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Toyo, plus aftermarket Nexen, Goodyear and found out best of all are the Goodyear efficient grip performance, then Yokohama, then Nexen. The problem with low profile tyres is that often they come in HP and UHP variants and those types are always noisier than touring tyres, which actually are the most comfortable and seats between HP and LRR tyres as performance and efficiency. I am rolling on Goodyear’s now and my Auris is ultra quiet, even I can hear the wind noise created by the wipers, I had recently changed my wipers aero twin to classic ones and these make wind noise, will go back to Aeros next time. 👍👌🚗

  7. 39 minutes ago, Mikw said:

    Returning home from my annual holiday (car went brilliantly!) i noticed that the black plastic trim on the underneath of the mirror casing had detached, leaving a large gap, enough to see the internals of the wing mirror.

    I clipped it back into place fairly easily, but after a further drive, a short one, it had detached again.

    Guess i'd better get the dealer to sort it out as water getting into that gap would be bad for the electricals contained inside the mirror assembly?

    Hm, that is interesting . Why is detached, has it been hit by someone or something? Usually inside mirror always water finds it’s way and all electronics should be well protected, my ones get properly wet when jet washed on regular basis., plus the heavy rain on motorways, so,far no issues. 👍

  8. 49 minutes ago, Cyker said:

    Yeaaa... I'm hoping I can get it for less than £25 for 1L!!!! But they have that exclusivity - As you say it's hard to source - Even Opie oils didn't stock it last time I looked!

    So far the car's used very little oil, just a tiny bit... not bad considering I have been hooning it around quite lot... :whistling: 

    I suspect people keep thinking it's a GR, then are disappointed when they realise it's the hybrid, then are surprised when I shoot off :laugh:

    I haven't had so much fun driving since my Mk1 D4D! :biggrin:

    Just for top up in an emergency you can use 0w20, cheaper and widely available. Regular check ups are best for any car, I do open my bonnet at least once or twice a week. 👍

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  9. 2 hours ago, Catlover said:

    This morning I had a reminder from my Toyota dealer I am due for a service on Tuesday.  There was a list of what they were going to do, not had that before.  It included oil spec at 0w-16.  Not had this before.  I have a 2016 Prius Gen4, and always had 0w-20 before.  Any thoughts????

    I also opted for a four wheel alignment check at £35…….. worth it?????

    Hi, 4 wheel alignment is beneficial for your car as it has a independent suspension on all corners. For the Oil 0w16 is ok for your car too because has the same engine as 2019-2020 models, just an upgraded Oil for extra efficiency. The different in real world between 0w20, 0w16 and 0w8 may not be significant and these three types of Oil applications might be within similar specs., but best to ask the service manager. 
    Regards 👍

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  10. On brand new cars buying an engine oil for top up is not necessary IMO, These cars if cover 10k miles a year or less will only need visit once a dealer for a service and they will change the Oil for you. Oil difference between max and min is around a litre and that’s pretty much more than enough to cover any eventual consumption throughout the service interval. 

  11. 2 hours ago, loz8 said:

    I have a feeling,this will happen to me. Low milage rusty discs have always been a pain.

    Yet cars sit on dealers lots immune.

    I will avoid engine braking [b mode] to brighten discs up.

    To brighten up the brake discs you can also do few long moderate braking in Neutral N and the car will slow down without using regenerative braking and will clean the discs. No need to be aggressive braking just as long as possible going downhill for example. 👍

  12. 20 minutes ago, camellia30 said:

    My experience today:

    Direct line doubled my premium over last year when I was insuring a Volvo V40, so I started looking around...

    Toyota Insurance declined to quote

    Lots of other quotes, but I went with LV, who were reasonable at last years premium + bit less than 10%

    I was a bit surprised Toyota declined to quote, I don't recall that ever happening before.

    Hi, you can try Adrian flux and quote you are a member of Toyota forum Uk , you probably gonna get best possible price, also they are brokers and will talk to you on the phone plus give you advice how to get best cover that suits you. Best experience so far with car insurance. Highly recommended. Remember, you will need to take the quote on the day when you are on the phone with them, check any lowest possible prices to give to them as comparison, they will beat them or match but you need to have real quotes. 
    Good luck 👍

  13. 15 minutes ago, yossarian247 said:

    When you see how easy it actually is you'll kick yourself! From memory at first sight it looks way more difficult than it is. First time I had a bulb blow I struggled, but after owning the car for a while and changing a couple of rear bulbs it becomes a 5 minute job.

    Front side bulbs (parking bulbs) are pain , bought led because of that reason but they turned to be illegal and haven’t use them yet. Perhaps will sell and continue to use long life Osram w5w 

  14. 5 hours ago, GBgraham said:


    Thanks for your thoughts and observations, this the first petrol ICE I've owned apart for a few classics for about 45 years and my first CVT. Although I do wonder how a diesel engine would have performed in conjunction with the hybrid.



    there are few cars with that combination although they are not a Toyota products and very different hybrid technology. Some even has a starter motor and gears (Mercedes, Audi) and you can hear the starter is turning the engine. For efficiency owners has complained that a simple diesel is more economical in real world in comparison with their hybrids., perhaps due to the complexity of these hybrid drivetrains. Not sure if it’s going to be healthy for a standard Diesel engine to be a part of the Toyota hybrid system and work under constant stop start conditions., plus the noise, vibrations and overall pollution created by the burning of heavy Oil. Diesel burning process is dirty, best way to reduce these emissions is to eliminate that process, no diesel 👌👍

  15. 1 hour ago, mrpj said:

    The location of that "repair" looks borderline for the allowed repairable area Tony?

    I use this handy gauge to check -  https://www.etyres.co.uk/repairable-area-gauge

    For some reason that link doesn't work but is accessible on their website.

    A spaceaver and kit inclusion was a deal breaker when I bought my Yaris. At the time it came with a compressor and goo.



    Hi, you are right and thank you for sharing that information. I thought about but since is fixed it hasn’t caused any defects or shape change of the tyre therefore I believe it’s safe and ok to use. Perhaps because it’s on the top of the square thread that is usually stronger structure., if it was between the protector in the canal would have not been possible to repair. 


  16. 25 minutes ago, Catlover said:

    I think it was quite clever of Toyota to delay marketing a full EV. They have got a good following with hybrid cars what with Prius, Corolla, Chr, Yaris plus some others, a good following of owners who haven’t been restricted by a max 150mile return journey that has frustrated many. Even now you have to pay a lot of money to buy an EV that will do more than say 250 miles. Plus the lengthy charging times, few charging points etc.  On the other hand when Toyota releases it EV it could well be capable of recharging in minutes rather then hours and do 400 miles. Technology has really moved on since the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, Toyota are spearheading change.

    Until there is a petrol sold at the garage Toyota hybrid might be the better option for a handful people and they know that plus Toyota hybrids has a large existing customer base who may buy a newer hybrid instead of switching to Ev’s, along with the fact there are still millions of people yet to be converted from diesels towards electrified and those are more likely to jump into the hybrid game instead of a full ev. 250 miles is perhaps the maximum achievement in rear world scenarios these days and therefore I keep myself away from bev, otherwise the money I pay monthly for petrol would have buy me a new ev easily., if it had unlimited miles and at least 5 year warranty. 😉👍

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