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  1. Another difference to spot is in the gear levers, the 1.8 has a B mode where the 2.0 has an S mode with +&- for manual shifting via gear knob or steering wheel paddles.
  2. I think it’s because the 17” set flexes more than the 19” set.
  3. Oops, you are right 👍 sorry not plus, plug in I meant.
  4. It’s probably because the smaller wheels and higher tyre wall in practice when turning is deforming and it’s reducing its wheel circumference, doing so becomes smaller diameter, easier to rotate, it’s easier to rotate more air than more solid mass is the second reason perhaps. The difference in practice it’s nor so big, the wider tyres may reduce efficiency more than the narrower ones. 👍
  5. Prius plus yes, the idea of self-charging hybrid I believe can be extended without going into the Prius plus field, similar to what we have now only fill up with petrol but even mote efficient set up., larger battery, less total weight of the car, more efficient petrol engine. 👍
  6. And it is very likely since it sounds like Prius with broken clutch damper springs, or these just got loose for some reason, poor quality part or workmanship. This video might be helpful.
  7. Some clicks are acceptable but will depend how much, previously Toyota has issues with power steering column on various models, Prius Auris, Avensis, etc. Not sure if the new models has something similar. If it’s too bad better to check with dealer or another similar car for comparison.
  8. Every next generation Toyota hybrids are more efficient than the previous ones, a new 5th gen hybrid drivetrain and a new Prius are around the corner somewhere about 2023 , perhaps larger battery and more electric power and range. 🙂👍🔋
  9. Gear Oil drain and inspection with torch and magnet for traces of metal debris, broken gears, synchros or bearings, if not then clutch needs to be seen., and obviously gearbox taken off the car again, I am not what other options you have but better don’t leave it like that , it doesn’t sound healthy.
  10. Sport would provide extra power from the electric motor if there is enough battery charge and the car will fill slightly faster. But most of the time is just more sensitive pedal response.
  11. Welcome to the club 👍
  12. TonyHSD

    CVT Type

    Actually it’s very simple transmission and best in the business to date. Eliminating all possible points of failure is what made it the most reliable and the best. Driving experience is also unrivalled, only full electric car can gives you the same experience. Toyota were running an add few years back how buying and driving a hybrid made people to return to their cars since Toyota hybrids are so easy and pleasant to drive. , and they are right. The reason why Prius is number one choice in taxis around the globe, drivability, reliability and efficiency. No other car manufacturer come close to
  13. TonyHSD

    Brake discs

    New electric cars will drive most independent garages out of business in the next 5-10 years, I am quite happy about that since many of those are dodgy ones that nobody should ever go to or trust their work. 👍 Maintenance schedule 20 k miles or more and 800 days or more, perhaps ac filter change and windscreen washer top up , maybe wiper blades too.😀👍 ., after many miles eventually coolant change and ac re gas. Business will not be as usual 👌🚗⚡️
  14. If the car is ok there should be no energy consumption difference between locked and unlocked car. These cars has connected services which uses a bit of electricity either way is left locked or unlocked. Just in case you keep the key fob away from the car and not in your pocket if you walk around as it will communicate with the car every time you are in close proximity and if your interior lights are set on auto will turn them ON when you approach the car. 👍
  15. Hopefully good outcome. Good luck 🤞
  16. Well, my advise is to take off gear box completely and inspect all clutch parts, bearings particularly, sounds like clutch bearing went bad, what make parts have you installed? If the gear box was ok when fitted hardly can develop that noise in 850 miles unless been used for rally. 👍
  17. Yeah one more plus for Prius here, you can turn lights off. I don’t like info screens and auto anything except transmission., like to be in charge of what is happening with the car and having no option to turn off your lights really bothers me, at least my one has that only with drl .
  18. Hi, you can record a video how exactly happens that and share with us, we will look at it and let you know for sure if there is anything to worry about. Yea, it is normal for Toyota hybrids to start with shake, thumbs and jerks sometimes, even knocks which are not pleasant but part of the whole experience. Mpg should be good now with the hot weather currently. 50-60mpg. 👌
  19. Wrongly set car seat position can also cause physical pain and issues to drivers body in a very short period of time. The Corolla GR and excel models definitely has harder than usual car seats, although they are comfortable to seat on they are not to everyone tastes and preferences for sure, these are basically the same as Yaris GR, sport rally car vs family hybrids hatchback or estate build for efficiency and comfort. If it was me I would rent a design trim for a week and see if there is any improvement and if yes will change the seats to design spec or change the whole car. I like the equipm
  20. You are welcome. I also had bad experience with Toyota cars previously, I had to return the car on the same day I collected it, drove 50 miles and the car was horrible to drive, something unnoticed on the test drive before. I returned the car to the dealer and refused to take it home. Lost some money and time however I learned my lesson that not all Toyota cars are equally good products as with anything else really. You can try to exchange or return or anything else that suits your personal circumstances, or just keep it and drive it as is. We are humans and we all make mistakes. , we learn fr
  21. The hybrid system malfunction most likely can be as a result of failure on the electric part of the hybrid drivetrain, ev motors , battery, inverter. If your car internal combustion engine turns over and is running it’s fine even if bad fuel been supplied to it will eventually trigger engine management light and store a fault code, something with poor fuel mixture, misfire, etc. Once the bad fuel is consumed and better one filled up the car will return to normal operation. The hybrid system malfunction can also be caused by the ice when you left the car without any fuel or the engine refused t
  22. Hi and sorry for your bad experience, my short answer is get rid of this Auris and buy hybrid one, automatic transmission with clutches and actuators are horrible, jerky and problematic, very unreliable and expensive to fix. Your old Toyota has a conventional automatic transmission with torque converter most likely, these are much better in any way but efficiency. Many other manufacturers use similar to your Auris jerky transmissions in their automatic variants and it’s a good point to research before future purchase. Best to stick with Toyota hybrids for pleasure of driving, efficiency and re
  23. Fitted aftermarket bought from independent trader of eBay hand made plate that does the job perfectly without any complications, diy fitted and cost less than £40. 👍
  24. Hi, that’s definitely very optimistic especially for the 2.0 version, more like 50+ mpg in summer and around 45+ in winter but all depends how you drive and where, in towns and B roads hybrids are more efficient than motorway high speeds . 1.8 will be 10 mpg more than the 2.0 version. Anything around 50-55mpg expected real world are good figures. 1.8 is best for efficiency especially if you use it in town mostly, it’s also lighter than 2.0 car. , where the 2.0 is faster on acceleration and has better performance on motorways.. best to try both version before you purchase. Regards 👍
  25. Absolutely, there is no worst cars than vw group currently! Fairly new car’s has a list of faults that can keep you of the road for days and that in a regular Toyota even 20 years old you will never find anything like that going bad. Poorly Designed with idea of breaking and parts and labour sales at high prices, but it’s not their fault, it’s customer who still buys and uses this peace of broken metal., not even a metal, plastic mostly everywhere including engine and transmission. French cars are even better made these days, 🤭👍
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