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  1. 12 hours ago, Goretti said:

    I have a 2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid. I've just noticed at each side of the number plate on the front, two neat square holes. I assume there was something in them which some kind soul has decided to pinch, but I've no idea what they were , or how to replace them . It looks weird with just the holes, so I'd like to  replace whatever was there if possible. Any advice appreciated.

    If you are talking about these caps they cover the holes where towing bar mounts. You can order this part from your local dealer or scarp yards , if they have same car for breaking. 



  2. My story with the tyres and my current car. I switched from 215/45 17 down to 205/55 16 . The manufacturer recommended pressures at oem size 17”  were 2.3 and 2.2 bar. Since I swapped the tyres the new size obviously are softer with higher side walls I inflated them to the same values 2.3-2.2 front and rear and the car felt right but very soft , then I inflated to 2.4-2.3 bar and I had a bit of harder drive. Then I thought what was the point of having different size wheels and tyres if I have the same or worse comfort., I set the tyres at 2.35-2.25 bar front and rear on cold and since then I found my sweet spot, the perfect balance between comfort, rolling resistance, road noise and tyre wear. I do regularly check how they are wearing and tbh they do very equally front and rear on all 4 corners. 👌

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  3. I can feel the difference when changing old with new oil. Engine becomes quieter, more responsive and easier on acceleration. Similar to when driving on E5 99 vs E10 95. I also found that using some additives by wynns for example engine oil stop leak or engine oil friction modifier the same effect of new oil can be noticed immediately. I usually add some of these sometimes mid oil change at 5000 miles. Castrol oil btw previously when was doing a lots of different cars remember it was the oil that sticks to the dipstick the most no matter viscosity. They were calling it Magnatec. 

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  4. Just now, fourbanks said:

    Not really, Tony, it's not every time this happens. The brake discs are clean all round 

    Ah, ok. These cars sometimes have noises that comes and goes from suspension, dashboard plastics etc. For,the front suspension typically there are some noises when going’s over bump’s either at turn or straight, when suspension is loaded then squeaking noise can occur. I found what causes that and a simple solution. All explained in Auris forum but I can’t find the post. The noise comes from the rear suspension arm bushing. They need some silicone spray and the car all quiet again. There were some issues with new Corolla recently on another member and the dealer discovered a faulty shock absorbers, replaced under warranty and problems disappeared. Problems like that happens and sometimes is more difficult to discover what exactly causes them. 

  5. 1 minute ago, fourbanks said:

    Thanks, Joe. The brake backplate has a couple of manufactures bends in it if that's the part you are talking about. The  metal shield located at the back of the disc? 

    On full lock, both left and right on level ground no noise 

    Any possibility you can record the noise and how exactly happens, the place you are driving. More information shared more likely someone to pinpoint the problem and suggested eventually a solution. Sometimes drivers experience can be as valuable as a mechanics one. 👍

  6. 5 minutes ago, MikeSh said:

    Ah, that makes sense then. They probably don't supply that info in markets where that speed is nowhere near legal.

    Only 0.1 bar (1.5psi) difference too. That surprises me, but does suggest that at UK motorway speeds the required extra would be miniscule.

    Can the MK4 sustain 160kph (100mph)?

    Yes they can , judging by the speeds I have been overtaken by Yarises mk4 on the motorway 🏁🚗👍

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  7. Diagnostic run by the dealer would be my first step. The stored trouble codes will point towards direction where and what to look for. Likely it will be a dealer job anyway since it’s new car. If it was “ hybrid system malfunction “ - this can be as a result of many things like issues with engine, transmission, hybrid Battery, inverter or simply software glitch. Low voltage in 12v Battery can also cause something similar, but I have no experience with Rav4 and especially phev, and can’t help any further. Most of the cars after an issue need 4-5 separate attempts to start and they will come off limp home or protection mode and eventually become drivable again unless physically broken. 👍

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Notfer said:

    It didn't give me the option?

    I said 1 month free trial and then a list of options, but the auto lock wasn't one of them. Even though I know its a feature, as it popped up to start with in the car, before I plugged it in, just wasn't allowed to change it.

    I believe the car has not that option available by default and that’s why you was not able to activate it.
     For me the Carista is the best accessories along with air compressor, pressure gauge and tyre puncture strips that I carry with my car. Sorry it didn’t work for you., at least Amazon are great for returning.👌👍

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  9. 1 minute ago, Notfer said:

    Just an update after getting the car - Carista is being returned to Amazon, as actually doesn't have any of the features it says it does on the website!
    That being said, the lack of auto locking isn't really an inconvenience

    Did  you activated free subscription? If no subscription using their own app the options are very limited. You can pretty much only check engine faults and clear them, nothing else. The reason why I like this adapter is because it gives a choice to buy subscription and have full access to useful options or download and use free third party apps , but honestly all good apps require some sort of payments to unlock options. 

  10. 59 minutes ago, Roy124 said:

    Bolts not studs, that is if the diagram is correct. 

    Either way they can not simply tighten up a lot more without changing the bolts themselves and or the hubs, or risking the bolts to snap while loaded in sharp turns , high speeds, faster acceleration and harder braking. 

  11. 3 hours ago, PJR77 said:

    When you consider that, for each tyre, the amount of tread in contact with the road is only about the size of the palm of your hand, why would you want to reduce the braking efficiency by over-inflating? It is not logical.

