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  1. Hi Joe, I have been using Carista obd 2 reader in my 2010 Auris hybrid successfully. It helped me find and delete multiple faults on engine, hybrid system and speed sensor on wheel bearings. You can use it with their own app with subscription or with other third party apps free or paid. Here it is the adapter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YVHGTBM?psc=1&ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_57K4XH1GX1KN4VDQX471
  2. From all cars ever had and been sat in my current auris has the best ones, which are exact same materials as Yaris GR four- fake suede and combination of real and synthetic leather. Very comfortable, grippy enough without been too grippy and very comfortable. Easy to clean and seems hard wearing too. 👌 💺
  3. It’s true 100%. Alternators has voltage regulator and that is set at 14.7v let say and no matter engine rpm this will stay same or very similar. Some small underpowered engines may stall if alternator has loaded them over their capacity at idle, when more energy required for jump starting a larger car which should never be done. Golden rule is bigger car starts smaller. Alternator also load the engine similar to mg1 when charging the hybrid battery. For the 12v system to the best of my knowledge everything except AC and hybrid power train is feed by the 12v battery which obviously gets its charge directly from the inverter/converter which works as alternator in standard cars. If the 12v battery is dead in a standard car to the point that can not hold any charge the car itself can not remain ON - engine will not be running with depleted battery , its the case with Toyota hybrids. Our cars (hybrids) has small 12v batteries because they do not turn engine starter that is the biggest energy consumer, followed by ac system and electric power steering. In Toyota hybrids the biggest energy draw from 12v battery is the brake booster pump, which pressurises and de pressurises the brake system ever time the ignition is ON or OFF or when drivers door been open or shut.
  4. That’s what I meant to exactly, the car been “ON” “ready mode”, or driving which is the same. Btw in standard petrol or diesel it’s also the same as long as engine is running at idle the battery gets as much charge as if you are on the motorway at 70mph, driving faster does not recharge battery better or quicker. 👌👍
  5. 15 min at a time might not be sufficient. 25-30+ min is the better and preferred option. If not able, that’s ok however there is a trick and tip to follow if you would like to have healthy 12v battery: Try to keep the car in ready mode as long as possible. Try to avoid unnecessary opening and closing of the drivers door Turn off interior lights during summer season when you most likely never need them and especially if you are walking around the car with key fob on your pocket. 👍
  6. Corolla GR sport doesn’t have any real leather in the seats at all. Excel might have some and this can be seen on used cars example as leather has been aged. GR similar to Design trim has Synthetic leather and cloth upholstery on the seats. Hear you can see from pictures of a showroom car model 2022 GR Sport . All leather materials are of the same rough grade. 👍
  7. I think anyone can do that on any car. , or am I wrong ?
  8. I hope Toyota reconsider the position of the dashboard instrument cluster and redesign the car. Most likely not, but this alone for me is a big deal and will put me off any eventual purchase. Same as model s plaid, stupid steering yoke. What’s wrong with recent makes and models, cars are still vehicles and not planes, they drive on the road and does not fly, why they need all that nonsense?! 🤔🫢
  9. Well, it seems like these guys found a solution and selling it to others. Well done to them. They sell used multimedia screens from written off Corollas and all connections needed. This perhaps will be the best upgrade possible. Pay with PayPal or credit card to have some money guaranteed and give it a go if you about any of these extras. Good luck 👍
  10. Hi, all usual checks for buying a used car plus specifically - double check condition of cat converter if original, replaced with oem or aftermarket and any eventual engine errors on dashboard. Egr, valve and cooler, any history of been replaced or cleaned and when? Check if AC is working and blowing ice cold air. Check brakes for rust . Hybrid battery cooling fan grill, rear seat backrest - check for dust and if there is a filter , also if the fan spins at higher speeds ., it will need cleaning. Under the car check for rust and oil leaks engine/transmission area. Check exhaust end pipe for soot, if rusty means engine performance is perfect, if oily means it’s an oil burner. Check engine oil if clean and dipstick if has any dirty residual marks like yellow-brownish colour, again signs of oil burning. Look at the tyres if all are the 4 same and how they are wearing, evenly or not. Check boot area of the spare tyre, remove floors and go down to spare wheel well and look for traces of moisture or water, look at the hybrid battery outer case for rusty spots, if any of these present, walk away. On test drive do not use music and listen for wheel bearings noises. Whining noises on slowing down are typical and humming noises on slow drive and acceleration, these are the sounds of electric motors spinning and regenerative braking. These are normal. That’s pretty much most important things to check. If you in doubt better take the car to someone ( mechanic, friend, or garage) who knows these cars for inspection, suggestion and general advice. Good luck 🤞
  11. This easily happens on cars that been taken only once on motorway drive during winter time when gritters are throwing tons of salt on the roads. Then after the car been left without daily use or washed often or properly. Other way to happen is if an acid from the battery had been leaked all over that part but my theory about the salt seems more likely in this particular case. Good to know you find the part and replacing it, this is there for safety. 👍
  12. Hi, no need to worry about batteries when you gonna use the car as much. I am driving a bit too and my car still on it’s original batteries after 12 years and over 200k miles.
