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  1. That’s a good figure 👍 I am rocking at 60mpg 59.4 to be precise and my dash calculates dead on correct. Mostly motorways journeys within speed limits or slightly below, no cruise control. 👌
  2. People are tired from Prius and also ev’s are now the coolest toys to have😂 but Prius for me remain the best car with ice that money can buy. Tesla model 3 currently replaces Prius as it was back in 2010-2017 and these two are most often seen cars in any London streets and junctions. I drive through every day, Prius is still the dominant car 🚗 👑 and model 3 is next. Hyundai and kia are also largely used and very popular.
  3. Keyless entry is only available on trek and excel or saloon in design trim.
  4. That’s right , you have to find first what is wrong and what had caused the issue. Blueprint are best make for aftermarket for Japanese cars, very often problems solvers. If poor workmanship had caused the issue then it’s not the spare part but if it’s the spare part you may make a claim even directly with them, they are Surrey based company. 👍🇬🇧
  5. Thanks, yes she is doing alright although there is a space for improvement. When she had the car the first few weeks was cold and the dash was showing 3.8m per kw/h then went up to 5.2 m per kw/h and been consistently there. She uses the car almost entirely for London driving in rush hour both mornings and evenings. She is lucky as she pays nothing for charging, her apartments place has free residents charger and that makes a big difference. The car currently shows 193 miles with 100% battery. I think this ionic is one of the best simple Ev’s currently on the market. Has great efficiency, aver
  6. Tbh, these together with the door stuff looks ugly but they are there for protection and they do exactly that, it’s up to you but if it’s me I will probably keep them.
  7. Looks non original to me, the oem usually has a yellow sticker and Japanese letters and less information. The vent I think I black too. Battery can lasts long time but also a very short, all depends of personal use of the car. My one is 11 years old and looks the oem one, not sure if been changed before but does not look like. 👍
  8. Maybe just leave them as they are. Not to my like but these are useful. Any intervention will require time spent.
  9. TonyHSD

    EV switch?

    I like the ev button, and I managed to get many different messages on screen , probably all for what and why the car refuses to go into it but I don’t care just keep pressing and eventually will accept your request 😉😂 part of the Toyota hybrid system experience 🚘👌 Battery is full all bars up then ice kicks in and displays “ev mode deactivated, following by ev mode currently not available, ice still running the car moves slowly at 10-15mph, if you wait the ice to shuts off then you can drive in ev only EV mode not available , excessive speed ev mode not available battery too lo
  10. They all dark except the saloon version. But correct me if I am wrong. GR, Design and Excel look same dark colour to me.
  11. Same as Joe here, no way I am moving away from Toyota hybrids drivetrain except full ev which has the same feeling when driving. Manual gearbox cars are in general more fun to drive as there is more engagement, this is the reason why Yaris GR is manual, but that has also negative sides too as been proven already some owners missed shifted a gear and blown their engines, something impossible to happen with automatic gearbox. Manual cars are really yesterday, it is good to have some on offer for people who drive very occasionally and really enjoy manual shifting, I do too but no way will pick m
  12. Probably very few, my girlfriend has a new car recently delivered and I had a go and noticed immediately a roaring sound from the tyres with a huge side walls, told her it’s impossible, checked next morning they were 3.1 bars instead of 2.5, that is a huge difference. Set them all at 2.6 bar next morning and the car drive completely changed, nice and smooth plus ultra quiet. My car is the same, but if the tyres are over inflated becomes noisy and very uncomfortable, going over potholes it crushes like is breaking apart. 😬
  13. I looked at your tyres online and they seem a good one to me and price is competitive, might give them a try next year or whenever I will need to buy new ones . Have you checked where are they manufactured.? My Goodyear came from a German factory. Thanks
  14. Can then 1.8 and 2.0 deliver same or similar fuel consumption on motorway journeys since the ice will play bigger role in propelling the car most of the time? Can also the 2.0 be slightly more efficient even if both equally driven within the speed limits? What is your view on this matter? Thanks
  15. Well that’s good to hear all went well for you👍 You could have done 12v battery disconnect for 20 min and reconnect perhaps could have clear all stored faults and car be as good, however what is important here is to find out what triggered these faults as if it’s a mechanical failure of the booster the fault may appear again in the future, hopefully been a software glitch and you will have no further problems. Regards
  16. TonyHSD

    EV switch?

    All hybrids do, but you know you can’t really drive long in ev only 😉👍🔋
  17. Thanks for sharing, I have non of the Corollas variants and know about these from the forum. It seems like Corolla 2.0 has all that toys to be more appealing to the vag and other European cars customers, many new comers to the Toyota hybrids magic will like these “extras” and so here we have it. 🙂 One think that I personally don’t like in Corolla is the standard gear knob, anyone that has tried Prius will know how much nicer is to use Prius style gear change over the conventional selector but again it needs to be like a golf and ironically vag went Toyota way with ultra small gear selectors, s
  18. There are plenty of small ev cars now that can do 100+ miles range, although may be ok for most town drivers it’s not enough to make you feel comfortable if you don’t own driveway with own charger, plus inconvenience of having to plug your car 3-4 times a week. There are still plenty of free public chargers too. My gf bought a New Ionic electric, lol what a wonderful car and she had 1400 miles done in 7 weeks she hasn’t spent even a penny on electricity to date, she charge at her place that has free charger for the residents, the places she goes also has one and she even done a 400 miles tri
  19. Toyota has the best transmission since 2010 hybrids , eCVT it’s an evolution of the automatic transmission that has all failure points eliminated, can eventually only suffer from worn out bearings after high mileage but that manual transmission will do too. Driving experience is like full ev, no other manufacturer come close and no one else does hybrids better than them. Currently there is no better engine or transmission offered from other makers and that alone sends Toyota ahead of all. Only electric cars, but Toyota has nothing to offer in that field yet.
  20. Ok, these are completely different cars and technology, only the names are the same. I don’t think you should worry about oil consumption with this new car. If you planning to service yourself brand new car nothing wrong with it but warranty might be affected in case you may wish to make any claims in future if you get unlucky and the car develop some faults. If it’s me I will stick with Toyota yearly service and benefit from the relax warranty cover. Motul in general offer a quality oils and products. 👍
  21. Same here, I can use B mode every day since I live at the bottom of a long downhill maxing out the battery is something normal to me and happens on daily basis, however I rarely use B mode, most of the time I correct my slowing down with the brake pedal. What I noticed though is that if you let the car coast downhill without touching any pedals the car will roll freely with very little regenerative braking and will accelerate but if you use the brakes even just for a few seconds and then release the car will continue to roll but with slightly higher regenerative braking (more resistance from t
  22. When you drive downhill and you want to use engine brake you can flip to B on your car but the 2.0 owners can switch to S on the gear knob and use the paddles to slow down with regenerative braking and add some juice to the battery, same with most electric cars. I never try myself and can’t comment how works but the B mode on the 1.8 version is useful.
  23. Hi, it’s a brand new car best to use Toyota oem and service at main dealer for warranty purpose. 👍
  24. These are here for regenerative braking instead of the B mode, and fake sense of manual gear change while under acceleration, although it will be difficult to sense anything as there are no gears at all. I think B mode set up on 1.8 makes a lot more sense. 👍
  25. Hi, if I pick a Corolla will probably be a trek or design with 17” wheels which suits the car best, even 16” are good looking and probably most efficient and comfortable but not available on these two grades. The trek wins over even design as comes with smart entry and automatic tailgate, these two extras are really useful. 👍
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