    Correct 👌👍

    Many sport and rally cars are running low pressure tyres for that reason. The risk of low pressure tyres and high speeds otoh is that this can cause overheating and blow off the tyre. But here the numbers of pressure and speeds has to be extreme. Also the reason, why we see lorries with disintegrated tyres on the motorway, simply because they had been overloaded and speeding. 

  12. I

    2 hours ago, Mooly said:

    Well... maybe the lack of friction (effectiveness) of the oil control rings contributes to better mpg. Sometimes you just have to put a bit of positive spin on the situation. I'm sure mine feels quicker now at 86k and with using 10w40 oil than it ever was when quite new and running on 0w20. The mpg is no worse. 

    If oil control rings are gone, the 10w40 quickly becomes 0w20 and 0w20 becomes 0w8 😂👌, ultra efficient. My one started burning oil more , it’s not too bad cup to a litre per 10k miles but previously was nothing, not even a drop of oil between changes. 

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  13. 9 minutes ago, forkingabout said:

    Wonder if the wheel studs are screwed in to the hub from the front & secured with threadlock OR spline fitment from the back? 

    Splines fitted from the back if they are same design as previous models. I believe these types of parts are universal design through out the most models and until an issue they does not change. BZ4X a new electric car with low rpm high torque, it might require completely redesigned wheel bearings and if they haven’t done that now is the time to do it. Munro live is the channel to follow and watch. These guys explain many things that can’t be seen or learned from everywhere. 👍

  14. Lorries are fastest vehicles on the motorways these days followed by vans and other trades. Nothing slows them down , no speed limits, no cameras, no road works , nothing! It’s insane what is happening, and believe me 56mph they do in 30mph roads in London , they even drive faster than that on North Circular A406. If I record  with camera from my car you won’t believe it I was driving in town, you will think I was at close circuit, Good Wood, Silverstone or similar. 🚛🏁🏎

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  15. Setting the correct tyre pressure is a very tricky job and requires patience, air compressor and pressure gauge. 
    Most important of all is to do that in the morning before the sun sees the car and before you are driving off. If you take your car to the nearest petrol station you can’t set pressure correctly. 
    Check your pressure values in the book or from the car label and adjust accordingly, no need to exceed the given pressures, just keep around these numbers. If the car becomes bumpy means you have over inflated, if it’s too squishy and soft means you have under inflated tyres. 👍

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  16. Scraping noise on full steering lock can occur from cv joints boots where inner ribs are touching and scraping each other while steering is on full lock. This noise can be reduced by spraying some silicone lubricant onto them. To check if it’s from them when turning just undo slightly the steering wheel and the noise will immediately disappear. This also can happen from tyres hedges making contact with road. But if all scraping noises comes with a sense of bottom of the car touching the ground then we are talking about completely different matter. 👍

  17. Just normal and typical for Toyota cars. What you can do is to clean the rubber seal and window properly then you can apply some silicone spray to the seal but it will make the window smeared. Other way to tackle this is to run the window down completely then lift up to the desired position, most of the times fix the rattling noises.  👍

  18. 3 hours ago, Kental said:

    Our mk4 in white especially with the Tokyo Fusion front and rear stripes looks like a training shoe and I really like it. The light colour makes all the curves stand out.577B4822-98B1-4197-9323-867A78283B35.thumb.jpeg.866a89939ae2339ebf2fdfc396bfd9ee.jpeg

    Beautiful car 👌

    Have you fitted cross climate tyres? How does the car feel with them? Quieter, softer drive, have you noticed any difference? I still can’t decide should I go for all season or just get another summer set of my favourite egp 2. 

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  19. I have found someone from US back in 2019-2020 who is into these phone car readers and he and his work shows Carista as number two favourite and number one is obd links ls, with faster bluetooth and Wi-Fi speeds something needed for more advanced hybrid system and hybrid Battery checks on latest hybrids. Since I have old hybrid Carista does the job for me ok , it’s cheaper and I like their app. I have paid £50 yearly subscription but saved me tons of money when I had those hybrid system malfunction and wheel sensor faults, therefore no regret 👌👍


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  20. 4 minutes ago, fourbanks said:

    The dealer is going to look into this problem as to why this takes place on a camber and sleeping policemen. Personally i think my model the GR sport should have come with a warning with regards cambers and had it done so i would not have purchased it and brought the C-HR SIMPLE. The customer service can't help as they always say"i know nothing" and by the sound of them they certainly don't 

    i'll see what the damage is and take from there if it's miner keep it and if worse will have to sell it at a loss and go else ware or upgrade to the C-HR 

    so if you own a GR sport watch out 

    If you worry about the car clearance and you like the car and want to keep it you can simply change the springs and rise it up a bit to standard specs like icon and design or even more than standard specs if you buy all 4 springs for trek versions. 

  21. 18 minutes ago, Roy124 said:


    Hi Roy, 

    this is actually what drains the 12v Battery the most.
    When opening the door the car things you are about to drive and pressurises the brake system (draws significant amount of energy). Then when you close the door without driving off the car believes that your journey has ended and de pressurises the brake system and draws power from 12v Battery again. 
    I noticed that in the nights when I open the drivers door and keep it open form a minute then the system started to de pressurise itself and the interior light was ON and did dimmed a bit while the pump was working. I remember since that the same thing was happening on brand new Priuses I was driving before. You can try that on your car and see if is going to happen too. 👍

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