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  1. For the badges I did removed mine during cold winter days. I used air dryer to heat up little then just pulled them carefully and almost no glue left to clean after. Tar and glue remover helped to complete the job. The car is nice and clean and unrecognisable for many as what Toyota models is actually, cause confusion when visiting garages for mot or wheel alignment.
  2. He probably meant cooled egr., similar to other Toyota models.
  3. Hi, this part is called REINFORCEMENT SUB-ASSY, FRONT BUMPER and this is the part number : 52021-0D060 You can check with Toyota first for the price and then with eBay or any car parts shop be able to find one for you. Good luck https://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/toyota&mdf_id=6972&area=EU&cat=116520&blk_id=5201 or you can buy from here https://www.autodoc.co.uk/spares-search?keyword=52021-0D060&sort_categories[0]=1566
  4. Wynns products are very good and helpful. I have been experimenting a lot with many products especially engine oils, additives, filters, wipers, tyres, brakes etc and also been in the trade with cars and parts and I found some additives actually work. The best indeed is to use quality fuels, however this is not possible always and here is when fuel additives can actually help. I tend to keep redex for petrol in the boot and when I noticed the engine doesn’t sound and perform well after refuelling I just add 125ml to the tank and can notice immediate effect. Wynns catalytic converter and lambda sensor cleaner helped me twice when I had pulsating issues, very important when using any additives is to follow instructions exactly. , in that add was 30ltr of fuel max. Driving continuously on motorway for 30 min or more also is needed, this rises the exhaust temperature and burns any soot accumulation. πŸ‘
  5. I usually do within speed limits everywhere I drive., motorways often 60-65mph with occasional drive at true 70mph.
  6. Well this is the same as the turkey foil in question in previous posts but the one that covers the fuel tank. It looks a bit low to me, but it might be from the picture angle. These sometimes but most on older cars 5+ years get their attachment points rusted away and loose, something that definitely not the case here. Best is obviously the dealer to have a look since it’s a new car. πŸ‘
  7. That’s a good price. I always check, compare and buy tyres online. Last time I bought them from justtyres , and usually mytytres or black circles. πŸ‘πŸ›ž
  8. True, but lets make their job difficult and not so easy to help themselves. I can drive with nylon on the side window for a day or two but can’t fly the car if they nicked the wheels πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  9. My box content two security locks, wheels and cat plate, but all hidden. I just don’t want those to stop by my car. 🀞
  10. Hi, if you have done all that most likely it’s something else then. Perhaps try different fuel like E5 99 and see if any difference. Some injector cleaner in the fuel. I had once some pulsating on hard acceleration and I fixed it with using wynns catalytic converter and lambda sensor cleaner.
  11. Ok, still very similar construction. Here a video to show everything that can eventually be scrapping.
  12. Not the turkey foil, the bar like metal part. Here on my car is made from steel.
  13. Very likely indeed. Happened to me too in the past on Audi A4 and exactly the same lights went off.
  14. Hi, if you have scrapped the car underneath, the lowest point on these cars are the aluminium cross beams that add structural rigidity to the body. I had done few time’s going slowly over high speed bumps but at that moment I was able to hear and feel the scraping. Here picture what to double check on your Corolla.
  15. Hi, I have the previous generation Auris and two years ago I downsize from 17” to 16” same size as yours. I picked Goodyear efficient grip performance 2. They were brand new model at the time with no reviews at all. The tyres proof to be an excellent choice for summer tyres. Very quiet, very soft, comfortable with excellent grip in all conditions except snow and ice obviously. I am a motorway driver and tyres are very important for me, no regrets with these ones. I had done already over 50k miles and they still have 4.5-5.5mm left. Highly recommended.
  16. Hi, sorry to hear that happened. You got it right thinking. Alternator belt most likely the case. Check that first and then the alternator itself. Battery check and eventually recharge with external charger maybe needed too. Good luck
  17. Dodgy dealers then. I have seen videos about Toyota factory where Yaris are made and the amount of young people working, that’s why I made the joke, plus there are few complaints about quality issues of all sorts but all related to the manual labour involved into the building process. What you are saying make sense and in that case perhaps we should never trust dealers and inspect the car thoroughly before collecting. Any issues just refuse and request a new one.
  18. You better not. Once I had pair of my favourite Bosch classic, at the time they were made in Germany and we were an official Bosch reseller. Nearly new I decided to go with alcohol wipes and squeeze the rubber blades both sides to make them even better. What a mistake. Soon after that the wiper become very noisy, they started to jump all over and smeared badly. I made a complain to the Bosch importer and they asked me to send those back to them. Shortly after they knew what was done to them , I simply had destroyed the special coating that they have from factory and once this is done wipers can’t perform as good as before. They also advised when mounting them on the car to try not to touch excessively the rubber blades for the same reason and if need to clean them only with water and car shampoo on the mitt slide under the blades without too much pressure. Years later got the same advice from a famous car valeter who washes the cars of rich and famous in central London, he thought me his know how too, and it’s the same. He also said never to apply any car wax or polish onto the windows for the same reason, smearing afterwards. πŸ‘
  19. But these are not proper calculations. Your fuel tank is perhaps smaller in comparison to other cars. There is also a difference sometimes of what the car shows as estimates and what can be achieved in real world. To get these two close you need to drive a lot in various conditions every day., repeatedly. I do exactly that and my estimates almost completely matching the real world mpg. You will need to do brim to brim first click at the same garage same pump. Only then you can have somewhat real world consumption. πŸ‘
  20. When AC is working hard the buzzing sound works as AVAS on my old hybrid, I noticed people are watching me surprised and wonder what a strange noise of a engine is that ?! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ Btw one of my neighbours has same as yours mk4 and always drive past me when I wash my car outside. Now I can hear 3 typical noises, 3 cylinder engine, electric AC and Mg1 πŸ‘
  21. Just like any London roads but here all that happens at lower speeds , walking speed perhaps πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  22. Actually was Peter who offered a free spare wheel. All Thanks to him πŸ™
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