  13. True. And also the speed bumps that in fact does not slow down those who are speeding but cause huge amounts of pollution and are big enemy to hybrids efficiency, pulse and glide almost impossible.
  14. Hi, If the click is coming from the brake lights switch not sure you can do anything to stop it. Also if it comes from leaver for the piston again, no solution. You can spray some silicone spray everywhere that can eventually clicks and see what happens.
  15. Hi, £350 for used or reconditioned inverter it’s ok price that including fitting. Not sure if anyone can suggest something if we don’t know what exactly is wrong with the inverter. If it’s the water pump, or the electronics? You need to take the exact error codes which can point us towards something.
  16. There can be different ways of operating the central locking and alarm activity. If you gf was inside the car while the car been locked and she opened the passenger door and exit the car then the central locking will remind active on all other doors but not on the one she had used. You need to second lock the car to lock the passenger door too. The mirrors will unfold when drivers door is unlock and alarm deactivated.
  17. TonyHSD


    Hi, I am using Carista obd2 scanner and works great with their own app (subscription required) or with free different apps. You can buy from Amazon.
  18. Best deal here: https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/eis-compressor-a-c-232820592 £320 with code smr18 goes down to £262. 👍 Or pick from here https://www.autodoc.co.uk/spares-search?keyword=Compressor+5SE12C There is a note to replace the dryer too.
  19. Toyota is cheaping on many parts for sure and at the same time prices are getting higher and higher, definitely not a positive and does not make them any favour. Makes like Volvo, Audi , VW are more premium in general. Been looking at recent XC60 hybrid and tbh older Volvos seems better made, although that particular car been built in Sweden. Last month Toyota dealer visit tbh except Rav4 phev and Corolla GR Sport hatchback nothing else made a good impression to me especially interior materials. But the rav4 plug-in was top spec and even was smelling different inside from all others, much nicer car similar to German brands.
  20. You can check local dealer, they might not be very expensive. I found online Lexus parts at £20 per bolt. https://lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/product/lexus-ls-phase-2-rear-axle-carrier-bolt/ https://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/toyota&mdf_id=1580&area=EU&cat=273550&blk_id=4804 part number 90119-14025
  21. This is a car manufacturer trend since around 2010 widely been used a recycled plastic materials in interiors built panels which often has hard surfaces prone to scratch easily. My car dashboard top part it’s so bad that when I clean the window if I touch it it leaves white marks, it scratches my skin. I have learned to live with it and avoiding any physical contact with those parts. I have seen videos some does repair those scratches using heat gun, I haven’t tried myself and I can’t recommend it, perhaps it will work but you will need to be careful if you want to try it. It’s not only Toyota, but many others too. 👍
  22. No reason not to. 👍 They are exactly the same cars underneath, just slightly different look outside. I like when someone says, I hate Prius but I love my Corolla 😂👌🚗🚙
  23. Perhaps dealer only part or scrap yards. The car is too old and might be a challenge. Here on this website https://japancars.ru/ you can search for your car model and find the part number then look at eBay or Amazon or here: https://m.autodoc.co.uk/
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