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  1. Hi, yes most likely same as on the hatch. Not sure if this models has a camber adjustment option as most McPherson front suspension cars doesn’t. , you may only play with Toe in or out. Perhaps best to check Toyota service and repair manual. Regards
  2. If taking clusters off the car the best is to clean properly all around the body and the clusters themselves and use new gasket seals or some silicone. Rear lights have drainage canals and This is a failure point on this model and with the time when dirt is accumulated stops water drains quickly and freely and water starts getting inside the boot, can fill up full your spare tire compartment and even overflow and goes into the rear seat footwells. Re seal and clean lights is ultra important maintenance especially on the hybrid Toyota since the battery is located exactly there and hybrid batter
  3. Hi, you don’t need to worry about carbon build up on dual or port injection, this is only about direct injection engines and does not matter what make it is if it’s only direct will suffer same thing. I have seen on my car after 130k miles 1.8 hybrid with port injection clean as new, not shiny but white-greyish colour. 👍
  4. Hi, it’s just a visual effect and all rear cluster bulbs are accessible from the little window through the boot. I had same experience as you at first . You can easily change stop light and side light bulbs the others, no need to remove the whole cluster, I have seen better designs though.
  5. So it’s basically a corrosion that happened on the ac matrix and perhaps it’s due to a blockage of the drainage tube, or it’s something else that has caused the issue? If you using the ac in hot days and stop the car there should be water coming out underneath the car near the left front tyre of not then it’s a worrying thing and it’s to be addressed. Interesting happens to low miles cars which probably has ac filter never or rarely changed., and most like been parked under trees.
  6. Toyota did the right thing to keep bigger displacement engines, they have higher miles resource plus they work in combination with electric motors which takes the harder part of the work of the engine and help efficiency. Small turbo charged engines usually equals shorter life.. plus these are only efficient when not loaded. 1.2t perhaps it’s not a bad one for an average user who drives max of 10k miles a year and likes a manual shifting.
  7. Yet to try these, still driving an old school car 😂
  8. Thanks for sharing experience 👍
  9. I had previously used Castrol 75w90 GL4 multi vehicle with great results, however it’s expensive and cost as much as oem., therefore better go for genuine Toyota oil. 👍
  10. Thanks for sharing experience. How quiet are they on motorways? I am thinking of eventual purchase of cross climates when my summer and winter sets are gone.
  11. Similar things happens to me very often, last week I run over a chunk of rubber left from lorry tyre explosion, the peace went under the car , hit something metal with a loud bang and then went into the rear arch small plastic spoiler and had it half way out, thankfully Didn’t loose it and I have some spare clips in the car and re attached shortly after. 👍
  12. Ok, I have a positive experience with that stuff and still have a can for emergency, however many people are saying that this thing will cause damage to valves especially if the car has tyre pressure monitoring system, I only used on few occasions on older cars which were not equipped with that extra and never had an issue. Both time I used were because I couldn’t find the hole or nail to repair with my infamous kit from previous posts, I successfully repaired slow puncture due to the small damage in the wheel. If your car has no TPMS you can use one of these cans without any worries. If it’s
  13. Daily use before as cabbie in London never had a single funny moment, just got use to it and it’s so helpful especially when you need to jump out and open the doors for passengers and holding an umbrella. Now with my car even not been a driver I still love the extra not to touch my key fob and keep it in the pocket for the whole time. Ok sometimes I start driving the car after been relaxing for a few hours and find out the key it’s not in my pocket, however the car was working as usual therefore I am sure that I will find the key somewhere under the seat in my next stop, and I always do so , f
  14. My one is a hybrid although I made it not recognised as hybrid since I remove all badges and made the Toyota emblems pure not blueish, it seems like they target specifically Toyota cars because there is an easy access underneath. May well look for scion badges on eBay and completely mask the car.
  15. If any Auris owner hybrid and non hybrid has catalytic converter plate fitted to their cars even if the car it’s not on the red list in case a thief stop by and look underneath will see that the owner is somehow prepared and hopefully will walk away. That’s the only thing we can do. In Corolla forum someone got its second cat or filter cut off perhaps they were thinking it’s the catalytic converter which it’s not since on these cars the cat is part of the manifold. 👍
  16. If that helps I will be happy to remove even the rear bumper, 😀just to keep tailgaters far behind 👌👍
  17. Yes, they do target them too. 1.6 particularly is very similar to the 1.8 hybrid underneath and therefore they do still the cats plus if not the cat itself the silencer which is pretty much the same trouble and inconvenience for the owner. Simple cat plate from 1.8 hybrid will fit and be useful. eBay has many on offer. 👍
  18. Ok, let’s accept my theory makes no sense., where the difference then is coming from 74mpg against 55mpg? Have you noticed sometimes this display numbers are very inaccurate and the car needs more time to settle., shortly after reset they can be very optimistic if you were driving efficiently and on a long trip (like was in your case 55mph motorway ) but if you were driving on mountain roads and climbing uphill those numbers will be around 30’s where your actual mpg would have been around 45. These odo numbers are not always accurate, and the car needs more time after reset and driving i
  19. To get the real world average from the car computer you will need to drive the car more or on few occasions. Because if only done a trip of 150 miles you might had achieved 74mpg average indeed, however before that and after that the real world average will adjust since the car will get used in not so ideal conditions, start at cold, traffic jams, climbing uphill, waiting on traffic lights etc, using air con, the latest uses a lot of battery power and when on and it’s working hard to cool of the cabin the ice kicks in a lot more often to preserve the battery for propelling the car and ice uses
  20. Hi, if only happens in gear and on 3-4-5 means something related to the torque transmission, higher gears transfer higher torque at lower rpm. Basically the clutch is extra loaded on those gears and less loaded on first and second. , which also points towards a fault with your clutch pack. Blueprint usually are the best alternative to the oem parts, but even so once in a while a manufacturer defective parts are not excluded of happening. , even new Toyotas goes wrong sometimes. Let’s be positive and wait to take it off the car and see what is all about. At least it’s a small car and easy to wo
  21. Hi, can you take some pictures of the front and rear discs including callipers and share with us? We may be able to tell more. How did they determined the percentage of wear if they have dismantled and measured is beyond me. 👍
  22. Hi, brake discs and pads wear out due to two factors: from been used a lot as general wear or from not been used enough and serviced regularly., rusty and stuck. Perhaps you have the second factor involved in the process. Best to seek a second opinion from another garage and to tell you if they are really worn out or just need overhaul, cleaning and lubricating. Regards
  23. Ok, I can see it too but either it’s new for the 2021 icon tech or it’s a mistake, since it’s not listed on the other higher trim grades like design or GR. Best to check with the dealer for confirmation. If you are a night driver design will suit you better since it does have auto dimming rear view mirror, that’s very helpful driving in the night .👍
  24. +1 for not liking dark headliner, makes the car interior too dark.
  25. The only three version above have sensors in the handle, the rest you will need the remote to unlock and lock the car. This extra is so useful, once you have the key fob in your pocket that’s it, no need to take it out, minimising the risk of loosing it.
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